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Noxapater Yearly Summary

Noxapater Tigers
Noxapater High School

220 Alice Street Noxapater, MS
Stadium: Leon Burton Field
Colors: Red & Black
Coach: Caleb Kelly

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20241A0-0006 Caleb Kelly  
20231A*4-71963860-183663-2114178 Caleb Kelly  
20221A*4-624625932-5177213 Caleb Kelly  
20211A*0-1014027130-7112197 Roy Rigsby  
20201A*3-712333623-584243 Roy Rigsby  
20191A*12-34671872-11124727-125097 Casey Orr  
20181A*10-33361590-102637-126294 Casey Orr  
20171A*8-42971470-101636-2197103 Casey Orr  
20161A*7-63151640-161736-226664 Casey Orr  
20151A*9-44301970-1202137-130173 Casey Orr  
20141A*4-727327833-5226195 Casey Orr  
20131A*8-43841950-135483#7-127987 Justin Hunter  
20121A*10-34471461-158383#8-035859 Justin Hunter  
20111A*12-35703364-0159823#8-0336120 Tyler Peterson  
20101A*7-53822690-1142136-3320187 Tyler Peterson  
20091A*4-717025834-5164217 Tyler Peterson  
20081A*2-915940232-8136361 Bobby Bowman  
20071A*7-438226137-3364222 Bobby Bowman  
20061A*4-726927034-5235206 Bobby Bowman  
20051A*9-32691880-102137-2217149 Bobby Bowman  
20041A*9-34472070-184638-2390142 Bobby Bowman  
20031A*4-719627533-7162268 Sam Blaylock  
20021A*2-910125132-787190 Steven Moss  
20011A*3-818326033-6171206 Ricky Kendrick  
20001A*10-34041611-1562727-2289114 Jim Ray  
19991A*13-24421943-1647528-129395 Jim Ray  
19981A*8-43332050-1274143-112976 Jim Ray  
19971A*7-428621542-29091 Jim Ray  
19961A*4-71642130-1143043-19048 Bobby Goss  
19951A*2-88526141-32090 Bobby Goss  
19941A*5-522422841-3103104 Mike Hatcher  
19931A*1-911021940-44384 Kenny Burton  
19921A*11-3269942-148293#4-09814 Kenny Burton  
19911A*1-910324331-36162 Kenny Burton  
19901A*6-52741740-121285#3-08826 Mike Hatcher  
19891A*11-13801021-135565#5-021912 Mike Hatcher  
19881A*8-4283921-134245#4-112920 Mike Hatcher  
19871A*8-43421401-139405#4-117842 Mike Hatcher  
19861A*13-13741393-172744 W#4-013424 Mike Hatcher  
19851A*7-32311104 E7-121977 Mike Hatcher  
19841A*7-42381514 E6-220394 Mike Hatcher  
1983B*4-61852024 E4-4165142 Buck Kennedy  
1982B*7-42931274 E5-320693 Buck Kennedy  
1981BB*8-32849141-14223 Buck Kennedy  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*10-139187East Central*9-034359 Buck Kennedy  
1979*11-038070East Central*9-029026 Buck Kennedy  
1978*8-3270122East Central7-221088 Buck Kennedy  
1977*7-3248164East Central7-2228126 Buck Kennedy  
1976*9-2270122East Central7-2201104 Buck Kennedy  
1975*6-483116Big Black4-25439 Buck Kennedy  
1974*8-333478Big Black6-024120 Buck Kennedy  
1973*8-228852Big Black5-120836 Buck Kennedy  
1972*11-035233Big Black6-019320 Buck Kennedy  
1971*10-028228Big Black6-01788 Buck Kennedy  
1970*8-3284122Big Black3-3128116 Buck Kennedy  
1969*3-6-1158236Big Black1-3-164123 Buck Kennedy  
1968*3-7150259Big Black1-453131 Fred Roane  
1967*4-6114139Big Black1-44792 Buck Kennedy  
1966*1-945228Big Black0-50178 Jimmy Willcutt  
1965*4-5-1164129Big Black3-3-112086 Charles Porter  
1964*7-3153109Big Black6-213170 Charles Porter  
1963*2-892274Big Black1-445134 Charles Porter  
1962*4-6139171Big Black3-26467 Doug Sullivan  
1961*8-2-115665Big Black4-19838 Doug Sullivan  
1960*8-217878Big Black5-110465 Doug Sullivan  
1959*7-1-215764Big Black6-1-212964 Leon Burton  
1958*7-3-120392Big Black5-215773 Leon Burton  
1957*9-227150Big Black5-218938 Leon Burton  
1956*0-1077269Big Black0-977223 Leon Burton  
1955*5-5-1157163Big Black2-4-177113 Leon Burton  
1954*6-3-219998Big Black4-2-214657 Leon Burton  
1953*0-858150Big Black0-751125 Ira Kirkpatrick Jr.  
1952*4-4-1107113Big Black3-38480 Ira Kirkpatrick Jr.  
1951*5-393113Big Black3-27464 Harold Ming  
1950*0-5-21874 Harold Ming  
1949*7-1-112158 Harold Ming  
19480-1626 Harold Ming  
19471-000 Harold Ming  
19460-000 Harold Ming  
19450-000 Doyle Perry  
19440-2783 Harold Ming  
19431-1034 Harold Ming  
19420-2645 Harold Ming  
19410-2045 Harold Ming  
19400-2627 Robert Cox  
19390-31976 Robert Cox  
19380-36110 Hunter Denson  
19370-2644 Hunter Denson  
19360-2019 Eddie Lundy  
19350-1032 Eddie Lundy  
19320-1013 Doss Fulton  
19310-1626 Doss Fulton  
19303-0328 Doss Fulton  
1929*1-22431 A.D. Dixon  
19283-13341 A.D. Dixon  
19270-000 A.D. Dixon  
19260-000 A.D. Dixon  
19250-0-166 A.D. Dixon  
19240-1612 A.D. Dixon  
19231-1-11942 A.D. Dixon  
19221-15714 A.D. Dixon  
19211-1137 A.D. Dixon  
19201-0136 A.D. Dixon  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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