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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Winston County All Star Players and Awards

Winston County Yellow Jackets
Winston County High School

P.O. Box 549 Double Springs, AL 35553
Stadium: Malcolm Blake Stadium
Colors: Purple & Gold
Coach: Mark Mitchell
Region: 2A-R5
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 Honored Players 
 Player   Year   Pos.   Class   Ht.   Wt.   Award   College   Source 
 Alabama vs. Mississippi All Star Game 
 Bobby Daniel1987 WR Sr.6-2190 North Alabama 
 AHSAA-University of Alabama All-Star Game 
 Tom Jeff Henderson1954 HB Sr.  
 Tom Jeff Henderson1954 HB Sr.5-9165 Alabama 
 Tom Little1960 MG Sr.5-9175 Florence State 
 Tarrie Hyche1960 HB Sr.6-0180  
 Ken Miller1981 OL Sr.6-1220 Mississippi College 

 All State Players 
 Player   Pos.   Class   Ht.   Wt.   Team   College   Source 
 2020   2A 
 Austin OwensRB Sr. 6-0180 1st   ASWA
 2018   2A 
 Austin OwensRB So. 6-0175 2nd   ASWA
 Jacob ElliottLB Jr. 6-0175 2nd   ASWA
 2017   2A 
 Andrew KelleyLB Sr. 5-11190 1st   ASWA
 2015   3A 
 Andrew BrownRB Sr.5-10185 1st   ASWA
 2010   3A 
 Tyler MarksLB Sr. HM   ASWA
 2008   2A 
 Nic BurnsP Sr.6-0170 1st   ASWA
 2000   3A 
 Jared CouringtonPK HM   ASWA
 Josh SutherlandDL Sr. HM   BN
 Josh SutherlandDL Sr. HM   ASWA
 Teo ClarkP Sr.6-3185 1st   BN
 Teo ClarkP Jr.6-3185 1st   ASWA
 Zeb CobbTE Jr.6-4210 HM   BN
 Zeb CobbTE Jr.6-4210 1st   ASWA
 1998   3A 
 Josh SutherlandDL So. HM   ASWA
 1997   3A 
 Justin HoganLB Sr.6-2240 HM   ASWA
 Justin HoganLB Sr.6-2240 HM   BN
 Stephen MooreQB Sr.5-11175 1st   BN
 Stephen MooreQB Sr.5-11175 1st   ASWA
 Steve MoodyWR Sr. HM   BN
 1996   3A 
 Justin HoganDL Jr.6-1215 HM   ASWA
 Stephen MooreQB Jr.5-11160 HM   BN
 Stephen MooreDB Jr.5-11160 HM   ASWA
 1992   3A 
 Justin ThomasOL Sr.6-2270 HM   ASWA
 Justin ThomasOL Sr.6-2270 HM   BN
 1990   3A 
 Hayden StocktonQB Sr. HM   BN
 1989   3A 
 Brandon LewisOL Sr. HM   BN
 Hayden StocktonQB Jr. HM   BN
 1987   2A 
 Bobby DanielWR Sr.6-2180 1st   BN
 Bobby DanielWR Sr.6-2190 1st   ASWA
 David BrockwayQB Sr.6-2180 HM   ASWA
 David BrockwayLB Sr.6-2180 1st   BN
 Jeremy ColeLB 6-0220 1st   ASWA
 Jeremy ColeDL Sr.6-0215 1st   BN
 1986   2A 
 Bobby DanielWR Jr.6-2170 1st   BN
 Bobby DanielWR Jr.6-2180 1st   ASWA
 David BrockwayQB Jr.6-2185 1st   BN
 David BrockwayQB Jr.6-2185 HM   ASWA
 1985   3A 
 Jeff WilliamsL HM   ASWA
 Jeff WilliamsOL HM   BN
 1984   3A 
 Tim GilbreathOL HM   BN
 1981   1A/2A 
 Danny MoonL Sr.220 2nd   BN
 Kim MillerL Sr. HM   BN
 1979   1A/2A 
 Leldon SpearsT Sr. HM   BN
 1976   2A 
 Dale WilliamsonG HM   BN
 1971   1A/2A 
 Timmy RobinsonB HM   BN
 1970   1A/2A 
 John ElliottB HM   BN
 1965   1A/2A 
 James HorsleyG HM   BN
 1963   2A 
 Steve BaccusE HM   BPH
 1961   1A 
 Albert StocktonB Sr. 2nd   BPH
 Albert StocktonB Sr. HM   BN
 1960   1A 
 Albert StocktonB Jr.175 HM   BN
 Albert StocktonB Sr.175 1st   BPH
 Tarrie HycheB HM   BN
 Tom LittleG Sr.170 1st   BN
 Tom LittleG Sr.172 1st   BPH
 1958   1A 
 Marlin Townsend 3rd   BPH
 1956   1A 
 Earl LyleT Sr.187 1st   BPH
 1954   2A 
 McCulloughG HM   BPH
 Tim Jeff HendersonB 3rd   BPH
 Tom Jeff HendersonB Sr.165 1st   BN
 1953   1A 
 Tom Jeff HendersonB Jr. 1st   BN
 1940   A 
 James Desmer BerryC HM   BN
 1938   A 
 Billy GarrisonQB HM   BN

NOTE: We recognize any All State Team we have completed for each classification. If we have omitted anyone selected to an All State Team please inform us once you have verified the source of the team. It is imperative we know who made the selection before it can be included. If you were selected by any organization for an All State Team and we do not have it listed, please submit the entire team for the appropriate classification. This is the only method to make additions to the information documents for All State Teams.
You may also make additions and corrections in the All State Forum.
Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Murphy and Theodore battled through seven overtimes before the Panthers came out on top 33-26 in 1979.