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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

AHSFHS Power Ratings

        The Power Ratings are based on many factors that arrive at a number assigned to each team which reflects their performance on the field against the teams they play. After a few games each season the Power Ratings will be a good indicator of which teams are excelling and which teams are better than the rest.

       Each team begins the season with a pre-season rating based upon their performance over the past ten years on the field with most recent results weighted more heavily. Other factors such as classification changes and home field advantages are also used to determine the ratings. Past performance is not always an indication of future results but as the season progresses the Power Ratings do reflect the progress of a team.

      Strength of opponents, points scored, points allowed and margin of victory are used as the season progresses to update the Power Ratings after each game is played. A maximum allowance for blow-out games is enforced so the Power Ratings show a steady progress instead of huge up and down swings.

      Home field is calculated with a designated point advantage given to the home team.

      Strength of schedule is calculated by averaging the Power Ratings for each opponent of a specific team. A team with a winning record may be rated lower than another team with a losing record simply because of the fact they played an easier schedule. The strength of schedule for any team will go a long way in determining their Power Rating.

      Only games against Alabama opponents are used to calculate the Power Ratings.

      Forfeits are not part of the action on the field and are therefore not used in calculating the Power Ratings. A team's rating is not affected by a forfeited game whether they won or lost the forfeit. The forfeits are also not adjusted in the won/lose records of teams shown in the Power Ratings.

 2023 AHSFHS Power Ratings for this Week

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Homewood defeated Benjamin Russell in five overtimes during the Class 5A Super Six state championship game in 2000.