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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

J.U. Blacksher Yearly Summary

J.U. Blacksher Bulldogs
J.U. Blacksher High School

P.O. Box 68 Uriah, AL 36480
Stadium: John M. Sawyer Memorial Stadium
Colors: Purple, Gold & White
Coach: Wesley Sims
Region: 2A-R1
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20222A0-000R1 Wesley Sims  
20212A*4-72103460-16940R13-3100198 Wesley Sims  
20202A*3-71503100-1751R13-394154 Wesley Sims  
20192A*9-34212341-15860R15-2194124 Wesley Sims  
20182A*4-6238285R13-4183221 Wesley Sims  
20172A*6-53253460-12047R13-3166214 Wesley Sims  
20162A*5-63473370-12154R13-3174196 Wesley Sims  
20151A*7-43932150-11321R1#5-128896 Wesley Sims  
20141A*6-53683750-13552R14-2216160 Wesley Sims  
20131A*1-9154420R11-6136304 Wesley Sims  
20121A*3-7191319R12-5132208 Wesley Sims  
20112A*1-9156424R10-781287 Wesley Sims  
20102A*1-9178399R10-7114332 Wesley Sims  
20091A*5-5253188R14-3187112 Mark Heaton  
20081A*8-42462291-13870R16-2160106 Mark Heaton  
20071A*6-52231770-1054R15-215465 Greg Shehan  
20061A*9-22491610-1630R1#6-1189110 Greg Shehan  
20051A*5-61933030-1660R14-3119138 Greg Shehan  
20041A*3-6157167R13-4145127 Mark Chaney  
20031A*3-7134286R13-4120169 Mark Chaney  
20021A*3-782379R13-468228 Mark Chaney  
20011A*0-1049527R10-727361 Robert Cumbie  
20001A*1-962388R11-662252 Mark Chaney  
19991A*5-72312311-13659R32-16748 Mark Chaney  
19981A*2-8147350R31-255112 Mark Chaney  
19971A*3-7135236R31-24271 John Williamson  
19961A*1-877240R30-32092 John Williamson  
19951A*4-6194204R10-2769 John Williamson  
19941A*1-993258R10-22041 Skip Bell  
19931A*6-61971862-15643R20-11325 Skip Bell  
19921A*5-61282100-1848R21-14426 Skip Bell  
19911A*4-71182400-11428R21-13228 Skip Bell  
19901A*4-71061800-1037R21-15131 Skip Bell  
19891A*4-6168152R20-21343 Skip Bell  
19881A*4-6100133R20-32659 Keith Cardwell  
19871A*2-860148R20-3660 Keith Cardwell  
19861A*7-41981430-1829R22-15156 Keith Cardwell  
19851A*4-6102167R21-23961 Keith Cardwell  
19841A*8-32411170-1020R2#3-07713 Keith Cardwell  
19831A*6-4177137R24-2142104 Keith Cardwell  
19821A*0-1052288R20-630172 Keith Cardwell  
19811A*4-6120146R23-38588 Keith Cardwell  
19801A*4-6158146R23-310976 Keith Cardwell  
19791A*3-7138196R23-397104 Keith Cardwell  
19781A*10-12961030-11944R2#6-017045 Keith Cardwell  
19771A*8-220469R25-112749 Keith Cardwell  
19761A*10-2291591-12715R2#6-018324 Keith Cardwell  
19751A*6-415896R24-210439 Buddy Rhodes  
19741A*5-5169157R22-38893 Buddy Rhodes  
19731A*7-2-119886 Buddy Rhodes  
19721A*8-2164103 Buddy Rhodes  
19711A*8-2269111 Buddy Rhodes  
19701A*7-316093 Buddy Rhodes  
19691A*1-8-167226 Buddy Rhodes  
19681A*4-6103129 Buddy Rhodes  
19671A*5-5144205 Buddy Rhodes  
19662A*9-125543 Buddy Rhodes  
19652A5-411778 Buddy Rhodes  
19642A*6-413871 Buddy Rhodes  
19632A*6-4216139 Buddy Rhodes  
1962*2-6-172145 Buddy Rhodes  
1961*2-853269 Joe Morris Jr.  
1960*2-864281 Joe Morris Jr.  
1959*6-2-217671 Jack Akins  
1958*7-2-1252100 Jack Akins  
1957*6-318078 Jack Akins  
1956*3-6-1128138 James Allen  
19555-212233 James Allen  
1954*2-878209 James Allen  
1953*3-6-167148 Robert Riley  
1952*6-3176104 Robert Riley  
1951*1-7-284159 Frank Killian  
1949*4-4-2167109 John M. Sawyer  
19483-577143 John M. Sawyer  
19472-588141 Buddy Sims  
1945      No Team
1944      No Team
1943      No Team
1942      No Team
19360-46165 Douglas Alsup  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Luverne 'Toad' Wise was the first female football player in Alabama and may have been the first in the country. She was a kicker for the Escambia County Blue Devils in 1939-40.