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Tupelo Yearly Summary

Tupelo Golden Wave
Tupelo High School

4125 Cliff Gookin Blvd. Tupelo, MS
Stadium: Renasant Field
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Ty Hardin

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20247A0-0002 Ty Hardin  
20237A*9-33991501-1462824-013449 Ty Hardin  
20226A*13-14911042-1102482#7-023040 Ty Hardin  
20216A*7-426814123-4128118 Ty Hardin  
20206A*6-51921640-10115-214094 Ty Hardin  
20196A*7-53072840-1233915-2200146 Trent Hammond  
20186A*7-52342760-1135214-3140137 Trent Hammond  
20176A*11-14241390-113301#7-025764 Trent Hammond  
20166A*12-14051891-162661#7-022373 Trent Hammond  
20156A*6-62913150-1204514-3150171 Trent Hammond  
20146A*8-42781540-103014-3151100 Trent Hammond  
20136A*13-23761523-1664916-117169 Trent Hammond  
20126A*4-721424412-5167175 David Bradberry  
20116A*6-62743090-1213814-3189191 David Bradberry  
20106A*7-42732840-1104814-3182207 David Bradberry  
20096A*3-717621213-4129129 Eric Collins7/Lamar Aldridge  
20085A*8-44061560-1161915-223699 Eric Collins  
20075A*9-44062161-1634215-2220112 Eric Collins  
20065A*6-52302190-1101915-2155138 Eric Collins  
20055A*6-421516413-4143131 Eric Collins  
20045A*6-72062511-1353313-4125174 Eric Collins  
20035A*4-726431611-6149261 Phil Ferguson  
20025A*4-717028411-683207 Phil Ferguson  
20015A*8-42691690-1172314-3155126 Phil Ferguson  
20005A*4-81982300-1101414-3157124 Phil Ferguson  
19995A*10-32861361-146301#7-118984 Johnny Hill  
19985A*8-42571420-1141615-216485 Johnny Hill  
19975A*10-32631521-1242815-3134105 Johnny Hill  
19965A*7-429723813-4199176 Johnny Hill  
19955A*10-32511652-1602816-2167111 James Sloan  
19945A*7-53152390-1212516-1231112 James Sloan  
19935A*10-32721822-1646916-114580 James Sloan  
19925A*13-13641354-094353#4-014030 James Sloan  
19915A*11-33421843-1715532-18243 James Sloan  
19905A*12-23181363-1716532-18429 Ricky Black  
19895A*5-51721060-172132-18238 Ricky Black  
19885A*11-13341202-175403#2-05813 Ricky Black  
19875A*9-2245970-121283#2-05520 Ricky Black  
19865A*6-317414441-15543 Ricky Black  
19855A*8-32811900-110141# Ricky Black  
19845A*9-33931421-145341# Ricky Black  
1983AA*10-13921500-121281#4-013932 Ricky Black  
1982AA*5-519216712-3108106 Ricky Black  
1981AA*6-42031481 Ricky Black  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*8-2238105Little 105-215681 Ricky Black  
1979*6-5208184Little 103-4132109 G.T. Thames  
1978*4-6189208Little 103-4119134 Dennis Waite  
1977*6-4198124Little 105-215277 Dennis Waite  
1976*7-2-116468Little 104-2-110356 Dennis Waite  
1975*7-4182117 Dennis Waite  
1974*6-2-119697 Dennis Waite  
1973AA*5-6106150Big 8 N2-34571 Dennis Waite  
1972AA*8-2-115683Big 8 N4-210170 Jerrell Purvis  
1971AA*6-5159109Big 8 N3-49876 Tom Cheney  
1970AA*5-5152184Big 8 N3-284110 Tom Cheney  
1969AA*0-8-282163Big 8 N0-5-171131 Tom Cheney  
1968AA*7-3181115Big 8 N5-110355 Tom Cheney  
1967AA*8-2-1232159Big 8 N6-2151126 Tom Cheney  
1966AA*7-4212159Big 8 N5-3145119 Tom Cheney  
1965AA*0-1074273Big 8 N0-974261 Ken Loflin  
1964AA*4-672159Big 8 N4-565141 Ken Loflin  
1963AA*2-8100245Big 8 N2-694219 Lee Paslay  
1962AA*6-3-1111105Big 8 N4-3-19199 Lee Paslay  
1961AA*7-3154115Big 8 N5-312196 Lee Paslay  
1960AA*6-414486Big 8 N5-310466 Jim Ingram  
1959AA*6-4146110Big 8 N4-4107104 Jim Ingram  
1958AA*5-4-180117Big 8 N0-1220 Jim Ingram  
1957AA*3-794191Big 8 N2-667163 Kenneth Farris  
1956AA*4-5-1138175Big 8 N2-4-174129 Kenneth Farris  
1955AA*8-1-132493Big 8 N4-1-116373 Pickens Noble  
1954AA*7-2-126280Big 84-2-114280 Pickens Noble  
1953AA*3-7116184Big 81-655155 Pickens Noble  
1952AA*7-3270110Big 84-317098 Pickens Noble  
1951AA*6-4201140Big 8 N5-3139120 Pickens Noble  
1950AA*3-7139213Big 8 N2-686206 Pickens Noble  
1949AA*8-3331148Big 85-2201120 Pickens Noble  
1948AA*5-5131106Big 82-57493 Pickens Noble  
1947AA*6-3-1186123Big 84-3-1118117 Pickens Noble  
1946AA*4-5-197124Big 82-4-14098 Pickens Noble  
1945AA*11-034375Big 8*6-014144 Pickens Noble  
1944AA*4-7176217Big 80-540143 Pickens Noble  
1943AA*2-6-284204Big 80-46153 John Smith,  
1942AA*6-420676Big 81-44664 Engle May  
1941AA*4-5-111294Big 82-3-15881 Engle May  
1940AA*5-7127166Big 82-680153 Engle May  
1939AA*8-4267122Big 82-37764   
1938*11-236477Little 10*6-022418 Robert Hinze  
1937*6-1-315049Little 10*4-0-210412 Robert Hinze  
1936*8-214582Little 10*6-110150 Robert Hinze  
1935*7-3126148Little 106-110772 Harry Walton  
1934*5-4-117482Little 102-2-19637 Harry Walton  
1933*6-2-122152Little 10*5-1-118239 J.A. Long  
19324-0716Little 10*4-0716 J.A. Long  
19316-317375Little 105-113919 J.A. Long  
19303-0390 J.A. Long  
1929*8-011825 J.A. Long  
19270-2749 William B. Saunders  
19242-0346 Pat Wilson  
1923*8-2-321983 Pat Wilson  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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