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Starkville Yearly Summary

Starkville Yellow Jackets
Starkville High School

603 Yellow Jacket Drive Starkville, MS
Stadium: Yellow Jacket Stadium
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Chris Jones

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20247A0-0002 Chris Jones  
20237A*10-44982583-11274822-213898 Chris Jones  
20226A*12-35212904-01577824-3229169 Chris Jones  
20216A*12-24382412-1118822#6-1225129 Chris Jones  
20206A*7-319613424-39778 Chris Jones  
20196A*12-35172192-171302#7-025397 Chris Jones  
20186A*11-25651551-1514226-133387 Chris Jones  
20176A*13-35011893-185522#6-125872 Chris Jones  
20166A*7-433019724-3240134 Ricky Woods  
20156A*14-15141664-0146782#7-026455 Ricky Woods  
20146A*13-15291732-190462#7-026569 Jamie Mitchell  
20136A*9-43632391-1202726-1235108 Jamie Mitchell  
20125A*12-34251854-0130532#7-022932 Jamie Mitchell  
20115A*12-34372603-1111872#7-026786 Jamie Mitchell  
20106A*5-631124613-4242198 Jamie Mitchell  
20096A*4-81933240-1276314-3122145 Bill Lee  
20085A*3-816533613-4148202 Bill Lee  
20075A*7-63102691-1464214-3196151 Bill Lee  
20065A*6-62832420-1323314-3162132 Bill Lee  
20055A*7-42512020-1142714-3165145 Bill Lee  
20045A*5-515311713-48986 Bill Lee  
20035A*10-43061922-1504815-2161120 Ronnie Cuevas  
20025A*9-32501490-191615-2165111 Ronnie Cuevas  
20015A*14-14011884-0135451#7-016465 Bill Lee  
20005A*12-23941762-157411#8-021584 Chuck Friend  
19995A*9-43931931-1524715-221989 Chuck Friend  
19985A*10-33231301-1271315-218197 Chuck Friend  
19975A*10-33601831-1552415-218297 Chuck Friend  
19965A*10-44082042-1786115-3196111 Chuck Friend  
19955A*15-05061584-092401#8-024777 Chuck Friend  
19944A*15-0540674-092132#7-029221 Chuck Friend  
19934A*7-324014725-117960 Tommy Lucas  
19925A*7-52572090-1102733-113669 Tommy Lucas  
19915A*9-32621641-122283#3-06740 Tommy Lucas  
19905A*10-2321871-134123#3-09822 Tommy Lucas  
19895A*6-424513231-25654 Tommy Lucas  
19885A*5-61521740-101931-13219 Tommy Lucas  
19875A*10-23231581-1603631-15628 Tommy Lucas  
19865A*8-32571410-110254#2-05138 Tommy Lucas  
19855A*11-23761672-179404#1-04514 Willis Wright  
19845A*11-1-14361233-0105214#1-0450 Willis Wright  
1983AA*10-3-13891852-147274#4-0-115742 Willis Wright  
1982AA*7-319812743-28885 Willis Wright  
1981AA*12-13741012-179474#5-012526 Willis Wright  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*2-7-1112219Little 102-590170 A.D. Owens  
1979*3-6-1175210Little 102-4-1104123 A.D. Owens  
1978*9-2256107Little 10*7-019758 G.T. Thames  
1977*4-6144132Little 104-311792 G.T. Thames  
1976*8-220379Little 106-113950 G.T. Thames  
1975*8-2-1284102Little 10*6-0-119245 G.T. Thames  
1974*9-118161Little 10*7-013632 Jim Craig  
1973*6-413379Little 105-29946 Jim Craig  
1972*5-5105110Little 104-35258 Jim Craig  
1971*7-2-121356Little 106-1-117223 Jim Craig  
1970*10-041539Little 10*8-035532 Jim Craig  
1969*10-041490Little 10*8-035762 Jim Craig  
1968*9-125334Little 10*7-120234 Jim Craig  
1967*8-1-126053Little 10*7-0-122640 Jim Craig  
1966*9-1-1264129Little 10*7-0-120581 Jim Craig  
1965*5-5113129Little 104-4100115 Jack Nix  
1964*9-122427Little 10*7-118520 Jack Nix  
1963*6-4167112Little 106-216065 Jack Nix  
1962*6-4239114Little 105-320862 Jack Nix  
1961*4-5192122Little 104-4192109 Jack Nix  
1960*8-0-225234Little 10*7-0-222420 Jack Nix  
1959*8-1-120665Little 108-119958 Jack Nix  
1958*8-1-224774Little 10*7-1-118641 Jack Nix  
1957*6-2-1187106Little 106-1-117386 Jack Nix  
1956*10-028176Little 10*8-023470 Jack Nix  
1955*10-033234Little 10*8-027720 Walter Scales  
1954*9-133673Little 10*8-030252 Walter Scales  
1953*9-221249Little 105-110525 Walter Scales  
1952*6-5174149Little 103-310064 Walter Scales  
1951*9-236778Little 106-224559 Walter Scales  
1950*7-2-219470Little 105-2-114658 Walter Scales  
1949*6-5175180Little 105-110460 Walter Scales  
1948*6-3-115987Little 105-111726 Walter Scales  
1947*9-323498Little 104-212047 Walter Scales  
1946*7-1-227521Little 105-120814 Doss Fulton  
1945*10-0-134533Little 10*7-027420 Doss Fulton  
1944*10-224695Little 10*6-111842 Doss Fulton  
1943*5-5204122Little 103-39271 Doss Fulton  
1942*10-026255Little 10*6-020324 Doss Fulton  
1941*10-020034Little 10*6-01356 Doss Fulton  
1940*11-0-132421Little 10*6-0-117114 Doss Fulton  
1939*5-5-113094Little 104-1-110334 Doss Fulton  
1938*7-321456Little 105-116235 Doss Fulton  
19371-32432Little 101-22426 Doss Fulton  
19365-3-111092Little 102-3-15686 Doss Fulton  
1935*7-118926Little 104-113720 Doss Fulton  
1934*5-3-19363Little 104-27544 Doss Fulton  
19332-720180Little 101-612180 Doss Fulton  
1932*8-110928Little 105-15821 J.B. Leslie  
19311-43684Little 100-41272   
19240-000 Durward W. Aiken  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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