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Picayune Yearly Summary

Picayune Maroon Tide
Picayune High School

800 5th Avenue Picayune, MS
Stadium: Lee-Triplett Stadium
Colors: Maroon & White
Coach: Cody Stogner

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20246A0-0004 Cody Stogner  
20236A*10-34582282-193424#5-021170 Cody Stogner  
20225A*15-05711754-0132614#7-033486 Cody Stogner  
20215A*14-15972754-0135654#7-0352116 Cody Stogner  
20205A*8-33742870-1233545-2249177 Cody Stogner  
20195A*14-17522433-1166904#7-037578 Dodd Lee  
20185A*10-45833232-11095146-1350155 Dodd Lee  
20175A*9-34762510-1354246-1322159 Dodd Lee  
20165A*12-26003342-11301134#6-1333173 Dodd Lee  
20155A*5-73714050-1285844-3217163 Dodd Lee  
20145A*10-23942771-145684#6-1271150 Dodd Lee  
20135A*12-26373154-01569146-1328127 Dodd Lee  
20125A*11-15622701-179694#7-0350110 Dodd Lee  
20115A*13-24522604-0138514#6-1245152 Dodd Lee  
20105A*8-34232750-1233435-2250176 Dodd Lee  
20095A*8-43382251-1484936-1221105 Dodd Lee  
20084A*9-34642441-1603985-1279112 Dodd Lee  
20074A*10-24222672-197778#6-0262131 Dodd Lee  
20064A*11-14471672-178708#6-026570 Dodd Lee  
20054A*5-52101901-1344584-114273 Dodd Lee  
20045A*5-523914833-414598 Dodd Lee  
20035A*11-34041662-11207236-118767 Dodd Lee  
20024A*8-44001582-1823974-222768 Dodd Lee  
20014A*11-14472082-190547#7-0264106 Dodd Lee  
20004A*7-433116475-227174 Dodd Lee  
19994A*10-23451770-135387#7-020755 Dodd Lee  
19984A*7-428318774-3219119 Dodd Lee  
19974A*8-54381971-140337#7-028584 Dodd Lee  
19964A*8-43552440-172875-1234112 Dodd Lee  
19954A*5-522219673-3157119 Hal Holmes  
19945A*1-1012630240-792246 Hal Holmes  
19935A*4-712919441-689153 Hal Holmes  
19924A*4-716023483-3111130 Hal Holmes  
19914A*5-413411084-210467 Nate Fairconnetue  
19905A*4-613617380-21323 Lonnie Tillman  
19895A*7-31991750-1134181-12928 Lonnie Tillman  
19875A*4-41348081-24136 Calvin Triplett  
19865A*9-32741833-073408 W#3-09230 Calvin Triplett  
19855A*7-32239782-36352 Calvin Triplett  
19845A*8-12811178 N#5-015843 Calvin Triplett  
1983AA*9-22781268 S#6-019440 Calvin Triplett  
1982AA*5-51511348 S4-211481 Calvin Triplett  
1981AA*6-52331698 N1-24959 Calvin Triplett  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*7-4158129Big 8 C3-38089 Calvin Triplett  
1979AA*7-3180109Big 8 C4-29559 Calvin Triplett  
1978AA*4-7152175Big 8 C2-48284 Dewey Partridge  
1977AA*3-760143Big 8 C2-43369 Dewey Partridge  
1976AA*5-5141161Big 8 C3-36296 Dewey Partridge  
1975AA*2-8122176Big 8 C1-554117 Dewey Partridge  
1974AA*3-7123245Big 8 C2-4100185 Dewey Partridge  
1973AA*2-883234Big 8 S1-753206 Dewey Partridge  
1972AA*1-9111248Big 8 S0-881235 Dewey Partridge  
1971AA*1-953320Big 8 S0-840287 Robert McGraw  
1970AA*3-7121229Big 8 S1-639188 Bob Parker  
1969AA*2-8127265Big 8 S0-754201 Bob Parker  
1968AA*2-8144294Big 8 S2-697221 Ed Reed  
1967AA*4-6129168Big 8 S2-583136 Ed Reed  
1966AA*0-1038363Big 8 S0-638234 Frank Skipper  
1965AA*0-1051330Big 8 S0-738260 Frank Skipper  
1964AA*1-8-181241Big 8 S0-6-156167 Fred Henley  
1963AA*3-5-165104Big 8 S1-52991 Fred Henley  
1962AA*7-3239106Big 8 S4-212975 Frank Branch.  
1961AA*5-4-1188141Big 8 S2-484101 Frank Branch.  
1960AA*5-6171142Big 8 S2-45468 Frank Branch.  
1959AA*1-947235Big 8 S1-847216 Frank Branch.  
1958AA*5-4130105Big 8 S3-47798 Frank Branch.  
1957AA*3-5-2152205Big 8 S1-4-154139 Frank Branch.  
1956AA*1-980254Big 8 S1-432115 Red Jenkins  
1955*6-4231126 Red Jenkins  
1954*7-2-1200128 Red Jenkins  
1953*5-417498 Red Jenkins  
1952*7-1-121369 Red Jenkins  
1951*4-4-1130132 John Read  
1950*4-5142175 B.D. Bagnall  
1949*8-3189100 B.D. Bagnall  
1948*11-233292 B.D. Bagnall  
19451-1-13146 Jack Nix  
19441-22533 Jack Nix  
19437-111237 Jack Nix  
19420-31367 T.D. Holden  
19414-316787 T.D. Holden  
19405-112620 T.D. Holden  
19393-2-110232 T.D. Holden  
19387-124226 T.D. Holden  
19376-016431 T.D. Holden  
19369-028832 T.D. Holden  
19351-13426 T.D. Holden  
19341-0-12620 T.D. Holden  
19332-0180 T.D. Holden  
19320-1013 T.D. Holden  
19312-0-12613 T.D. Holden  
1930*6-2-17446 E.A. Brown  
19291-2-11849 Hinkey Haynes  
1925*10-032425 Gus Jackson  
19242-15424 Denson  
19232-11324 Denson  
19220-1018 Denson  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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