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Booneville Yearly Summary

Booneville Blue Devils
Booneville High School

300 B George E Allen Drive West Booneville, MS
Stadium: Tiger Stadium
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Scott Brown

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20233A0-0001 Scott Brown  
20223A*4-73213180-1224011-3103102 Mike Mattox  
20213A*6-52392350-172412-210193 Mike Mattox  
20203A*6-32231740-183214-116777 Mike Mattox  
20193A*8-33892350-114421#4-120273 Mike Mattox  
20183A*11-13911731-137531#5-017765 Mike Mattox  
20173A*5-62892880-174212-3152147 Mike Mattox  
20163A*7-42882120-1124113-215197 Mike Mattox  
20153A*8-43622871-1514614-114749 Mike Mattox  
20143A*5-63123030-1344212-3142115 Mike Mattox  
20133A*8-33462040-1485214-115461 Mike Mattox  
20123A*9-33822101-147341#5-019571 Mike Mattox  
20113A*8-42741831-1354614-113849 Mike Mattox  
20103A*5-63342520-1213714-117750 Mike Mattox  
20093A*13-13912213-1107801#5-016281 Jim Drewry  
20083A*6-53082290-1212614-2203116 Jim Drewry  
20073A*6-52781640-1121414-218379 Jim Drewry  
20063A*8-54272772-1696814-2251114 Jim Drewry  
20053A*7-43811930-1162613-3217101 Jim Drewry  
20042A*13-25041704-1134701#6-026653 Jim Drewry  
20032A*10-54422944-113110714-2232101 Jim Drewry  
20023A*4-620321012-4111134 Jim Drewry  
20013A*9-33341432-1585214-216272 Jim Drewry  
20002A*14-1713864-0162201#6-031317 Jim Drewry  
19992A*15-07361104-0155371#6-031727 Jim Drewry  
19982A*13-14512223-1119621#6-019766 Jim Drewry  
19972A*10-43282813-1749715-118475 Jim Drewry  
19962A*9-33622010-1263614-116465 Jim Drewry  
19952A*12-13721111-113251#5-018242 Jim Drewry  
19942A*7-43391410-171415-121973 Jim Drewry  
19932A*8-33161820-124341#5-118996 Jim Drewry  
19922A*6-518418714-211284 Jim Drewry  
19912A*8-329013414-214576 Jim Drewry  
19902A*12-2401994-095201#5-021426 Jim Drewry  
19892A*10-33221702-172331#5-015536 Andy Greening  
19882A*5-517915014-213059 Andy Greening  
19872A*4-611115613-38497 Andy Greening  
19862A*6-3-12121341 W0-1023 Wayne Jones  
19852A*2-71061961 N1-473100 Wayne Jones  
19843A*4-615015913-5134131 Wayne Jones  
1983A*1-97428811-762202 Wayne Jones  
1982A*6-3-114211514-2-17355 Doc Gullett  
1981A*3-711621712-581161 Doc Gullett  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*2-8105171Tombigbee2-688144 Mac Curlee  
1979*4-790210Tombigbee4-490155 Mac Curlee  
1978*8-319296Tombigbee6-215067 Mac Curlee  
1977*8-222247Tombigbee7-118344 Jim Drewry  
1976*7-4197162Tombigbee5-3143123 Jim Drewry  
1975*3-8127251Tombigbee3-698209 Jim Drewry  
1974*8-3208120Tombigbee7-218269 Jim Drewry  
1973*7-3251121Tombigbee6-3237121 Jim Drewry  
1972*7-321687Tombigbee6-318887 Jim Drewry  
1971*9-2252123Tombigbee7-222099 Jim Drewry  
1970*6-3-120391Tombigbee5-3-118191 Jim Drewry  
1969*7-3191124Tombigbee6-3161116 Jim Drewry  
1968*7-3233113Tombigbee5-316493 Jim Drewry  
1967*7-3262107Tombigbee5-3189107 Jim Drewry  
1966*3-7119201Tombigbee1-758183 Jim Drewry  
1965*1-8-1110224Tombigbee0-6-140153 Jim Drewry  
1964*3-7154192Tombigbee2-6115172 Douglas Herbert  
1963*3-7114193Tombigbee3-6100166 Douglas Herbert  
1962*2-7-175221Tombigbee1-6-168202 Douglas Herbert  
1961*3-6-1161209Tombigbee1-6-1110202 Douglas Herbert  
19604-4-1124146Tombigbee4-3-199112 William Ward  
19593-4107116Tombigbee1-44796 William Ward  
19585-315776Tombigbee5-215164 William Ward  
19575-3-1190132Tombigbee4-2-113892 William Ward  
19567-2256107Tombigbee6-222495 William Ward  
19557-216372Tombigbee7-115649 William Ward  
1954*4-5160177Tombigbee3-4116113 William Ward  
19530-3-119124 John Mac Curlee  
1952*0-9-151285Tombigbee John Mac Curlee  
19511-534177 Paschal Box  
19501-446142 Paschal Box  
1949*7-3226116 Paschal Box  
1948*9-023745 Paschal Box  
1947*10-144666 Paschal Box  
1946*8-1-125049 Paschal Box  
1945*4-5-1158129 Paschal Box  
1944*6-4183180 Paschal Box  
19430-3645 Paschal Box  
19422-14232 Paschal Box  
19410-2642 Carson Pyle  
19400-1013 Carson Pyle  
19390-3040 Carson Pyle  
19380-0-100 Carson Pyle  
19370-167 Carson Pyle  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us to submit corrections and new information.