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Pearl Yearly Summary

Pearl Pirates
Pearl High School

500 Pirate Cove Pearl, MS
Colors: Navy Blue & Old Gold
Coach: Justin Hunter

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20237A*8-43252591-1425532-3107115 Justin Hunter  
20226A*2-926837631-6166278 Justin Hunter  
20216A*7-53832810-1285434-3211180 Justin Hunter  
20206A*4-72013240-1214934-3138178 Justin Hunter  
20196A*6-538023633-4223159 John Perry  
20186A*8-53402211-1614635-221477 John Perry  
20176A*16-05501594-0169463#7-024948 John Perry  
20166A*12-35562213-1141713#7-028980 John Perry  
20156A*4-739131332-5227221 John Perry  
20145A*11-45583932-189762#7-0325132 John Perry  
20135A*11-34762581-1545926-1273129 John Perry  
20125A*6-527520634-3205149 John Perry  
20115A*8-43741870-1212835-2242103 John Perry  
20105A*8-43943060-1144926-1281160 John Perry  
20095A*9-43472071-1354826-124390 John Perry  
20084A*9-33571821-155353#7-025683 John Perry  
20074A*3-720828533-4176178 Jack French  
20064A*5-62502390-1212835-2177133 Jack French  
20054A*9-33441661-156333#7-023467 Larry Weems  
20044A*9-33832141-1425145-121989 Larry Weems  
20034A*9-3379981-119124#5-122735 Larry Weems  
20024A*6-52402030-102245-116691 Larry Weems  
20014A*9-43302072-1495745-219779 Larry Weems  
20004A*4-721526444-3168118 Larry Weems  
19994A*9-44752011-139614#7-037538 Marcus Boyles  
19985A*11-34392872-162653#7-1285142 Marcus Boyles  
19975A*8-43472450-1204136-2240123 Bruce Merchant  
19964A*7-53132400-1143845-2226124 Bruce Merchant  
19954A*9-53272322-1655046-121390 Bruce Merchant  
19945A*8-52342181-1325225-3149122 Bruce Merchant  
19935A*5-621521923-4117115 Bruce Merchant  
19925A*8-42592220-124314#3-08444 Bruce Merchant  
19915A*4-618817641-27264 Bruce Merchant  
19904A*9-43052022-148614#4-015819 Bruce Merchant  
19894A*9-2354990-114174#4-016713 Bruce Merchant  
19885A*8-32579052-28060 Bruce Merchant  
19875A*4-622121251-37382 Bruce Merchant  
19864A*6-414910563-15541 Bruce Merchant  
19854A*11-23091292-141446#5-116841 Doug Merchant  
19845A*6-52411246 N3-17821 Doug Merchant  
1983AA*9-23411136 N#4-115651 Doug Merchant  
1982AA*10-23111176 N#5-112754 Doug Merchant  
1981AA*7-32429964-318181 Doug Merchant  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*6-4197164Little Dixie3-390106 Doug Merchant  
1979*10-1289145Little Dixie5-114068 Doug Merchant  
1978*6-5173113Little Dixie4-211146 Doug Merchant  
1977*3-7122147Little Dixie2-589119 Joe Edwards  
1976*3-771172Little Dixie1-645145 Joe Edwards  
1975*3-6-193145Little Dixie2-47264 John Blaylock  
1974*2-8109209Little Dixie2-481113 John Blaylock  
1973*3-7125202Little Dixie3-39794 John Blaylock  
1972*4-6159198Little Dixie3-3107111 John Blaylock  
1971*2-855236Little Dixie1-529141 Cotton Robertson  
1970*1-974204Little Dixie0-652126 Cotton Robertson  
1969*4-5-1139134Little Dixie2-4-1106120 Joel Hudson  
1968*9-2203104Little Dixie5-213775 Joel Hudson  
1967*3-7133227Little Dixie2-588175 Robert Neblett  
1966*3-797191Little Dixie2-564128 Robert Neblett  
1965*6-4-1119102Little Dixie4-2-17248 Robert Neblett  
1964*4-6140111Little Dixie3-49071 Bob Parker  
1963*2-8100177Little Dixie1-57388 Bob Parker  
1962*4-5-1111130Little Dixie3-3-18684 Bob Parker  
1961*7-3192108Little Dixie4-211559 Bob Parker  
1960*3-8124183Little Dixie0-764136 Fred Foster  
1959*2-883285Little Dixie1-546194 Fred Foster  
1958*3-7119177Little Dixie0-445105 C.G. Muse  
1957*5-6210233Little Dixie3-3113150 Arthur Baugh  
1956*7-2-1322145Little Dixie3-2-1153125 Arthur Baugh  
1955*3-6-1110188Little Dixie1-41999 Arthur Baugh  
1954*2-9101314Little Dixie1-426137 Arthur Baugh  
1953*4-679107Little Dixie2-23949 George Dearing  
1952*5-414468Little Dixie2-15814 George Dearing  
1951*8-2-126494 George Dearing  
1950*5-5184144 J.F. Cooper  
1949*3-6-186131 J.F. Cooper  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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