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Murrah Yearly Summary

Murrah Mustangs
Murrah High School

1400 Murrah Drive Jackson, MS
Stadium: H.T. Newell Field
Colors: Royal Blue & Silver
Coach: Marcus Gibson

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
2023Ind*7-42792020 Marcus Gibson  
20226A*0-1114545020-773311 Marcus Gibson  
20216A*1-108037820-736275 Marcus Gibson  
20206A*0-70720-606 No Team/Covid  
20196A*1-106932620-717201 Marcus Gibson  
20186A*3-816736822-5107274 Damian Gary  
20176A*1-1011640620-769303 Damian Gary  
20166A*2-1015544920-781346 Zack Grady  
20156A*4-721933822-594221 Zack Grady  
20146A*6-630124321-6118194 Zack Grady  
20136A*5-735935723-4174202 Zack Grady  
20126A*6-537030123-4233216 Zack Grady  
20116A*6-62773180-1144225-2157166 Zack Grady  
20106A*1-1014635921-6103225 Zack Grady  
20096A*3-814824421-690168 Zack Grady  
20085A*6-525525123-4127172 Zack Grady  
20075A*5-617122221-680166 Zack Grady  
20065A*2-916226720-774222 Malcolm Jones  
20055A*3-713026421-677209 Malcolm Jones  
20045A*3-716126322-5114184 Malcolm Jones  
20035A*3-819732921-6142234 Dale Payton  
20025A*3-816631222-5131202 Dale Payton  
20015A*0-118638620-764282 Dale Payton  
20005A*3-820130620-7138258 Dale Payton  
19995A*6-517224423-4118190 Dale Payton  
19985A*1-96929730-848266 Dale Payton  
19975A*0-107142230-863341 Willie Heidelburg  
19965A*0-115149030-730318 Willie Heidelburg  
19955A*2-914025931-6111185 Leon Campbell  
19945A*4-715823421-661198 Leon Campbell  
19935A*7-52432030-1213124-3118125 Leon Campbell  
19925A*2-913729940-33899 Leon Campbell  
19915A*5-61752050-101741-24968 Leon Campbell  
19905A*6-418615751-26276 Leon Campbell  
19895A*3-6-112620650-31390 Leon Campbell  
19885A*1-99422950-431116 Jimmy Smith  
19875A*3-78917351-33367 Jimmy Smith  
19865A*2-810918251-25263 Jimmy Smith  
19855A*7-322415061-14919 Jimmy Smith  
19845A*5-51711846 N2-27791 Jimmy Smith  
1983AA*8-2214876 N3-210161 Don Hinton  
1982AA*7-32061186 N3-28471 Don Hinton  
1981Ind*5-419917500-11427 Don Hinton  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*6-319967 Freddie Lee  
1979*7-3202115 Freddie Lee  
1978AA*5-596116Big 8 CA4-27027 Freddie Lee  
1977AA*7-481107Big 8 CA5-06638 Freddie Lee  
1976AA*6-413275Big 8 CA4-29230 Freddie Lee  
1975AA*5-6134168Big 8 CA5-19048 Freddie Lee  
1974AA*6-4164125Big 8 CA4-212576 Bob Stevens  
1973AA*9-1-131480Big 8 C9-0-130765 Bob Stevens  
1972AA*8-319098Big 8 C8-218489 Bob Stevens  
1971AA*7-3-1191129Big 8 C5-3-1148117 Bob Stevens  
1970AA*10-122067Big 8 C9-019260 Jack Carlisle  
1969AA*9-225687Big 8 C8-123767 Jack Carlisle  
1968AA*4-6122174Big 8 N2-575126 Jack Carlisle  
1967AA*8-1-124789Big 8 N7-1-120777 Jack Carlisle  
1966AA*9-229882Big 8 N8-124937 Jack Carlisle  
1965AA*10-128971Big 8 N*8-124948 Jack Carlisle  
1964AA*10-0-123154Big 8 N8-0-119747 Jack Carlisle  
1963AA*7-316759Big 8 N6-311453 Jack Carlisle  
1962AA*2-3-55792Big 8 N2-2-55778 Jack Carlisle  
1961AA*8-1-2215106Big 8 N8-0-120283 Jack Carlisle  
1960AA*6-3-115680Big 8 N6-3-115680 James E. Merritt  
1959AA*3-5-213392Big 8 N3-4-212778 James E. Merritt  
1958AA*6-4110106Big 8 N4-48499 James E. Merritt  
1957AA*5-5125137Big 8 N4-4107117 James E. Merritt  
1956AA*2-880187Big 8 N1-753166 James E. Merritt  
1955AA*0-9-139270Big 8 N0-713199 James E. Merritt  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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