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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

This Week's Standings 

Class 4A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Escambia County(3-0)(2-0)defeated Hillcrest Evergreen 19-15at W.S. Neal
UMS-Wright(3-0)(2-0)defeated Williamson 14-0at Clarke County
Williamson(2-1)(1-1)lost to UMS-Wright 14-0at Monroe County
Andalusia(2-2)(1-1)defeated Monroe County 49-6vs. Hillcrest Evergreen
Hillcrest Evergreen(2-2)(1-1)lost to Escambia County 19-15at Andalusia
Clarke County(1-2)(1-1)defeated W.S. Neal 21-0vs. UMS-Wright
Monroe County(1-2)(0-2)lost to Andalusia 49-6vs. Williamson
W.S. Neal(0-3)(0-2)lost to Clarke County 21-0vs. Escambia County

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Catholic Montgomery(4-0)(2-0)defeated Alabama Christian 52-13at Trinity
Trinity(2-2)(2-0)defeated Headland 44-14vs. Catholic Montgomery
Headland(3-1)(1-1)lost to Trinity 44-14does not play
Dale County(2-2)(1-1)defeated Ashford 52-33at Alabama Christian
Ashford(0-3)(0-1)lost to Dale County 52-33at B.T. Washington
B.T. Washington(0-3)(0-1)lost to Handley 62-36vs. Ashford
Alabama Christian(1-3)(0-2)lost to Catholic Montgomery 52-13vs. Dale County

Region 3    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
American Christian(3-0)(1-0)defeated West Blocton 55-32vs. Montevallo
Montevallo(3-1)(1-0)defeated Jemison 68-40at American Christian
Sipsey Valley(3-1)(1-1)defeated Greensboro 34-26vs. Dallas County
Dallas County(1-2)(1-1)defeated Sumter Central 30-14at Sipsey Valley
Greensboro(1-3)(1-1)lost to Sipsey Valley 34-26vs. West Blocton
West Blocton(1-3)(1-1)lost to American Christian 55-32at Greensboro
Sumter Central(0-4)(0-2)lost to Dallas County 30-14does not play

Region 4    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Talladega(2-1)(2-0)defeated Elmore County 44-20vs. Lincoln
Handley(2-1)(1-0)defeated B.T. Washington 62-36vs. Childersburg
Lincoln(2-1)(1-0)defeated Leeds 28-7at Talladega
Holtville(2-1)(1-1)defeated Childersburg 28-20vs. Elmore County
Leeds(1-3)(1-1)lost to Lincoln 28-7does not play
Childersburg(2-2)(0-2)lost to Holtville 28-20at Handley
Elmore County(0-3)(0-2)lost to Talladega 44-20at Holtville

Region 5    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Northside(3-1)(2-0)defeated Haleyville 36-35vs. Cordova
Good Hope(4-0)(1-0)defeated Tanner 42-27at Oak Grove
Fayette County(2-2)(1-1)defeated Cordova 34-27at Curry
Haleyville(2-2)(1-1)lost to Northside 36-35does not play
Oak Grove(1-3)(1-1)defeated Curry 48-20vs. Good Hope
Curry(0-3)(0-1)lost to Oak Grove 48-20vs. Fayette County
Cordova(0-4)(0-2)lost to Fayette County 34-27at Northside

Region 6    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Jacksonville(3-1)(2-0)defeated Cherokee County 35-28vs. Cleburne County
Anniston(2-1)(2-0)defeated Cleburne County 42-0at Hokes Bluff
Oneonta(2-1)(2-0)defeated Hokes Bluff 44-13at Ashville
Hokes Bluff(2-1)(1-1)lost to Oneonta 44-13vs. Anniston
White Plains(2-2)(1-1)defeated Ashville 31-20at Cherokee County
Cherokee County(1-2)(0-2)lost to Jacksonville 35-28vs. White Plains
Ashville(1-3)(0-2)lost to White Plains 31-20vs. Oneonta
Cleburne County(1-3)(0-2)lost to Anniston 42-0at Jacksonville

Region 7    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Fairview(3-1)(2-0)defeated St. John Paul II 24-19at Priceville
Priceville(2-1)(2-0)defeated Randolph 42-24vs. Fairview
Danville(2-2)(2-0)defeated West Morgan 35-8at Randolph
North Jackson(1-2)(1-1)defeated D.A.R. 57-31vs. St. John Paul II
Randolph(1-2)(1-1)lost to Priceville 42-24vs. Danville
St. John Paul II(2-2)(0-2)lost to Fairview 24-19at North Jackson
D.A.R.(1-3)(0-2)lost to North Jackson 57-31vs. West Morgan
West Morgan(0-4)(0-2)lost to Danville 35-8at D.A.R.

Region 8    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Brooks(3-1)(2-0)defeated Wilson 72-20vs. Rogers
Deshler(2-2)(2-0)defeated Central Florence 40-20at Wilson
West Limestone(2-1)(1-0)defeated Elkmont 75-0at Central Florence
Wilson(1-3)(1-1)lost to Brooks 72-20vs. Deshler
Rogers(0-3)(0-1)did not playat Brooks
Central Florence(0-4)(0-2)lost to Deshler 40-20vs. West Limestone
Elkmont(0-4)(0-2)lost to West Limestone 75-0does not play


Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

The Tuscaloosa Black Bears were considered one of the best programs in the nation from 1925-1931. Their record over that span was an amazing 61-0-3.