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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Red Bay All Star Players and Awards

Red Bay Tigers
Red Bay High School

P.O. Box 1518 Red Bay, AL 35582
Stadium: Tiger Stadium
Colors: Navy & Orange
Coach: Michael D. Jackson
Region: 2A-R7
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 Honored Players 
 Player   Year   Pos.   Class   Ht.   Wt.   Award   College   Source 
 Alabama vs. Mississippi All Star Game 
 Jamie Purser1995 P Sr.6-1180  
 AHSAA-University of Alabama All-Star Game 
 Paul Prestage1949 B Sr.  
 Billy Keeton1959 HB Sr.6-1165  
 Joel Page1973 MG Sr.5-7165  
 Keith Kennedy1974 RB Sr.5-10180 West Virginia 
 Mike Kennedy1976 QB Sr.6-1195 Florida State 
 David Vinson1981 T Sr.6-5240 Auburn 
 Pablo Makepeace 2007 P Sr.5-8163  
 Matt Belue2012 Y/WR Sr.5-10235  
 Van Tiffin1982 P Sr.5-10160 Alabama USA Today
 2A Back of the Year 
 Keith Kennedy1974 RB 5-11180  Post-Herald
 2A Lineman of the Year 
 Bradley Patterson2011  ASWA

 All State Players 
 Player   Pos.   Class   Ht.   Wt.   Team   College   Source 
 2015   2A 
 Colby KnoblockDL Sr.6-1223 2nd   ASWA
 Kaleb BurroughsDB Jr.5-8160 1st   ASWA
 Tate OzbirnRB Jr.5-10160 2nd   ASWA
 2014   2A 
 Tyler ReachRB Sr. 5-11172 2nd   ASWA
 2013   2A 
 Austin ChildersRB Jr. HM   ASWA
 2012   2A 
 Barry ReachLB Jr. 6-1210 1st   ASWA
 Clay McNattP Jr. HM   ASWA
 John RitterCoach 1st   ASWA
 Matt BelueATH Sr. HM   ASWA
 2011   2A 
 Bradley PattersonDL Sr.5-11255 1st   ASWA
 2010   2A 
 Kevin HastingsP Sr. HM   ASWA
 2007   2A 
 Josh SenkbeilRB Sr.6-1205 1st   ASWA
 Pablo MakepeaceWR/TE Sr. HM   ASWA
 2004   2A 
 Kurt KennedyQB Sr.5-9165 1st   BN
 Kurt KennedyDB Sr.5-9165 1st   ASWA
 Matt HesterOL Jr. HM   BN
 Matt HesterOL Jr. HM   ASWA
 Randy LoweryWR Sr. HM   BN
 Randy LoweryWR Sr. HM   ASWA
 2003   2A 
 Adam ShewbartLB Sr. HM   ASWA
 Adam ShewbartLB Sr. HM   BN
 Daryl AldridgeDL Sr. HM   BN
 Dustin MitchellP Sr. HM   BN
 Joseph BoydOL Sr.5-9230 HM   ASWA
 Joseph BoydDL Sr.5-9230 1st   BN
 Kurt KennedyATH Jr.5-9167 1st   ASWA
 Kurt KennedyATH Jr.5-9167 1st   BN
 Randy LoweryWR Jr. HM   BN
 Randy LoweryRB Jr. HM   ASWA
 2002   2A 
 Adam ShewbartOL Jr.5-11190 1st   ASWA
 Adam ShewbartDL Jr.5-11190 1st   BN
 Brent HellumsDB Sr. HM   BN
 Brent HellumsDB Sr. HM   ASWA
 Chad HolcombRB Sr. HM   BN
 Drew DavisPK Sr.5-11170 HM   ASWA
 Drew DavisPK Sr.5-11170 1st   BN
 Tyler DavisOL Sr. HM   BN
 Tyler DavisOL Sr. HM   ASWA
 2001   2A 
 Brent HellumsDB Jr. HM   ASWA
 Brent HellumsDB Jr. HM   BN
 Dallas HumphriesLB Jr. HM   ASWA
 Dallas HumphriesLB Jr. HM   BN
 Drew DavisPK Jr. HM   ASWA
 Heath ThornQB Jr.5-11180 HM   ASWA
 Heath ThornQB Jr.5-11180 1st   BN
 Josh RidgeDL Sr. HM   BN
 Philden StocktonWR Sr.6-2185 1st   ASWA
 Philden StocktonWR Sr.6-2185 1st   BN
 2000   2A 
