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   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.


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          These two titans have waged war each season since 1972 with Vestavia's decision to break away from Jefferson County and create its own municipal school system. The Over the Mountain schools have fought through some of the best games ever among the largest schools in the state.

          It has always been an intense rivalry, but ticked up a notch in 1999 with the arrival of Rush Propst at Hoover. The Bucs became a national icon thanks to MTV's portrayal during "Two-A-Days," which chronicled the Hoover program. Throw in some forfeited games, controversy, accusations and general dislike for each program by the opposing fans and you have the makings of a great rivalry.

          Most seasons they played in the same region so every game was not only for a region championship but in many seasons it had implications for a state championship. Since 1990 the two have played in the same region except the 2012-13 seasons. The winner of the regular season game won the region championship every year except the 2011 and 2015 seasons.

          In 1980 the Rebels (14-1) won the Class 6A state Championship with a 15-13 victory over Parker. The Bucs too some pleasure in handing them their only defeat of the season with a 14-7 win in early October. It is likely the biggest upset in the series. In 2000, the Rebels got some revenge for the 1980 loss when they handed the Bucs 14-1) their only loss of the season 34-31. Hoover later won the 6A title over Daphne 28-7.

          It happened again in 2003 and 2009 when Vestavia Hills managed to defeat Hoover during the regular season only to see the Bucs win another state championship.

          Only in 1989 did the winner of this game finish the season with a losing record. Every other year since 1972, the winner of the rivalry game had a winning record.

          Six times the teams have played a regular season game and met again in the state playoffs. Hoover holds a 5-1 advantage in the playoffs games. It's common for 10,000 fans to show up for the game.

          Coach Buddy Anderson has been a fixture at Vestavia Hills since 1978. He has more wins than any other coach in the history of high school football in the state with 320. He has also lost 135 games with 26 of those losses coming at the hands of Hoover. By far this is the most of any opponent he has faced in the past 38 seasons. It is the only opponent he has a losing record against that the Rebels have played more than five times.

          The schools are only about ten miles apart so many of the players and fans know each other. That does not take away from the intensity of this rivalry between the big boys of high school football.

Total Meetings:  51
Series Record:  Hoover leads 31-20-0
Home Record: Hoover: 14-12-0
                        Vestavia Hills: 8-17-0
First Meeting:  9/1/1972, Hoover 45, Vestavia Hills, 0
Last Meeting:  10/16/2015, Vestavia Hills 20, Hoover, 13
Longest Winning Streak:  Hoover 8 (2010-2015), Vestavia Hills 5 (1983-1987)
Biggest Wins:  Hoover 45-0 (1972), Vestavia Hills 42-15 (1998)

Biggest Upsets:  1980 - Hoover 6-5 upset Vestavia Hills (13-1) 14-7

Hoover vs. Vestavia Hills
2015 Vestavia Hills 20-13 Hoover
2015 # Hoover 24-0 Vestavia Hills
2014 Hoover 42-0 Vestavia Hills
2013 Hoover 17-7 Vestavia Hills
2013 # Hoover 31-28 Vestavia Hills
2012 Hoover 35-15 Vestavia Hills
2012 # Hoover 21-7 Vestavia Hills
2011 Hoover 34-23 Vestavia Hills
2010 Hoover 35-7 Vestavia Hills
2009 Vestavia Hills 30-27 Hoover
2008 Hoover 17-2 Vestavia Hills
2007 Vestavia Hills 7-16 Hoover
2007 # Vestavia Hills 21-17 Hoover
2006 Hoover 28-24 Vestavia Hills
2006 # Hoover 42-37 Vestavia Hills
2005 Hoover 24-6 Vestavia Hills
2004 Hoover 21-14 Vestavia Hills
2003 Vestavia Hills 36-34 Hoover
2003 # Hoover 31-24 Vestavia Hills
2002 Hoover 31-14 Vestavia Hills
2001 Hoover 52-10 Vestavia Hills
2000 Vestavia Hills 34-31 Hoover
1999 Vestavia Hills 38-29 Hoover
1998 Vestavia Hills 42-15 Hoover
1997 Vestavia Hills 17-13 Hoover
1996 Vestavia Hills 24-10 Hoover
1995 Hoover 24-17 Vestavia Hills
1994 Vestavia Hills 17-14 Hoover
1993 Vestavia Hills 17-7 Hoover
1992 Hoover 17-13 Vestavia Hills
1991 Hoover 35-0 Vestavia Hills
1990 Vestavia Hills 17-16 Hoover
1989 Hoover 16-7 Vestavia Hills
1988 Hoover 34-7 Vestavia Hills
1987 Vestavia Hills 17-14 Hoover
1986 Vestavia Hills 21-10 Hoover
1985 Vestavia Hills 7-3 Hoover
1984 Vestavia Hills 17-14 Hoover
1983 Vestavia Hills 16-7 Hoover
1982 Hoover 21-3 Vestavia Hills
1981 Hoover 28-7 Vestavia Hills
1980 Hoover 14-7 Vestavia Hills
1980 # Vestavia Hills 7-0 Hoover
1979 Hoover 20-7 Vestavia Hills
1978 Hoover 21-14 Vestavia Hills
1977 Hoover 21-0 Vestavia Hills
1976 Vestavia Hills 7-0 Hoover
1975 Hoover 22-6 Vestavia Hills
1974 Hoover 49-14 Vestavia Hills
1973 Hoover 40-0 Vestavia Hills
1972 Hoover 45-0 Vestavia Hills

# Playoff game

David Parker

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From 1947 until his retirement in 1992 Glenn Daniel's teams won 302 games at Pine Hill and Luverne. He was the winningest coach in state history until 2010.