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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Lauderdale County Yearly Summary

Lauderdale County Tigers
Lauderdale County High School

P.O. Drawer 220 Rogersville, AL 35652
Stadium: Robert Earl Grisham Stadium
Colors: Maroon & White
Coach: Jeff Mason
Region: 3A-R8
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20213A*9-027070R86-020856 Jeff Mason  
20203A*8-33701530-11428R85-126051 Jeff Mason  
20193A*9-34622371-16662R85-122164 Jeff Mason  
20183A*4-72643580-1653R84-2210150 Jeff Mason  
20173A*6-53342040-1733R86-127576 Jeff Mason  
20163A*7-53912111-17665R8#6-127668 Jeff Mason  
20153A*9-44051662-19046R86-126364 Bob Grisham  
20143A*9-34241191-16823R86-125254 Bob Grisham  
20133A*9-34361921-15242R85-2256117 Bob Grisham  
20123A*12-24721583-111644R86-127693 Bob Grisham  
20113A*11-24141572-17761R8#6-123354 Bob Grisham  
20103A*10-23351461-13320R86-118681 Bob Grisham  
20093A*4-6228309R83-4152216 Bob Grisham  
20083A*2-8115319R81-688232 Trent Patterson  
20073A*5-5191195R84-3156117 Trent Patterson  
20063A*3-7223222R81-6142174 Ronald Ritter  
20053A*6-62182021-17282R85-212368 Ronald Ritter  
20043A*10-23191731-14732R8#6-119090 Ronald Ritter  
20033A*6-52211790-1726R84-3136104 Ronald Ritter  
20023A*9-33231671-15049R85-215084 Ronald Ritter  
20013A*8-42452321-14167R85-2156110 Ronald Ritter  
20003A*4-71302620-1727R84-390134 Ronald Ritter  
19993A*1-9129315R141-25993 Ronald Ritter  
19983A*1-9174318R141-28196 Ronald Ritter  
19973A*4-6272334R161-280113 Ronald Ritter  
19963A*8-43372871-14539R162-17585 Ronald Ritter  
19953A*12-24711433-110149R15#4-018621 Ronald Ritter  
19943A*6-52461990-11335R153-18445 Ronald Ritter  
19932A*8-32671360-1710R16#4-013019 Ronald Ritter  
19922A*8-32201420-1039R163-17525 Ronald Ritter  
19913A*12-23851663-18554R14#3-010033 Ronald Ritter  
19903A*8-53171532-18842R14#3-0677 Robert Earl Grisham  
19893A*7-42411440-11421R14#2-15830 Robert Earl Grisham  
19883A*10-32531192-16237R14#3-03821 Robert Earl Grisham  
19873A*8-222166R131-23441 Robert Earl Grisham  
19863A*5-512885R130-33345 Robert Earl Grisham  
19854A*2-8171231R161-380120 Robert Earl Grisham  
19844A*8-217388R162-26650 Robert Earl Grisham  
19833A*6-5168210R165-5149204 Robert Earl Grisham  
19823A*3-783172R163-783172 Robert Earl Grisham  
19813A*5-5116158R164-391118 Robert Earl Grisham  
19803A*2-8148245R161-690148 Robert Earl Grisham  
19793A*1-974216R160-646120 Robert Earl Grisham  
19783A*8-2205111R164-210082 Robert Earl Grisham  
19772A*8-2216100R136-216987 Robert Earl Grisham  
19762A*6-4205110R135-316484 Robert Earl Grisham  
19752A*7-3202111R13 Robert Earl Grisham  
19742A*13-14531354-09458R13# Robert Earl Grisham  
19732A*9-2232670-12225 Robert Earl Grisham  
19722A*10-1254890-11823 Robert Earl Grisham  
19713A*7-3251162 Robert Earl Grisham  
19703A*5-4-1161117 Robert Earl Grisham  
19693A*5-5159157 Robert Earl Grisham  
19683A*4-5-1183165 Robert Earl Grisham  
19673A*6-4216129 Robert Earl Grisham  
19663A*4-5-1118155 Robert Earl Grisham  
19653A*3-5-279146 Paul Dyar  
19643A*2-883188 Paul Dyar  
19633A*3-7104189 Paul Dyar  
1962*5-4-1134195 Max Burleson  
1961*5-5103129 Max Burleson  
1960*1-948269 Max Burleson  
1959*4-6162228 Richard Thorne  
1958*3-5-299165 Richard Thorne  
1957*2-7-1120216 Bimol Poole  
1956*4-5-1111166 Bimol Poole  
1955*5-4-1178186 Bimol Poole  
1954*7-319770 Harold Glasscock  
1953*9-123977 Harold Glasscock  
1952*2-7-1129254 Harold Glasscock  
1951*2-7-1109195 Harold Glasscock  
1950*4-5-1106199 Ray Jackson  
1949*8-220984 Ray Jackson  
1948*9-0-120326 Ray Jackson  
1947*5-411066 Lloyd McPeters  
19452-511098 Eugene Cagle  
19425-312090 Tom Ed Webb  
1941*2-33968 Charles E. Hughes  
1938*5-114770 Glenn Gentry  
1935*4-3-28690 Lincoln Hall  
19343-4-191132 Frock Pate  
19331-3-1783 W.D. Sneed  
1932*4-2-110657 W.D. Sneed  
1931*5-5-117151 W.D. Sneed  
19301-2-13126 W.D. Sneed  
1929*3-5123129 W.D. Sneed  
19284-39855 B. Earl Graham  
1927*5-415880 E.W. Pilgrim  
1926*9-125627 E.W. Pilgrim  
19254-311050 E.W. Pilgrim  
19224-28764 Cranford Robertson  
19215-211369 S.C. Stoker  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Luverne 'Toad' Wise was the first female football player in Alabama and may have been the first in the country. She was a kicker for the Escambia County Blue Devils in 1939-40.