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George Yearly Summary

George Jaguars
J.Z. George High School

900 George Street North Carrollton, MS
Colors: Maroon & White
Coach: Dustin Alford

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20242A0-0004 Dustin Alford  
20232A*2-714334140-454192 Dustin Alford  
20222A*7-41862781-1406343-16297 Rusty Smith  
20212A*7-53363381-1506443-115867 Rusty Smith  
20202A*6-62962861-1564322-27990 Rusty Smith  
20192A*3-822129120-451144 Ben Burton  
20183A*0-119036630-528171 Ben Burton  
20173A*2-911638331-482158 Ben Burton  
20162A*8-52652241-1474223-17443 Ben Burton  
20152A*5-81742981-1284722-27266 Ben Burton  
20142A*7-62452421-1434633-210468 Ben Burton  
20132A*4-71872390-164233-2110108 Joey Tompkins  
20122A*2-916938021-448145 Joey Tompkins  
20112A*1-108840621-442158 Chris McRae  
20102A*3-818734221-488155 Chris McRae  
20092A*7-52211710-172023-26759 Chris McRae  
20082A*3-713917121-47584 Chris McRae  
20072A*8-43452111-1245323-216191 Trey Allman  
20062A*3-714422521-479133 Trey Allman  
20052A*4-622424421-4102151 Trey Allman  
20043A*5-61611970-163543-310082 Claude Elam  
20033A*5-61621990-1142144-29989 Claude Elam  
20023A*3-6-117425042-494149 Claude Elam  
20013A*4-71932550-1163243-399139 Claude Elam  
20002A*7-427024422-39498 Farris Jenkins  
19992A*7-53413200-1125924-1140123 Farris Jenkins  
19981A*9-23292140-1124134-115893 Farris Jenkins  
19971A*5-519817434-114288 Farris Jenkins  
19961A*4-7-13582120-1164231-411673 Farris Jenkins  
19951A*4-721627832-3124163 Farris Jenkins  
19941A*2-816831531-380158 Farris Jenkins  
19931A*4-616618331-35889 Farris Jenkins  
19921A*9-22781550-181443-18858 Farris Jenkins  
19911A*3-721319840-474123 Farris Jenkins  
19901A*3-617019242-3102112 Farris Jenkins  
19891A*5-3-120118043-2131110 Farris Jenkins  
19881A*7-42261280-181444-110233 Farris Jenkins  
19871A*7-42071440-183244-19237 Farris Jenkins  
19861A*7-32301470-114363#1-0148 Farris Jenkins  
19851A*5-41801494 W2-39488 Farris Jenkins  
19842A*6-42041554 W3-2108101 Farris Jenkins  
1983BB*5-3179914 W4-113360 Farris Jenkins  
1982BB*14-04561423-062204 W#3-012028 Farris Jenkins  
1981BB*10-23031090-115224#3-07820 Farris Jenkins  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*6-0-1200102Delta Hills*3-0-112058 Farris Jenkins  
1979*10-138463Delta Hills*5-017825 Farris Jenkins  
1978*9-123577Big Black*4-011324 Farris Jenkins  
1977*8-1275113Big Black*4-011728 Farris Jenkins  
1976*9-0-132497Big Black*5-020434 Farris Jenkins  
1975*7-3186130Big Black5-113464 Farris Jenkins  
1974*5-4-1146167Big Black4-276118 Farris Jenkins  
1973*10-032945Big Black6-017930 Farris Jenkins  
1972*8-2267120Big Black4-2127114 Farris Jenkins  
1971*3-4-2108123Big Black2-3-15679 Farris Jenkins  
1970*1-7-173176Big Black0-1-168 Farris Jenkins  
1969*5-5-1183179Big Black4-1-111673 Farris Jenkins  
1968*10-138591Big Black5-015651 Bobby Tackett  
1967*11-046214Big Black*6-02747 Bobby Tackett  
1966*5-4-1196122Big Black3-2-111570 Bobby Tackett  
1965*5-4-1127102Big Black4-3-19495 Bobby Tackett  
1964*0-1042238Big Black0-610136   
1963*0-832312Mid-State0-625267 Charles Hardin  
1962*3-684117Mid-State2-47185 Charles Hardin  
1961*0-6-245178Mid-State0-4-232105 James Robert Mullen  
1960*5-4-1120102Mid-State3-38083 Bill Rowan  
1959*5-4-1172164Mid-State2-3-178106 Bill Rowan  
1957*8-121132Mid-State6-015718 Walter Ahrens  
1956*5-1-315779Cotton Boll2-1-29254   
1955*7-3200133Cotton Boll4-07113   
1954*7-3174171Cotton Boll4-08424 John Ables  
19533-4-1117115 Wally Beach  
19525-318990Cotton Boll2-0746 Bobby Hemphill  
19390-2614 Stevens  
19384-19933 Stevens  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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