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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

T.R. Miller Yearly Summary

T.R. Miller Tigers
T.R. Miller High School

1835 Douglas Ave. Brewton, AL 36426
Stadium: Municipal Stadium
Colors: Red & White
Coach: Brent Hubbert
Region: 4A-R1
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20224A*5-1204100R14-016845 Brent Hubbert  
20213A*10-33561922-15549R1#6-016651 Brent Hubbert  
20203A*9-33841461-16342R1#6-021959 Brent Hubbert  
20193A*9-53282613-18880R13-3136128 Brent Hubbert  
20183A*6-52241920-1738R13-3145109 Keith Etheredge  
20173A*5-5283214R14-3183154 Andrew Thomas  
20163A*8-33822510-12834R16-1265154 Andrew Thomas  
20153A*10-34151972-113849R1#6-020165 Jamie Riggs  
20143A*10-24322061-16336R15-1234108 Jamie Riggs  
20133A*12-15291832-111558R1#7-029082 Jamie Riggs  
20123A*10-24312101-17542R1#6-1268120 Jamie Riggs  
20113A*9-33731911-17433R16-122878 Jamie Riggs  
20103A*8-44422741-15545R15-2275164 Jamie Riggs  
20093A*10-24241881-14925R16-1283131 Jamie Riggs  
20083A*13-15352083-113273R1#7-0309100 Jamie Riggs  
20074A*5-62372390-11434R14-3166129 Jamie Riggs  
20064A*10-24222531-16556R1#6-1266151 Jamie Riggs  
20053A*11-34562303-114586R15-2213110 Jamie Riggs  
20043A*12-14731803-113282R1#7-024071 Jamie Riggs  
20033A*12-25562593-116786R16-1267111 Jamie Riggs  
20023A*11-34621755-015739R15-223081 Jamie Riggs  
20014A*12-24802263-112781R15-1209109 Jamie Riggs  
20004A*13-24921715-017447R14-218684 Jamie Riggs  
19994A*8-32931690-11920R11-15633 Jamie Riggs  
19984A*11-44492794-114477R11-17463 Jamie Riggs  
19974A*12-23892043-17562R1#3-010149 Jamie Riggs  
19964A*13-25172234-114484R12-110251 Jamie Riggs  
19954A*13-14471764-115772R1#2-06634 Jamie Riggs  
19944A*15-04531025-014548R1#2-0590 Jamie Riggs  
19934A*9-42861662-17433R1#2-07126 Jamie Riggs  
19924A*9-23081641-14340R1#2-0540 Jamie Riggs  
19914A*14-03921095-016768R1#4-01027 Jamie Riggs  
19904A*13-14122114-1136110R1#4-013544 Jamie Riggs  
19894A*8-42841512-19850R1#3-07016 Jamie Riggs  
19884A*10-23262032-18667R1#3-09333 Joel Williams  
19874A*8-3255971-12716R1#2-04814 Joel Williams  
19864A*12-23821224-113858R1#2-0330 Mike Sasser  
19854A*8-42241372-14234R12-14839 Mike Sasser  
19844A*12-33652075-012470R1#3-07916 Mike Sasser  
19833A*9-1278154R24-19881 Mike Sasser  
19823A*6-4184152R22-37284 Mike Sasser  
19813A*2-8150193R22-310773 Mike Sasser  
19803A*7-321470R24-114732 Frank Cotten  
19793A*7-2218102R24-115038 Frank Cotten  
19783A*10-2288971-11534R2#4-012913 Frank Cotten  
19773A*9-1278129R25-114773 Frank Cotten  
19763A*8-31891290-1734R2#5-110735 Frank Cotten  
19753A*3-7126173R21-36396 Frank Cotten  
19743A*8-2155118R23-16551 Frank Cotten  
19733A*10-22931021-13522 Frank Cotten  
19723A*8-214574 Larry Rampey  
19713A*6-4288165 Mack Wood  
19702A*6-3249147 Mack Wood  
19692A*11-0486282-06814 Mack Wood  
19682A*7-2-1275101 Mack Wood  
19672A*6-3-119479 Mack Wood  
19662A*5-4-1140159 Mack Wood  
19652A*5-5172207 Darryl Fitts  
19642A*8-1-126072 Darryl Fitts  
19632A*2-7-171152 Jim Jeffreys  
1962*0-8-226233 Jim Jeffreys  
1961*0-1041265 Fred Bowers  
1960*1-964191 Fred Bowers  
1959*4-6100141 Hal Wyatt  
1958*4-6113234 Hal Wyatt  
1957*7-1-226784 Bob Riley  
1956*6-4154128 Bob Riley  
1955*0-1071299 Bob Riley  
1954*3-6-1120210 Bob Riley  
1953*5-4154134 Hal Wyatt  
1952*7-318690 Hal Wyatt  
1951*9-122764 Hal Wyatt  
1950*5-4-1175134 Hal Wyatt  
1949*4-6173186 Hal Wyatt  
1948*7-3230107 Hal Wyatt  
1947*8-1-120270 Hal Wyatt  
1946*8-0-122520 Hal Wyatt  
1945*7-319773 Hal Wyatt  
1944*7-1-116630 Thomas McMillian  
1943*4-511970 Charles English  
1942*3-6107135 Charles English  
1941*8-01947 Ben McLeod  
1940*7-1-124414 Ben McLeod  
1939*7-2-116033 Ben McLeod  
1938*4-5-1103156 Ben McLeod  
1937*3-655141 Ben McLeod  
19361-759212 Jack Finklea  
1935*2-748232 Jack Finklea  
1934*6-3-116175 Jack Finklea  
1933*8-325367 Jack Finklea  
1932*8-222274 Jack Finklea  
1931*7-328390 Jack Finklea  
1930*3-520785 Fox Howe  
1929*3-7106141 Fox Howe  
1928*0-936317 Fox Howe  
1927*5-2-210524 Fox Howe  
1926*4-437107 Fox Howe  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

In 1969 the two point conversion was adopted for play following a touchdown. Until that time all conversions were worth one point.