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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Shades Valley Yearly Summary

Shades Valley Mounties
Shades Valley High School

6100 Old Leeds Rd. Irondale, AL 35210
Stadium: Frank A. Nix Memorial Athletic Complex
Colors: Cardinal & Black
Coach: Reuben Nelson
Region: 6A-R6
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20226A*4-1128126R61-14865 Reuben Nelson  
20216A*3-799256R53-399117 Reuben Nelson  
20206A*4-82973461-14462R53-3160123 Jamie Mitchell  
20196A*3-7144211R62-493142 David Partridge  
20186A*2-8185354R61-5112213 David Partridge  
20176A*8-44163171-16949R54-2185154 David Partridge  
20166A*5-5275250R52-4161162 David Partridge  
20156A*2-8216301R62-4159168 David Partridge  
20146A*9-34072941-15543R64-2216160 William F. Smith  
20136A*10-24792741-16347R66-1279180 William F. Smith  
20126A*5-62802820-1738R64-3202163 William F. Smith  
20116A*2-8172429R72-5125318 William F. Smith  
20106A*1-9206317R71-6153211 Curtis Coleman  
20096A*6-4229178R74-3137110 Curtis Coleman  
20086A*4-6203240R73-4131150 Curtis Coleman  
20076A*2-8159305R72-5114200 Curtis Coleman  
20066A*0-1092257R70-764147 Curtis Coleman  
20056A*1-9111295R71-448111 Marc Rice  
20046A*1-9187275R71-4128142 Marc Rice  
20036A*3-7212254R72-3120127 Marc Rice  
20026A*0-1081237R70-548104 David Stapleton  
20016A*4-6262204R73-4214146 David Stapleton  
20006A*8-52471572-12721R75-215781 David Stapleton  
19996A*11-33481733-18952R13#3-09633 David Stapleton  
19986A*12-24062143-112284R13#3-09429 Robert Higginbotham  
19976A*8-42811701-15820R11#3-07322 Robert Higginbotham  
19966A*3-82472510-11417R112-110880 Robert Higginbotham  
19956A*7-32531591-14316R11#3-09929 Robert Higginbotham  
19946A*14-14982034-116061R11#3-010130 Robert Higginbotham  
19936A*11-23881222-19562R12#2-07715 Robert Higginbotham  
19926A*10-12741290-11722R12#2-06117 Robert Higginbotham  
19916A*4-6167142R91-36378 Robert Higginbotham  
19906A*5-62121540-11428R93-110840 Robert Higginbotham  
19896A*11-1303741-12817R11#4-010421 Robert Higginbotham  
19886A*6-4154135R112-27359 Robert Higginbotham  
19876A*13-23421344-111071R11#3-0833 Robert Higginbotham  
19866A*6-4174790-1818R11#3-07313 Robert Higginbotham  
19856A*2-8124180R111-25431 Robert Higginbotham  
19846A*5-62202000-11748R112-17544 Robert Higginbotham  
19834A*9-32061060-137R7#4-18633 Robert Higginbotham  
19824A*6-415686R73-28846 Robert Higginbotham  
19814A*5-512386R71-35655 Robert Higginbotham  
19804A*3-6-196153R73-16166 Robert Higginbotham  
19794A*6-3-1199119R74-112849 Robert Higginbotham  
19784A*5-5167223R73-210096 Robert Higginbotham  
19774A*9-2221770-11017R7#4-09915 Robert Higginbotham  
19764A*5-5180158R72-25971 George Miller  
19753A*7-3207124R10B George Miller  
19743A*8-32121512-12949R10B# George Miller  
19734A*4-5-1174231 Charles Smith  
19724A*8-31961350-1028 Charles Smith  
19714A*3-5-1114150 Charles Smith  
19704A*5-3-1161131 Charles Smith  
19694A*6-4211154 Carl Roberts  
19684A*7-316194 Bud Bishop  
19674A*5-2-2176157 Bud Bishop  
19664A*8-32581260-1747 William Legg  
19654A*7-212466 William Legg  
19644A*3-611097 William Legg  
19634A*6-3-1150107 William Legg  
1962*8-1-116485 Gri Cashio  
1961*4-4-115279 Gri Cashio  
1960*7-2-116972 Gri Cashio  
1959*6-417086 Gri Cashio  
1958*4-6142181 Gri Cashio  
1957*2-6-189166 Gri Cashio  
1956*8-213866 Gri Cashio  
1955*5-4-115095 Gri Cashio  
1954*8-231262 Norman Barrington  
1953*4-5107114 Norman Barrington  
1952*5-3-1156127 Norman Barrington  
1951*5-4108132 Norman Barrington  
1950*4-5107128 O.P. Mitchell  
1949*4-4-2168143 O.P. Mitchell  
1948*6-2-113679 O.P. Mitchell  
1947*9-122070 O.P. Mitchell  
1946*6-3130110 O.P. Mitchell  
1945*8-125554 O.P. Mitchell  
1944*8-122983 O.P. Mitchell  
1943*7-1-118471 O.P. Mitchell  
1942*6-2-115696 O.P. Mitchell  
1941*4-46492 O.P. Mitchell  
1940*5-3-19678 O.P. Mitchell  
1939*8-122044 O.P. Mitchell  
1938*7-225540 O.P. Mitchell  
1937*5-412898 O.P. Mitchell  
1936*4-57968 O.P. Mitchell  
1935*5-48347 O.P. Mitchell  
1934*4-492113 O.P. Mitchell  
1933*4-4-1105107 Robert R. Hardy  
1932*3-4-196119 Robert R. Hardy  
1931*9-123652 Robert R. Hardy  
1930*2-3-35869 Robert R. Hardy  
1929*3-4-19285 Robert R. Hardy  
1928*0-8-136187 Sidney Malloy  
19271-757350 Sidney Malloy  
1926*4-0-45525 Aubrey Miller  
1925*4-1-15715 Aubrey Miller  
1924*2-640119 Aubrey Miller  
1923*6-2-116333 Sump Clarke  
1922*0-4-10106 W.A. Reeves  
1921*3-356154 Arthur Acton  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

The first football game played by a high school team in Alabama was in 1892 when Central Birmingham (Phillips) lost to Alabama 56-0 on November 11.