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Leland Yearly Summary

Leland Cubs
Leland High School

404 East Third Street Leland, MS
Colors: Maroon & White
Coach: Vacant

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20241A0-0005 Vacant  
20231A*0-106034350-520182 Johnny Bley  
20222A*1-9523410-165241-34086 Ricardo Tigler  
20212A*2-81143410-1124142-284106 Ricardo Tigler  
20202A*2-3252632-32526 Ricardo Tigler  
20192A*3-91543770-1144132-368156 Ricardo Tigler  
20182A*3-814430433-3106112 Terry Bernard  
20172A*6-416813632-478118 Terry Bernard  
20162A*0-10-17326930-547142 Terry Bernard  
20152A*1-912426731-468139 Terry Bernard  
20142A*5-623925332-3102118 Marcus Cannon  
20132A*5-619921831-478108 Eugene Sanders  
20123A*2-919028440-598156 Eugene Sanders  
20113A*3-812723141-46591 Eugene Sanders  
20103A*9-42781821-1185644-116280 Eugene Sanders  
20093A*6-62382211-1276943-214361 Eugene Sanders  
20082A*9-33511801-151354#5-017271 Eugene Sanders  
20072A*5-62221910-1274642-38587 Eugene Sanders  
20062A*7-52461561-1202044-113655 Eugene Sanders  
20052A*9-2-12481251-1281944-113264 Eugene Sanders  
20042A*9-32001591-136364#5-110870 Eugene Sanders  
20032A*3-712813242-46682 Eugene Sanders  
20022A*7-3-12661330-10745-017144 Eugene Sanders  
20012A*2-811225041-444133 Eugene Sanders  
20003A*8-333016644-215388 Eugene Sanders  
19993A*6-519623343-3111109 Charles Hardy  
19983A*3-813825642-594151 Andrew Jackson  
19973A*5-614519344-396128 Andrew Jackson  
19963A*6-512412234-27163 Andrew Jackson  
19953A*8-326013934-214766 Andrew Jackson  
19943A*8-3-12911270-1202344-114554 Andrew Jackson  
19933A*6-61861451-1341544-111338 Charles Hardy  
19923A*8-32251180-112214#6-016243 Charles Hardy  
19913A*8-3220840-112144#6-015426 Charles Hardy  
19903A*9-32941821-119486#3-06214 Charles Hardy  
19893A*7-42351710-120326#3-04930 Charles Hardy  
19883A*11-33751713-183527#3-011112 Charles Hardy  
19873A*10-33221182-161247#3-0906 Charles Hardy  
19863A*6-42411113 W1-25455 Dean Wright  
19853A*7-32581463 S5-2157102 Dean Wright  
19843A*10-1362453 N5-121032 Dean Wright  
1983A*9-2267893 N4-19833 Dean Wright  
1982A*8-2248823 N4-110544   
1981A*7-32201163 N3-211266   
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*5-6134118Delta Valley4-511296 David Bradley  
1979*9-1-118998Delta Valley7-1-116174 Butch Inmon  
1978*6-320490Delta Valley6-320490 Butch Inmon  
1977*6-3-116889Delta Valley6-2-116161 Butch Inmon  
1976*9-222591Delta Valley8-120364 Butch Inmon  
1975*9-232793Delta Valley8-129766 Butch Inmon  
1974*9-128789Delta Valley8-127483 James Gray  
1973*9-0-125853Delta Valley*8-0-120853 James Gray  
1972*9-023359Delta Valley*9-023359 James Gray  
1971*9-126847Delta Valley*6-018321 James Gray  
1970*9-227396Delta Valley5-217575 James Gray  
1969*5-4-117195Delta Valley5-417195 Jerry Lyons  
1968*9-020887Delta Valley*7-018181 Jerry Lyons  
1967*10-027760Delta Valley*9-025660 John Smith  
1966*5-5112182Delta Valley4-586169 John Smith  
1965*4-6129136Delta Valley4-5116105 Ben Ruscoe  
1964*4-693128Delta Valley3-674128 Ben Ruscoe  
1963*3-778265Delta Valley3-672239 Ben Ruscoe  
1962*3-7125258Delta Valley2-7107258 Ben Ruscoe  
1961*10-032478Delta Valley*8-022751 Ben Ruscoe  
1960*10-122173Delta Valley*8-116567   
1959*7-2-119597Delta Valley6-2-115578 John Woolly  
1958*5-4-1185168Delta Valley4-3-1147136 John Woolly  
1957*3-5-2120176Delta Valley3-4-1107162 John Woolly  
1956*3-7105158Delta Valley3-598118 Fred Morris  
1955*7-3208156Delta Valley5-3139137 Fred Morris  
1954*5-5163166Delta Valley3-386106 Bryant Smith  
1953*5-5157136Delta Valley1-458102 Bryant Smith  
1952*8-325490Delta Valley3-312365 Robert McGahey  
1951*2-7111186Delta Valley0-545136 Robert McGahey  
1950*6-314584Delta Valley3-27951 Robert McGahey  
19493-28797Delta Valley Robert McGahey  
19487-221191Delta Valley3-213573 Robert McGahey  
1947*7-216463 Robert McGahey  
19465-19131 Robert McGahey  
19456-1-17020 Robert McGahey  
19445-1-110432 Robert McGahey  
1943*7-015213 Roy Sheffield  
19420-1019 Roy Sheffield  
19413-2-25658 Roy Sheffield  
1940*5-49885 Roy Sheffield  
19393-5-152124 Roy Sheffield  
19381-4-146161 Roy Sheffield  
19372-33857 Roy Sheffield  
19361-719185 Roy Sheffield  
19352-55773 Roy Sheffield  
19342-5-153108 Bill Walker  
19333-213539 Bill Walker  
19321-34599 Bill Walker  
19312-1-167 Bryan Smith  
19302-2-13764 Bryan Smith  
19292-22660 E.H. Smith   
1925*8-1-217240 Buck Smith  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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