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Hattiesburg Yearly Summary

Hattiesburg Tigers
Hattiesburg High School

301 Hutchinson Avenue Hattiesburg, MS
Stadium: D.I. Patrick Stadium
Colors: Purple & Gold
Coach: Tony Vance

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20246A0-0003 Tony Vance  
20236A*7-43542340-16733-114163 Tony Vance  
20225A*7-53062390-135413#7-022069 Tony Vance  
20215A*5-72463170-1133535-2180155 Tony Vance  
20205A*8-43372971-1824545-2172149 Tony Vance  
20195A*4-732335043-4227208 Tony Vance  
20185A*12-16132051-166434#7-037284 Tony Vance  
20175A*14-16903043-1147724#7-0385140 Tony Vance  
20165A*10-46533551-1845946-1361158 Tony Vance  
20155A*8-53542830-1103444-3204140 Tony Vance  
20146A*5-73983980-1344144-3243193 Tony Vance  
20136A*4-82143260-163844-3150141 Tony Vance  
20126A*9-43402111-1282834-3168141 Danny Nowell  
20116A*6-62291970-163134-3159110 Trey Dickerson  
20106A*4-715828033-4121173 Doug Hoehn  
20096A*6-62822550-174234-3193128 Doug Hoehn  
20085A*9-44082621-1314435-2231154 Doug Hoehn  
20075A*8-43672670-1243135-2212140 Doug Hoehn  
20065A*5-71872050-163534-39792 Doug Hoehn  
20055A*7-42522280-172034-3169169 Buddy Duke  
20045A*8-42672730-1153134-3176183 Buddy Duke  
20035A*5-617420133-4128165 Clemon Ector  
20025A*5-73803510-1354235-2235172 Clemon Ector  
20015A*5-73643640-1273734-3241201 Clemon Ector  
20005A*3-72692300-1345543-3200129 Doug Merchant  
19995A*6-42941440-1212444-221184 Doug Merchant  
19985A*12-14662253-1981034#8-0344124 Doug Merchant  
19975A*9-34071931-1833546-1222107 Doug Merchant  
19965A*9-43822221-1555346-1224108 Doug Merchant  
19955A*10-43662373-113911847-2233145 Doug Merchant  
19945A*6-62822880-1143535-2189113 Doug Merchant  
19935A*6-52151660-173435-217384 Doug Merchant  
19925A*11-32631693-163465#2-14528 Jim Sizemore  
19915A*9-32361521-112145#2-17538 Jim Sizemore  
19905A*2-813224351-23580 Willie Coats  
19895A*11-32741663-1675952-15856 Willie Coats  
19885A*8-2-12381810-1134953-19071 Willie Coats  
19875A*10-1308740-16125#4-012119 Willie Coats  
19865A*8-327418352-18465 Willie Coats  
19855A*6-417211250-1021 Willie Coats  
19845A*3-713918950-1020 Willie Coats  
1983AA*2-8931985 N0-21647 David Abercrombie  
1982AA*5-41341365 N1-12519 David Abercrombie  
1981AA*5-51211185 N0-21319 David Abercrombie  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*2-887208Big 8 C2-437116 John Hince  
1979AA*1-9126157Big 8 C1-597107 John Hince  
1978AA*3-7125150Big 8 C3-310781 John Hince  
1977AA*5-58497Big 8 C4-27855 Buddy Gardner  
1976AA*2-863194Big 8 C1-537116 Buddy Gardner  
1975AA*6-49581Big 8 C3-35355 Buddy Gardner  
1974AA*5-4-1175137Big 8 C4-2127100 Buddy Gardner  
1973AA*6-4174103Big 8 S4-49982 Buddy Gardner  
1972AA*2-8111207Big 8 S1-776173 Buddy Gardner  
1971AA*4-6113179Big 8 S3-591159 Buddy Gardner  
1970AA*6-4166144Big 8 S4-4124125 Stan Hathorn  
1969AA*5-4-1204168Big 8 S3-3-1147124 Stan Hathorn  
1968AA*6-5200168Big 8 S5-3142110 Stan Hathorn  
1967AA*8-3235201Big 8 S6-3190180 Stan Hathorn  
1966AA*6-422798Big 8 S6-422798 Don Ward  
1965AA*5-4-1102115Big 8 S5-4-1102115 Don Ward  
1964AA*8-3194117Big 8 S7-217483 Reese Snell  
1963AA*10-1281103Big 8 S8-123490 Reese Snell  
1962AA*5-2-3171126Big 8 S4-2-3145112 Reese Snell  
1961AA*3-6-1107211Big 8 S1-6-159192 Reese Snell  
1960AA*4-6125152Big 8 S2-686139 Reese Snell  
1959AA*7-3202115Big 8 S7-2190102 Warren Watkins  
1958AA*4-4-2149160Big 8 S3-4-2143160 Warren Watkins  
1957AA*6-5147157Big 8 S6-3135109 Warren Watkins  
1956AA*2-5-3140164Big 8 S2-4-3133145 Warren Watkins  
1955AA*2-7-186165Big 8 S2-5-157126 Frank Spruiell  
1954AA*7-4171129Big 86-113870 Cal Butler  
1953AA*5-4-115197Big 84-412791 Cal Butler  
1952AA*10-139171Big 8*7-128558 C.D. Galey  
1951AA*4-5-193126Big 8 S3-580126 C.D. Galey  
1950AA*2-793177Big 8 S2-679147 C.D. Galey  
1949AA*9-1-1206122Big 88-1-1192109 Charles Moore.  
1948AA*6-4-118699Big 83-4-110192 Charles Moore.  
1947AA*5-6-115285Big 84-4-19665 Charles Moore.  
1946AA*6-4176103Big 84-39395 Charles Moore.  
1945AA*7-4221130Big 82-37177 Charles Moore.  
1944AA*2-788196Big 80-412120 J.R. Tweed  
1943AA*6-3-116985Big 82-3-16379 T. B. Murphree  
1942AA*3-4-2108122Big 82-3-257110 Elwyn Ward  
1941AA*4-6154166Big 82-453110 Elwyn Ward  
1940AA*5-581137Big 82-427131 Pinky Rohm  
1939AA*2-977134Big 81-745118 Tex Nelson  
1938AA*2-6-26291Big 81-6-11785 W.D. Burnett  
1937AA*3-5-2105107Big 81-4-246100 W.D. Burnett  
1936AA*6-3-115860Big 84-3-110160 W.D. Burnett  
1935AA*11-024143Big 8*6-08324 W.D. Burnett  
1934AA*9-0-125564Big 8*5-0-19738 Roy Sheffield  
1933AA*11-024145Big 8*7-013124 Roy Sheffield  
1932AA*5-3-15550Big 84-2-14338 Roy Sheffield  
1931AA*3-4-24697Big 82-4-13991 Roy Sheffield  
1930AA*5-4-121859Big 82-4-16959 Griff C. Lee  
1929AA*5-2-221647Big 83-2-29147 O.L. Brooks  
1928AA2-2-43131Big 82-2-23131   
1927AA5-2-18439Big 82-2-14433   
1926AA9-19028Big 84-0787 Steve Blair  
19253-25033 Steve Blair  
1924*11-026958 Steve Blair  
1922*8-1-115243 Herschel Bobo  

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