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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Carbon Hill Yearly Summary

Carbon Hill Bulldogs
Carbon Hill High School

P.O. Box 579 Carbon Hill, AL 35549
Stadium: G.W. Keith Stadium
Colors: Blue & White
Coach: Chavis Williams
Region: 3A-R6
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20203A*0-000R6 Chavis Williams  
20193A*4-71803560-1045R43-4136221 Chavis Williams  
20183A*5-5203198R43-4154158 Scott Curd  
20173A*3-7236343R40-6102234 Scott Curd  
20163A*1-9160453R40-660278 Scott Curd  
20154A*1-9125363R50-642211 Woody Smothers  
20144A*2-8204333R51-5120224 Woody Smothers  
20134A*0-10118521R40-769368 Rodney Dollar  
20124A*0-10110518R40-759380 Royce Young  
20113A*2-8158394R51-692270 Royce Young  
20103A*2-8176459R51-695327 Royce Young  
20093A*1-971356R70-745267 Grant Nichols  
20083A*1-9131508R70-779392 Grant Nichols  
20073A*1-9152400R41-697291 Grant Nichols/Shay Oliver  
20063A*5-5231277R43-4120198 Don Miles  
20053A*0-10103362R70-763215 Wayne Wilkes  
20043A*2-8138360R71-6100278 Wayne Wilkes  
20033A*1-987364R70-760291 Davey Reed  
20023A*7-3207113R74-313286 Davey Reed  
20013A*5-5190214R73-4143174 Davey Reed  
20003A*3-7160233R72-5102150 Davey Reed  
19994A*12-14151692-17566R15#3-012735 Davey Reed  
19984A*6-4269226R151-25780 Davey Reed  
19973A*1-9116349R70-22670 Davey Reed  
19963A*5-5183178R70-21248 Davey Reed  
19953A*7-43171840-12427R92-18838 Davey Reed  
19943A*5-5165207R90-33373 Jerry Nix  
19933A*0-1044288R120-21257 Barry Edwards  
19923A*0-1074317R120-22066 Barry Edwards  
19914A*4-694180R131-23555 Barry Edwards  
19904A*2-884216R131-22735 Barry Edwards  
19894A*6-61821771-13425R9#2-03420 Barry Edwards  
19884A*10-22101181-12219R9#2-04314 Barry Edwards  
19874A*4-6136166R80-32639 Barry Edwards  
19864A*4-6145168R81-24454 Barry Edwards  
19854A*3-7105207R81-23042 Barry Edwards  
19844A*4-697184R81-21546 Barry Edwards  
19832A*8-3221125R103-39976 Barry Edwards  
19822A*9-21891120-1021R10#5-111473 Bobby Frost  
19812A*8-217576R104-19139 Bobby Frost  
19802A*6-4256197R102-3104120 Bobby Frost  
19792A*5-5159150R101-44199 Bobby Frost  
19782A*4-6121153R102-36156 Bobby Frost  
19772A*3-7163224R102-377115 Bobby Frost  
19762A*8-2236138R104-111183 Bobby Frost  
19752A*8-2206118 Bobby Frost  
19743A*6-4206159 Bobby Frost  
19733A*1-974357 George Strohm  
19723A*6-4203144 Hosea Collins  
19713A*6-4191137 Hosea Collins  
19703A*0-1088267 Hosea Collins  
19693A*9-118570 Hosea Collins  
19683A*6-3-1159114 Hosea Collins  
19673A*3-6-1107132 David Satterfield  
19663A*5-3-2129127 David Satterfield  
19653A*4-5-1131121 L.C. Fowler  
19643A*6-3-117773 L.C. Fowler  
19633A*1-979213 L.C. Fowler  
1962*5-4-1116140 Sherrill Smith  
1961*5-4-1149123 Sherrill Smith  
1960*1-940192 Sherrill Smith  
1959*0-1075352 James Mason  
1958*10-020149 Jim Cunningham  
1957*8-121438 Harold Johnson  
1956*4-6122138 Harold Johnson  
1955*6-3-1191152 Cliff Coggin  
1954*8-223971 Jack Cornelius  
1953*10-031219 Jack Cornelius  
1952*8-1-119095 Jack Cornelius  
1951*6-3-113692 C.A. Douglas  
1950*7-2-1150102 C.A. Douglas  
1949*5-5121112 C.A. Douglas  
1948*4-4-178122 W.W. Friedman  
1947*3-798166 H.L. Wilson  
1946*4-4-112091 H.L. Wilson  
1945*5-411292 Wick Hudson  
1944*8-0-114522 Wick Hudson  
1943*3-4-1103102 Joe McDonald  
1942*9-026732 Cecil Gregg  
19413-2-15962 George Williams  
1940*7-213763 Don Samford  
1939*7-215231 Shott Senn  
19386-312951 Shott Senn  
1937*8-117526 Shott Senn  
19365-311182 Shott Senn  
1935*7-0-217626 Red Gibson  
1934*9-018032 Shott Senn  
1933*5-3-111569 Gary Carmichael  
1932*6-1-27739 J.T. Mann  
1931*3-5-12790 J.T. Mann  
1930*9-128557 Clay Knight  
1928      No Team
19272-4-126112 C.C. Steele  
19244-5-139120 H.L. Stephenson  
19232-1-13224 H.L. Stephenson  
1922*2-548136 H.L. Stephenson  
19210-27136 Robert Roebuter  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Murphy and Theodore battled through seven overtimes before the Panthers came out on top 33-26 in 1979.