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Lafayette Yearly Summary

Lafayette Commodores
Lafayette High School

160 Commodore Drive Oxford, MS
Stadium: William L. Buford Stadium
Colors: Red, White & Gold
Coach: Anthony Hart

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20245A0-0001 Anthony Hart  
20235A*7-52932891-1143113-2147113 Anthony Hart  
20225A*7-54012880-1142816-1290137 Michael Fair  
20215A*10-33741661-1633916-122484 Michael Fair  
20205A*7-42731520-10115-2188105 Michael Fair  
20195A*9-43272221-1483915-219093 Michael Fair  
20185A*9-44571881-1604015-224899 Michael Fair  
20175A*3-825329413-4188160 Michael Fair  
20164A*13-24771765-0167462#5-018759 Michael Fair  
20154A*10-34371661-1612724-119363 Eric Robertson  
20144A*8-52631851-147302#5-013348 Eric Robertson  
20134A*10-63402624-1885223-216591 Eric Robertson  
20124A*10-33581101-1242124-113136 Eric Robertson  
20114A*16-06941695-0201572#5-023234 Anthony Hart  
20104A*16-06221245-0179252#6-027645 Anthony Hart  
20094A*14-25091844-1130682#6-025837 Anthony Hart  
20084A*8-52891392-1231424-217077 Anthony Hart  
20074A*8-33311480-1142125-117577 Anthony Hart  
20064A*10-33532032-1585525-117479 Anthony Hart  
20054A*8-34021150-1202224-221772 Anthony Hart  
20044A*12-25041983-11138225-125970 Scott Samsel  
20034A*7-42611810-1123524-217897 Scott Samsel  
20024A*10-34181742-1724315-123568 Scott Samsel  
20014A*4-72381540-102013-313477 Scott Samsel  
20004A*7-427820314-215891 Scott Samsel  
19994A*8-43242250-102115-119589 Scott Samsel  
19984A*9-33042260-115222#5-013495 Boyd Bayles  
19974A*11-23071901-135592#5-013957 Boyd Bayles  
19964A*6-524812015-215852 Mike Moore  
19954A*8-42471220-161416-117745 Mike Moore  
19944A*6-421017815-217094 Mike Moore  
19934A*8-222710215-216585 Mike Moore  
19924A*7-22359414-212381 Mike Moore  
19914A*10-1349991-146291#6-018056 Mike Moore  
19903A*5-523314841-27058 Mike Moore  
19893A*8-32441200-10294#3-05821 Jimmy Arrington  
19883A*8-3248810-10164#3-17326 Jimmy Arrington  
19873A*11-33341153-1402743-19436 Jimmy Arrington  
19863A*11-22781102-130372 S#3-110438 Doug Vanlandingham  
19853A*11-1368321-125202#9-033112 Doug Vanlandingham  
19843A*9-223911326-215253 Doug Vanlandingham  
1983A*10-1220900-16272#8-017245 Doug Vanlandingham  
1982A*3-710915323-39561 Doug Vanlandingham  
1981A*6-3-12206324-214648 Doug Vanlandingham  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*8-323968Tri-Lakes2-16420 Danny Patterson  
1979*0-997163Tri-Lakes0-31841 Bill Scott  
1978*5-4194125Tri-Lakes2-311985 Bill Scott  
1977*4-6176166Tri-Lakes3-5155139 Bill Scott  
1976*8-2-1264136Tri-Lakes*7-121061 Bill Scott  
1975*6-4253177Tri-Lakes5-3202134 Jim Buck Aven  
1974*9-226777Tri-Lakes6-221871 Jim Buck Aven  
1973*6-5275164Tri-Lakes6-122268 Jim Buck Aven  
19728-222051Tri-Lakes*7-020533 Jim Buck Aven  
19719-122173Ind Jim Buck Aven  
1970*1-972252Chickasaw1-972252 Jim Buck Aven  
1969*4-6122151Chickasaw4-6122151 Jimmy Arrington  
19681-9104305Chickasaw1-9104305 Jimmy Arrington  
1967*1-9114397 Jimmy Arrington  
1966*6-3287147 W.R. Murphree  
1965*3-4111136 W.R. Murphree  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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