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Houston Yearly Summary

Houston Hilltoppers
Houston High School

634 Starkville Road Houston, MS
Colors: Maroon & White
Coach: Baylor Dampeer

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20244A0-0003 Baylor Dampeer  
20234A*11-24062373-11047433-1163114 Baylor Dampeer  
20224A*12-24512153-1111912#5-018556 Baylor Dampeer  
20214A*8-33842510-1304823-2214153 Baylor Dampeer  
20203A*4-62512110-16742-213394 Baylor Dampeer  
20193A*9-43291832-1504042-213256 Ty Hardin  
20183A*11-24152092-163324#5-020386 Ty Hardin  
20173A*9-44903192-11027344-122087 Ty Hardin  
20164A*8-43352000-1192143-2145114 Ty Hardin  
20154A*9-53582282-1777642-3116119 William Cook  
20144A*5-72793070-1164142-3110137 William Cook  
20134A*1-111172910-175241-445109 William Cook  
20124A*11-34452372-1817043-2160113 William Cook  
20114A*6-63201890-1172143-213257 Donny Rogers  
20104A*2-920639241-4109192 Buz Boyer  
20094A*2-915337141-492169 Buz Boyer  
20083A*2-817824022-4129140 Buz Boyer  
20073A*2-816035922-4117209 Buz Boyer  
20063A*6-53032240-1142823-215797 Lee Doty  
20053A*5-61952530-132623-29295 Lee Doty  
20044A*3-713632321-577213 Lee Doty  
20034A*2-813529420-660202 Lee Doty  
20023A*1-99536821-581213 Russell Funk  
20013A*5-62402120-102824-217193 Russell Funk  
20003A*8-334116323-218093 Russell Funk  
19993A*10-138118024-117879 Russell Funk  
19984A*10-24081440-17211#5-019641 Russell Funk  
19974A*9-33992820-1285814-116890 Russell Funk  
19964A*2-8-123443622-5164272 Russell Funk  
19954A*0-115128220-739172 Joey Hamilton  
19944A*3-712222222-496130 Joey Hamilton  
19934A*7-422320323-3119117 Ricky Allen  
19923A*6-520915422-4120112 Ricky Allen  
19913A*5-627925123-3163127 Ricky Allen  
19903A*5-615720021-475130 Ricky Allen  
19893A*1-96821820-524146 Ricky Allen  
19883A*1-96423121-32589 Ricky Allen  
19873A*4-614620021-36793 Phil Flynn  
19863A*6-42251671 S2-27991 Phil Flynn  
19853A*8-326613116-3205113 Phil Flynn  
19843A*3-714125113-5109184 Phil Flynn  
1983A*3-710324812-688221 Phil Flynn  
1982A*7-416312715-39881 Phil Flynn  
1981A*6-3-116010913-3-1119101 Tommy Morton  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*3-8164200Little 101-676118 Tommy Morton  
1979*1-9-169207Little 101-656153 Crowell Armstrong  
1978*5-6111157Little 103-466102 Crowell Armstrong  
1977*3-769143Little 102-552104 Crowell Armstrong  
1976*6-5104107Little 104-37680 Crowell Armstrong  
1975*0-1097270Tombigbee0-777204 Roy Cresap  
1974*0-952250Tombigbee0-852244 Lucian King  
1973*9-2266117Tombigbee8-122277 Billy Joe Rish  
1972*8-320097Tombigbee6-317091 Billy Joe Rish  
1971*3-783265Little 102-662217 Billy Joe Rish  
1970*0-1056291Little 100-849234 Billy Joe Rish  
1969*1-956237Little 101-742185 Jim Dempsey  
1968*3-5-279143Little 102-4-267103 Jim Dempsey  
1967*7-2-2217128Little 104-2-2160107 William Ward  
1966*8-3157123Little 106-211084 Dewey Partridge  
1965*2-6-249110Little 102-4-24379 Dewey Partridge  
1964*8-2135115Little 106-2107115 Dewey Partridge  
1963*6-4-1214136Little 105-316994 Dewey Partridge  
1962*1-957219Little 101-751198 James Hood  
1961*1-951351Little 101-744293 James Hood  
1960*3-788179Little 103-681166 Ozzie Rhodes  
1959*1-988376Little 101-882314 Scott Suber  
1958*6-4159136Little 105-4146124 Joe Brigance  
1957*3-6-1119182Little 102-5-179144 Joe Brigance  
1956*5-5196197Little 104-4142136 Joe Brigance  
1955*4-6175222Little 103-5141177 Joe Brigance  
1954*3-696176Little 102-671164 Flavius Alford  
1953*4-577141Little 103-551135 Flavius Alford  
1952*6-2-120467Little 104-2-115853 Joe Brigance  
1951*5-5191171Little 104-5154165 Joe Brigance  
1950*2-7-199158Little 101-7-166158 Willie Foster  
1949*2-770169Little 102-563119 Willie Foster  
1948*5-4-1156138Little 104-38693 Willie Foster  
1947*6-3-1183123Little 105-1-113681 Willie Foster  
1946*4-4-17298Little 103-34858 Willie Foster  
1945*3-4-2126138Little 103-3-110785 Vick Metts  
1944*3-6113175Little 103-4106148 Vick Metts  
1943*4-4-1156132Little 102-4-181125 Vick Metts  
19421-5-24697Little 101-5-13384 Vick Metts  
1941*4-5-283102Little 102-3-24363 F.L. Thompson  
1940*6-313049Little 103-26219 F.L. Thompson  
1939*7-418858Little 103-36845 F.L. Thompson  
1938*3-666131Little 102-451105 F.L. Thompson  
19370-40221Little 100-40221 F.L. Thompson  
19360-76150Little 100-56130 John Stevens  
19352-541110Little 101-532103 Pickens Noble  
1934*4-3-1101115Little 103-2-17083 Pickens Noble  
1933*6-214563Little 104-210563 Pickens Noble  
19325-29213Little 103-25313 Pickens Noble  
1931*6-211968Little 104-26161 Pickens Noble  
19300-3-2019 Pickens Noble  
19292-2507 Pickens Noble  
19283-0-25131 Pickens Noble  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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