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Hattiesburg Coaches

Hattiesburg Tigers
Hattiesburg High School

301 Hutchinson Avenue Hattiesburg, MS
Stadium: D.I. Patrick Stadium
Colors: Purple & Gold
Coach: Tony Vance

 Season Total   Playoffs   District Record 
 Coach   Years   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   W/L/T   PF  PA 
Tony Vance2013-2484-53448833086-1048341555-1926551500
Danny Nowell20129-43402111-128284-3168141
Trey Dickerson20116-62291970-16314-3159110
Doug Hoehn2006-1032-28140212691-46815221-14854687
Buddy Duke2004-0515-85195010-222518-6345352
Clemon Ector2001-0315-209189160-2627912-9604538
Doug Merchant1993-0061-34268117058-845145744-131796894
Jim Sizemore1991-9220-64993214-275604-212066
Willie Coats1984-9048-28-1153711483-38612012-7388332
David Abercrombie1981-8312-173484521-55485
John Hince1978-806-24338515
Buddy Gardner1971-7730-39-1815998
Stan Hathorn1967-7025-16-1805681
Don Ward1965-6611-8-1329213
Reese Snell1960-6430-18-4878709
Warren Watkins1956-5919-17-5638596
Frank Spruiell19552-7-186165
Cal Butler1953-5412-8-1322226
C.D. Galey1950-5216-13-1577374
Charles Moore.1945-4933-19-3941539
J.R. Tweed19442-788196
T. B. Murphree19436-3-116985
Elwyn Ward1941-427-10-2262288
Pinky Rohm19405-581137
Tex Nelson19392-977134
W.D. Burnett1935-3822-14-5566301
Roy Sheffield1931-3428-7-4597256
Griff C. Lee19305-4-121859
O.L. Brooks19295-2-221647
Steve Blair1924-2623-34091193-06821
Herschel Bobo19228-1-115243

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