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About Us - The website began in late June 2007. The research and work began about twenty years prior to this date.

We are a non profit organization dedicated to high school football and it's history. is not affiliated with the AHSAA or any other private or government entity. This site will forever be a free site with access to everyone.

Many people have spent countless hour researching the information contained within these pages. Members do not mind helping anyone with questions about teams or scores. Please honor their efforts and remember to reciprocate when you get the chance.

We are a research group and pride ourselves in producing quality and accurate information. We are not here to do any mudsling on anyone or any team. If you feel the need to do this, go elsewhere.

Treat each member with the respect they deserve.

This group is run by consensus. Each member has a right to voice their opinion about the direction of this site and the contents within.