 Jeremy ForsytheQB Sr. HM   BN
 Jeremy ForsytheQB HM   ASWA
 Philden StocktonWR Jr. HM   ASWA
 Philden StocktonWR Jr. HM   BN
 Reggie HollandTE HM   ASWA
 1998   2A 
 Ben QuinnOL Jr. HM   ASWA
 Cody GrayWR Jr. HM   BN
 Cody GrayWR Jr. HM   ASWA
 Jason VinsonLB Sr.6-1205 1st   ASWA
 Jason VinsonRB Sr.6-1205 HM   ASWA
 Jason VinsonLB Sr.6-1205 1st   BN
 1995   2A 
 Jamie PurcerP Sr.6-1180 1st   BN
 Jamie PurcerPK Sr.6-1180 1st   ASWA
 1994   2A 
 Eric TabbsATH Sr.5-11160 1st   ASWA
 Eric TabbsDB Sr.5-11160 HM   BN
 Jack TabbsLB Sr. HM   BN
 Jamie PurcerP Jr. HM   BN
 Jamie PurcerP Jr. HM   ASWA
 1993   3A 
 Eric TabbsDB Jr.5-8165 1st   ASWA
 Jamie PurcerP So. HM   BN
 Shawn AlexanderLB Sr. HM   BN
 1991   3A 
 Chris WestbrookRB Sr.6-1220 1st   ASWA
 Chris WestbrookRB Sr.6-1220 HM   BN
 Joey SmithDB Sr.6-2190 1st   ASWA
 Joey SmithQB Sr.6-1180 1st   BN
 1990   3A 
 Chris BerryLB Sr.6-2200 1st   BN
 Chris BerryLB Sr.6-2200 1st   ASWA
 Chris WestbrookRB Jr.6-2200 1st   ASWA
 Keith StoneOL Sr.6-7220 1st   ASWA
 Micah JacksonWR Sr.6-3195 1st   ASWA
 Micah JacksonWR Sr.6-3205 1st   BN
 1989   3A 
 Chris BerryLB Jr.6-1190 1st   ASWA
 Chris BerryLB Jr.6-1190 1st   BN
 Chris WestbrookRB So. HM   BN
 Joey SmithQB So. HM   BN
 Keith StoneOL Jr.6-3235 1st   ASWA
 Keith StoneOL Jr.6-3235 1st   BN
 1988   2A 
 Bill HydeCoach 1st   ASWA
 Bill HydeQB HM   ASWA
 Micah JacksonWR So. HM   BN
 1982   2A 
 Van TiffinPK Sr.5-10160 1st   ASWA
 Van TiffinPK Sr.5-10160 1st   BN
 1981   1A/2A 
 David VinsonL Sr.6-5230 2nd   BN
 1976   2A 
 DavisG HM   BN
 Mike KennedyB Sr.6-2195 2nd   BN
 Mike KennedyB Sr.6-2200 1st   BPH
 Mike ThornT Sr.6-2225 1st   BN
 Stan DuncanE 2nd   BN
 1974   2A 
 Alan TownsendRB Sr.6-0175 2nd   BPH
 Allan TownsendDB Sr.6-0175 1st   MA
 Keith KennedyRB Sr.5-11180 1st   MA
 Keith KennedyHB Sr.5-11180 2nd   BN
 Keith KennedyRB Sr.5-11180 1st   BPH
 Robert GoberDT Sr.6-0190 1st   MA
 1973   2A 
 Joel PaigeL Sr.180 2nd   BPH
 TownsendB HM   BPH
 1970   2A 
 KeetonB HM   BPH
 KeetonB HM   BN
 1969   1A/2A 
 GarrisonB HM   BN
 Phil BullenB HM   AP
 Phil BullenB 3rd   BPH
 1968   1A/2A 
 AldridgeC HM   BN
 1966   1A/2A 
 CalhounB HM   BN
 John BostickG HM   BN
 John BostickT Sr.208 1st   BPH
 Lee PageB Sr.170 2nd   BPH
 Lee PageE Sr.170 HM   BN
 1961   2A 
 Tommy BohannonB HM   BN
 1959   1A 
 Billy KeetonB Sr.170 1st   BN
 Billy KeetonB Sr.172 1st   BPH
 1958   1A 
 William MorrowE Sr.170 2nd   BPH
 William MorrowE Sr.170 1st   BN
 1949   A 
 PartridgeB HM   BNAH
 1948   A 
 BoltonC 3rd   BNAH
 1936   A 
 BatesT HM   BN

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Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Collinsville completed the 1931 season with a record of 1-4-5. The five ties will forever be a state record since all games are now decided by overtime.