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Greenville Yearly Summary

Greenville Hornets
Greenville High School

419 East Robert Shaw Greenville, MS
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Vacant

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20235A0-0002 Vacant  
20225A*0-109933910-769262 Quintarus McCray  
20215A*1-78429310-758277 Quintarus McCray  
20206A*0-70720-606 Quintarus McCray  
20196A*3-823640421-6113282 Quintarus McCray  
20186A*1-1014047120-774305 Sherrod Gideon  
20176A*1-1019838121-6120273 Sherrod Gideon  
20166A*3-923345021-6117330 Phil Short  
20156A*0-1211944620-776292 Phil Short  
20146A*1-1012539020-745302 Phil Short  
20136A*1-1013237020-763256 Shannon Williams  
20126A*2-916740521-688273 Eddie Maxon  
20116A*3-830437322-5201210 Todd Lott  
20106A*4-713321222-578132 Todd Lott  
20096A*3-89428522-571188 Larry Dorsey  
20085A*1-108229021-656170 Larry Dorsey  
20075A*0-117431320-736217 Willie Brown  
20065A*3-812932421-681232 Willie Brown  
20055A*2-910031521-642241 Mario Kirksey  
20045A*1-1011533921-683202 Willie Young  
20035A*3-811431621-659199 Willie Young  
20025A*6-527724213-4158187 Phil Short  
20015A*7-51961410-171014-39182 Phil Short  
20005A*6-62753410-1143723-3152211 Phil Short  
19995A*2-910044020-665275 Phil Short  
19985A*2-913142321-677275 Charles Hardy  
19975A*5-617228723-4109182 Charles Hardy  
19965A*3-812529521-672184 Charles Hardy  
19955A*1-96219220-738126 Phil Short  
19945A*2-8-19629111-648179 Boyd Bales  
19935A*0-113825110-720169 Charles Brady  
19925A*5-517413421-25255 Charles Brady  
19915A*4-514414821-24483 Elijah Moore  
19905A*3-714913821-24336 Elijah Moore  
19895A*1-95921320-3664 Elijah Moore  
19885A*3-612619120-34158 Elijah Moore  
19875A*9-32331222-1583922-14123 Elijah Moore  
19865A*9-220411932-14426 Elijah Moore  
19855A*1-96514430-31032 Fred Washington  
19845A*5-612313031-23330 Fred Washington  
1983AA*7-51981740-17103 N#4-09543 Fred Washington  
1982AA*7-42471230-1073 N#3-012626 Fred Washington  
1981Ind*7-32049603-08931 Fred Washington  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*7-4244108Big 8 D4-19328 Fred Washington  
1979AA*6-3-1203107Big 8 D4-112951 Fred Washington  
1978AA*7-317969Big 8 D4-111517 Gary Dempsey  
1977AA*10-2228105Big 8 D5-010531 Gary Dempsey  
1976AA*10-233188Big 8 D5-017027 Gary Dempsey  
1975AA*6-3225107Big 8 D3-213357 Gary Dempsey  
1974AA*4-6109132Big 8 D3-25831 Gary Dempsey  
1973AA*8-325975Big 8 N5-013113 Gary Dempsey  
1972AA*8-1231107Big 8 N5-117767 William Earl Morgan  
1971AA*11-0321107Big 8 N7-018161 William Earl Morgan  
1970AA*5-513987Big 8 N3-28139 William Earl Morgan  
1969AA*3-7113195Big 8 N2-470112 William Earl Morgan  
1968AA*7-3-1174159Big 8 N5-3128131 William Earl Morgan  
1967AA*0-953273Big 8 N0-633194 William Earl Morgan  
1966AA*5-4-1179172Big 8 N3-3100118 William Earl Morgan  
1965AA*7-2-1214128Big 8 N4-2-112277 Wally Beach  
1964AA*9-0-2313104Big 8 N6-0-121066 Wally Beach  
1963AA*9-226373Big 8 N7-118940 Wally Beach  
1962AA*8-1-126487Big 8 N7-1-125781 Wally Beach  
1961AA*7-2-121493Big 8 N6-2-118193 Wally Beach  
1960AA*5-4-1155104Big 8 N4-4-1123104 Wally Beach  
1959AA*6-3-112586Big 8 N5-39880 Eddie Crawford  
1958AA*10-020346Big 8 N*8-015527 Hartwell McPhail  
1957AA*9-0-215051Big 8 N*7-0-111732 Hartwell McPhail  
1956AA*9-223591Big 8 N7-114858 Hartwell McPhail  
1955AA*5-5149154Big 8 N4-3123134 Hartwell McPhail  
1954AA*5-5157155Big 82-476122 Hartwell McPhail  
1953AA*11-028946Big 8*6-014725 Carl Maddox  
1952AA*9-130174Big 85-116340 Carl Maddox  
1951AA*7-2-1230116Big 8 N5-1-114955 Carl Maddox  
1950AA*9-225984Big 8 N6-217872 Warren Averitte  
1949AA*7-323992Big 85-315786 Warren Averitte  
1948AA*8-323770Big 85-313364 Warren Averitte  
1947AA*8-321899Big 85-312086 Warren Averitte  
1946AA*8-324574Big 86-316874 Warren Averitte  
1945AA*6-3-1180132Big 84-3-1124119 Warren Averitte  
1944AA*6-4167195Big 84-2116130 Rab Rodgers  
1943AA*10-039650Big 8*6-027619 Pickens Noble  
1942AA*10-130265Big 86-114546 George Terry  
1941AA*9-3300120Big 84-310188 George Terry  
1940AA*8-325764Big 84-312357 George Terry  
1939AA*9-1-120250Big 84-1-18843 George Terry  
1938AA*5-517495Big 81-34749 E.H. Alley  
1937*5-4-110363 E.H. Alley  
1934*7-414380 Forrest Murphy  
1933*9-1-131633 Forrest Murphy  
1932*10-041041 Forrest Murphy  
19313-4-15985 Forrest Murphy  
1930*6-210844 Forrest Murphy  
1929*6-219172 Forrest Murphy  
1928*7-0-121120 Forrest Murphy  
19273-484100 Forrest Murphy  
1926*3-5-178116 Forrest Murphy  
1925*5-3-110332 Forrest Murphy  
19246-120434 Forrest Murphy  
19237-120019 Forrest Murphy  
19227-127275 Forrest Murphy  
1921*3-2-217460 Forrest Murphy  
19173-01026 Haxton  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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