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Provine Yearly Summary

Provine Rams
Provine High School

2400 Robinson Road Jackson, MS
Colors: Red & Gray
Coach: Tim Wilson

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20245A0-0003 Tim Wilson  
20235A*6-62472690-164332-3108118 Tim Wilson  
20225A*5-520818223-5161169 Tim Wilson  
20215A*4-615421723-5128184 Tim Wilson  
20205A*0-60620-606 No Team/Covid  
20195A*9-43192870-1284924-3139171 Tim Wilson  
20186A*2-916241821-698274 Tim Wilson  
20176A*6-521225722-570218 Marcellus Speaks  
20165A*5-721721032-579141 Otis Riddley  
20155A*6-620922833-491139 Otis Riddley  
20146A*6-525020233-4153155 Otis Riddley  
20136A*2-916332631-694219 Willie Collins  
20125A*6-62632390-1142723-4151123 Willie Collins  
20115A*6-62812730-1182224-3172170 Willie Collins  
20105A*5-72232320-1143624-312991 Willie Collins  
20095A*4-713317323-486103 Willie Collins  
20085A*6-61891440-182023-48482 Willie Collins  
20075A*9-32811760-1134225-213894 Willie Collins  
20065A*9-33641580-1212825-2196104 Willie Collins  
20055A*4-615816722-577143 Willie Collins  
20044A*11-1373231-138163#6-02117 Willie Collins  
20034A*11-2370962-1593735-115646 Willie Collins  
20024A*8-3367821-13594#5-124341 Willie Collins  
20014A*11-13081531-145624#6-118867 Willie Collins  
20005A*7-52242140-162434-3149143 Willie Collins  
19995A*13-24461053-1100463#7-023340 Willie Collins  
19985A*8-43021300-1172135-322999 Willie Collins  
19975A*3-815320132-6118152 Willie Collins  
19965A*10-33451691-1365136-121864 Willie Collins  
19955A*7-52491390-102434-316988 Willie Collins  
19945A*14-13251133-156342#8-018860 Willie Collins  
19935A*6-52121760-1172825-213480 Willie Collins  
19925A*7-52761631-1384942-17314 Willie Collins  
19915A*8-32631320-10214#3-08221 Stanley Blackmon  
19905A*5-61251480-16174#3-07034 Stanley Blackmon  
19895A*5-514614341-25157 Stanley Blackmon  
19885A*8-3192800-102843-13718 Stanley Blackmon  
19875A*6-42168142-25542 Stanley Blackmon  
19865A*5-513713651-22042 Stanley Blackmon  
19855A*9-1257606 S3-19226 Stanley Blackmon  
19845A*6-41611016 S3-28541 Stanley Blackmon  
1983AA*4-61431296 S4-313696 Stanley Blackmon  
1982AA*7-3245886 S5-219946 Stanley Blackmon  
1981Ind*7-417412906-013529 Stanley Blackmon  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*1-960239Big 8 CA1-32668 Stanley Blackmon  
1979AA*1-940270Big 8 CA1-33295 Stanley Blackmon  
1978AA*3-799180Big 8 CA2-46384 Glyn Slay  
1977AA*4-68999Big 8 CA1-42153 Glyn Slay  
1976AA*5-590156Big 8 CA3-36682 Glyn Slay  
1975AA*4-6129169Big 8 CA3-36790 Glyn Slay  
1974AA*2-882265Big 8 CA2-451157 Glyn Slay  
1973AA*1-8-186260Big 8 C1-8-186260 Glyn Slay  
1972AA*0-1034374Big 8 C0-1034374 Vince Thompson  
1971AA*0-1052283Big 8 C0-945257 John Ladner  
1970AA*2-8108344Big 8 C2-7108291 John Ladner  
1969AA*1-944343Big 8 C1-844296 John Ladner  
1968AA*3-757191Big 8 S2-21493 John Ladner  
1967AA*0-9-162244Big 8 S0-6-148142 John Ladner  
1966AA*9-226095Big 8 S6-017927 Ed Reed  
1965AA*6-4181131Big 8 S4-3144101 Ed Reed  
1964AA*5-4-1154145Big 8 S3-3-1102118 Hollis Rutter  
1963AA*7-3-1154127Big 8 S5-29979 Hollis Rutter  
1962AA*1-8-176129Big 8 S0-6-151108 Hollis Rutter  
1961AA*7-2-123281Big 8 S5-1-117867 Hollis Rutter  
1960AA*10-125114Big 8 S*7-11957 Hollis Rutter  
1959AA*5-512389Big 8 S3-49558 Leslie Godbold  
1958AA*4-6111133Big 8 S3-39180 Leslie Godbold  
1957AA*3-797188Big 8 S2-572156 Leslie Godbold  
1956AA*1-8-181249Big 8 S1-4-141144 Leslie Godbold  
1955AA*3-6-153131Big 8 S1-52190 Doug Colston  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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