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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Lawrence County Yearly Summary

Lawrence County Red Devils
Lawrence County High School

102 College St. Moulton, AL 35650
Stadium: Red Devil Stadium
Colors: Red & White
Coach: Trent Walker
Region: 5A-R8
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20215A*0-883288R80-554211 Trent Walker  
20205A*5-62952890-12056R83-3143111 Rich Dutton  
20195A*4-6211237R72-5136175 Rich Dutton  
20185A*2-8211319R72-5178221 Rich Dutton  
20175A*5-62792410-11228R83-4181146 Rich Dutton  
20165A*5-63143170-12738R84-3212198 Rich Dutton  
20155A*6-52503320-12046R85-2155158 Rich Dutton  
20145A*5-5195193R83-4120139 Rich Dutton  
20135A*3-7202316R80-7101271 Rich Dutton  
20125A*3-767323R80-719311 Rich Dutton  
20115A*4-6190335R82-5134268 Shane Smothers  
20105A*0-1029316R80-712239 Shane Smothers  
20094A*2-8114272R82-590213 David Dirk Strunk  
20084A*1-996436R81-646274 David Dirk Strunk  
20074A*2-8212379R80-7108306 Ernie Ferguson  
20064A*5-5236238R82-5135175 Ernie Ferguson  
20054A*6-52312680-1749R85-2157144 Ernie Ferguson  
20044A*2-7155209R82-5125174 Phillip Willingham  
20034A*3-7239300R82-5138227 Phillip Willingham  
20024A*2-8104281R82-573192 Phillip Willingham  
20014A*8-43931921-15642R75-222795 Timothy Gillespie  
20004A*10-44251873-18558R76-128693 Timothy Gillespie  
19994A*9-23791150-11425R14#3-012241 Timothy Gillespie  
19984A*10-13961690-11435R14#3-07855 Timothy Gillespie  
19974A*5-5250208R151-26785 Timothy Gillespie  
19964A*4-6218226R150-33799 Timothy Gillespie  
19954A*3-7143260R151-236103 Keith Bender  
19944A*3-7163277R150-319107 Steve Meek  
19934A*3-7124193R151-22837 Steve Meek  
19924A*1-996226R150-32188 Steve Meek  
19914A*7-3185121R151-23730 Steve Meek  
19904A*3-794197R151-22080 Steve Meek  
19894A*0-1040293R150-314111 Dexter Rutherford  
19884A*2-8165274R150-332124 Dexter Rutherford  
19874A*5-61862100-1749R151-12721 Mike Bates  
19864A*2-8109265R150-2741 Phillip Wilson  
19854A*4-6115200R151-24226 Phillip Wilson  
19844A*3-782187R151-21933 Phillip Wilson  
19833A*2-8100276R130-417120 Andy Montgomery  
19823A*6-4136119R133-17037 Andy Montgomery  
19813A*3-7161223R141-36681 Andy Montgomery  
19803A*3-7166261R141-37096 Richard Worley  
19793A*3-7152199R142-37893 Robert Mitchell  
19783A*2-8131248R141-468124 Roger White  
19773A*1-9114326R141-476143 Roger White  
19763A*3-7158221R142-397103 Garland Murphree  
19753A*9-1245125R15 Lynn Thompson  
19743A*6-416986R15 Lynn Thompson  
19733A*3-6-1142223 Lynn Thompson  
19723A*3-6-1128173 Virgil Holder  
19713A*4-6143189 Virgil Holder  
19703A*2-870322 Grady Elmore  
19693A*8-1-1237100 Grady Elmore  
19683A*4-5-1167121 Grady Elmore  
19673A*5-5140149 Grady Elmore  
19663A*4-5-1134161 Grady Elmore  
19653A*6-3-122393 Grady Elmore  
19643A*5-585137 Grady Elmore  
19633A*2-859254 Henry Hicks  
1962*2-752254 Henry Hicks  
1961*3-791200 Jim Blevins  
1960*3-5-172122 Jim Blevins  
1959*5-5170157 Kenneth Nimmo  
1958*0-1057230 Kenneth Nimmo  
1957*5-5134159 Vernon Lang  
1956*3-7105192 Lewis A. Watkins  
1955*5-4149126 Lewis A. Watkins  
1954*5-3-1115144 Lewis A. Watkins  
1953*4-5142120 Lewis A. Watkins  
1952*3-4-111992 Lewis A. Watkins  
1951*6-3203100 Lewis A. Watkins  
1950*9-0-124965 Grady Elmore  
1949*7-320373 Grady Elmore  
1948*8-1-132185 Grady Elmore  
1947*10-029544 Grady Elmore  
1946*7-123219 Grady Elmore  
1945*8-114531 Grady Elmore  
1944*7-216432 C.C. Vines  
1943*7-225073 Wilson Waites  
1942*4-591151 James Bludworth  
1941*7-229374 Wilson Waites  
1940*9-024620 Winnie Waller  
1939*5-3-113297 Winnie Waller  
1938*6-29560 Winnie Waller  
1937*7-127752 Winnie Waller  
1936*6-2-120874 Winnie Waller  
1935*1-856167 Winnie Waller  
1934*4-599100 Vernon St. John  
19333-522147 Vernon St. John  
19327-313759 Vernon St. John  
19312-739166 Vernon St. John  
1930*4-4-283101 Vernon St. John  
19290-913260 Hughes B. Caddell  
19282-631107 Hughes B. Caddell  
1927*8-1-117726 D.C. Byrd  
19264-413181 Hurst Mauldin  
19254-1-113926 Hurst Mauldin  
19242-44082 Dr. Masterson  
19231-418104 John Forney Stevenson  
19223-6-192141 John Forney Stevenson  
1921*3-684135 John Forney Stevenson  
19202-653153 John Forney Stevenson  
19191-260 Dr. Price Irwin  
1917*1-4-12363 Ernest Kumpe  
19160-4-1027 Dave McCulloch  
1915*1-21963 Jay Milligan  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

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