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Hoover vs. Prattville Photos

TUSCALOOSA - Here are some photos from the Class 6A Championship game between Hoover and Prattville. The Bucs won 28-23.
  The lions try to gain a few yards during the 6A Championship game.   (Photo by David Parker)
  The Hoover defense makes a stop on Sam Gibson.   (Photo by David Parker)
  Dennis Gardner recovers a fumble for the Lions.   (Photo by David Parker)
  Ryan Carter and Justin McArthur discuss the strategy prior to the play.   (Photo by David Parker)
  The Lions come to the line of scrimmage.   (Photo by David Parker)
  Some Buc fans braved the frigid temperatures with a message.   (Photo by David Parker)
  Sam Gibson at quarterback for Prattville.   (Photo by David Parker)
  Leon Carlton recovers the muff by Gibson in the Championship Game.   (Photo by David Parker)
  The Prattville line versus the Hoover defense.   (Photo by David Parker)
  Earl Lucas breaks a tackle for the lions.   (Photo by David Parker)
  The Lions celebrate a touchdown by Cory Lee.   (Photo by David Parker)
  The Hoover defense proved to be tough against the run all night.   (Photo by David Parker)
  Corey Shelton catches a pass for the Lions.   (Photo by David Parker)
  Josh McGee helps the referee with the touchdown call.   (Photo by David Parker)
  Leon Carlton intercepts a pass for Hoover.   (Photo by David Parker)
  The Hoover Bucs return to power in Class 6A.   (Photo by David Parker)

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