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Thrasher Yearly Summary

Thrasher Rebels
Thrasher High School

167 County Road 1040 Booneville, MS
Stadium: Death Valley
Colors: Blue & Gray
Coach: Taylor McCutcheon

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20241A0-0001 Taylor McCutcheon  
20231A*1-101064920-104210-314157 Taylor McCutcheon  
20221A*3-813930212-594218 Ross Coley  
20211A*0-101340910-76269 Ross Coley  
20201A*3-56111913-45585 Jason Allen  
20191A*1-99234311-668244 Jason Allen  
20181A*2-820048411-7132406 Jason Allen  
20171A*5-524824214-4176199 Perry Murphy  
20161A*4-631336212-5220278 Lamart Harvey  
20151A*3-824138911-7126308 Lamart Harvey  
20141A*5-625723914-4202181 Lamart Harvey  
20131A*5-520420014-4170164 Lamart Harvey  
20121A*5-522820613-5148184 Lamart Harvey  
20111A*5-428621214-4229196 Trey Rolison  
20101A*1-915541310-787302 Trey Rolison  
20091A*1-99941710-742300 Trey Rolison  
20081A*1-1017146511-9143425 Shannon McGregory  
20071A*3-811833712-8104330 James Moore  
20061A*1-1015249611-9133469 Shane Sanderson  
20051A*3-818933712-8165320 Shane Sanderson/Lamart Harvey  
20041A*1-1012534811-8125322 Andy Richey  
20031A*2-917437911-8148351 Andy Richey  
20021A*1-108438811-865323 Andy Richey  
20011A*0-115341010-941364 Andy Richey  
20001A*0-1114053010-9112445 Andy Richey  
19991A*0-118137710-959326 Andy Richey  
19981A*0-95142710-320161 Willie T. Jackson  
19971A*0-97131410-325157 Willie T. Jackson  
19961A*1-99441211-444195 Willie T. Jackson  
19951A*2-88025110-520141 Willie T. Jackson  
19941A*5-514917111-336108 Willie T. Jackson  
19931A*3-811828111-347108 Willie T. Jackson  
19921A*6-52381261-122211#3-111730 Willie T. Jackson  
19911A*7-32241150-18231#4-012912 Willie T. Jackson  
19901A*8-33091170-19131#5-022242 Willie T. Jackson  
19891A*3-711922612-37599 Willie T. Jackson  
19881A*2-810024512-39393 Willie T. Jackson  
19871A*4-512620214-2112106 Willie T. Jackson  
19862A*5-4-12701760-132441 N#2-0373 Willie T. Jackson  
19852A*8-32921001 N2-38361 Willie T. Jackson  
19842A*5-51441811 N2-365118 Willie T. Jackson  
1983BB*3-7711941 N2-345107 Willie T. Jackson  

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