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Woodlawn All Star Players and Awards

Woodlawn Colonels
Woodlawn High School

 Birmingham, AL 35212
Colors: Green & Gold

 Honored Players 
 Player   Year   Class   Position   Ht.   Wt.   College   Source 
 All Southern   
 Cedric Moore1990 Alabama Orlando Sentinel
 All Star   
 Joe Woods1957 G 6-0  AHSAA
 Kenny Dunaway1967 F-G 6-4  AHSAA
 Ralph Smith1969 F 6-7  AHSAA
 Mr. Basketball   
 Cedric Moore1990 Alabama ASWA
 6A Player of the Year   
 Jeff Hodge1985  ASWA
 5A Player of the Year   
 Cedric Moore1990  ASWA
 Super 5   
 Jeff Hodge1985  ASWA
 Cedric Moore1990  ASWA

 All State & All Tournament Players 
 Player   Pos.   Class   Ht.   Wt.   Team   Source 
 2018   5A
 Demerrus Goodman G Sr. 6-0 3rd  ASWA
 2016   6A
 Javien WilliamsG Sr. 6-4 1st  ASWA
 2015   6A
 Javien WilliamsG Jr. 6-4 2nd  ASWA
 2010   5A
 Chris Davis Sr. HM  ASWA
 2009   5A
 Ed Daniel Sr.6-5 1st  ASWA
 2007   5A
 Joshua Crumel Jr.5-11 HM  ASWA
 2004   6A
 Jason Elmore Sr.6-5 HM  ASWA
 2001   6A
 Anthony Vasser HM  ASWA
 Lieutenant DukesF Sr. 2nd  ASWA
 2000   6A
 Anthony Vasser 1st  All-Tournament
 Anyhony Vasser Jr.6-7 2nd  ASWA
 Edward Fletcher 1st  All-Tournament
 Gene Crittenden Coach  ASWA
 Karlos Dansby 1st  All-Tournament
 Karlos Dansby Sr.6-5 1st  ASWA
 1998   6A
 Samuel DansbyG Sr.5-9 2nd  Bham News
 1994   6A
 Myreon Jones 6-2 HM  ASWA
 1992   6A
 Anthony Thomas Sr.6-5210 1st  ASWA
 1991   6A
 Anthony Thomas Jr.6-5190 HM  ASWA
 1990   5A
 Cedric Moore 1st  All-Tournament
 Cedric Moore Sr.6-10190 1st  ASWA
 Davis 1st  All-Tournament
 Michael Ravizee 1st  All-Tournament
 Mike Ravizee Sr.6-8250 2nd  ASWA
 1989   5A
 Cedric Moore Jr.6-9190 1st  ASWA
 1988   5A
 Billy JeffersonF Sr.6-4 2nd  ASWA
 Charles Moore HM  ASWA
 1985   6A
 Jeff Hodge Sr.6-3 1st  ASWA
 1980   4A
 Enoch Sanders 1st  All-Tournament
 Lue Foster 1st  All-Tournament
 Otis Ricks 1st  All-Tournament
 1978   4A
 Oliver RobinsonF Sr.6-4 1st  Post Herald
 1969   4A
 Ralph Smith Sr.6-7 1st  Post-Herald
 1967   4A
 Kenny Dunaway 1st  All-Tournament
 Ralph Smith 1st  All-Tournament
 1966   4A
 Kenny Dunaway 1st  All-Tournament
 1959   3A
 Jerry Yelverton Sr.6-1 2nd  BPH
 1957   AA
 Joe Woods 1st  All-Tournament
 1943   A
 Gene Palmer 2nd  All-Tournament
 Harry GilmerG 1st  All-Tournament
 Jack BerryF 1st  All-Tournament
 1942   A
 Berry 2nd  All-Tournament
 Joe SheppardG 1st  All-Tournament
 Palmer 2nd  All-Tournament
 1937   A
 Roy King 2nd  All-Tournament
 Sam Sharpe 1st  All-Tournament

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Great Moments in Alabama High School Basketball History

The only forfeit in tournament play was in 1999 when Courtland forfeited their win over Madison Academy in the Class 1A finals.