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Durant Yearly Summary

Durant Tigers
Durant High School

65 West Madison Durant, MS
Colors: Green & White

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20171A*1-1011446321-782310 Terrence White  
20161A*1-1011735431-778248 Ras Bayles  
20151A*4-719125233-5155196 Ras Bayles  
20141A*3-811630822-681255 Eddie Maxon  
20131A*5-617726522-6106217 Quentin Fairley  
20121A*3-713927422-5123235 William Robinson  
20111A*10-35121681-1693826-231292 William Robinson  
20101A*14-1646533-1136352#7-033318 William Robinson  
20091A*13-24631723-1128592#7-020951 Ashley Kuhn  
20081A*12-14551461-138593#10-036881 Ashley Kuhn  
20071A*11-24182101-1496739-1322129 Trennell Edwards  
20061A*7-424016726-4218165 Johnny Daves  
20051A*9-43922101-1707127-3272139 Lee Burrell  
20041A*10-34421351-1343628-134467 Lee Burrell  
20031A*11-34441052-1741428-134265 Danny Robertson  
20021A*8-44042070-103126-3324170 Danny Robertson  
20011A*14-16201753-1137592#9-0395108 Danny Robertson  
20001A*14-16541353-1148352#9-041086 Danny Robertson  
19991A*11-33771902-1755927-2240115 Danny Robertson  
19981A*12-25121512-184473#5-022844 Danny Robertson  
19971A*12-24711572-174343#5-020934 Danny Robertson  
19961A*6-62202681-148483#5-012241 Danny Robertson  
19951A*6-62762481-1464534-116681 Danny Robertson  
19941A*13-14591412-182653#4-014932 Cotton Robertson  
19931A*11-23231761-1283933-110770 Cotton Robertson  
19921A*3-78325740-440146 Cotton Robertson  
19911A*7-321918342-27784 Cotton Robertson  
19901A*8-42752341-128444#5-017576 Cotton Robertson  
19891A*7-4280620-16144#5-019714 Cotton Robertson  
19881A*8-32941381-144304#5-015926 Cotton Robertson  
19871A*9-23411401-146514#5-021025 Cotton Robertson  
19861A*7-33041224 W2-216050 Cotton Robertson  
19851A*5-4-11841754 E4-3-1166133 Cotton Robertson  
19841A*8-2287764 E6-224170 Cotton Robertson  
1983B*10-1240694 E7-118455 Cotton Robertson  
1982B*9-33511190-112144 E#7-124571 Cotton Robertson  
1981B*8-327210540-1834 Cotton Robertson  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*6-3150122East Central6-3150122 Cotton Robertson  
1979*1-8-173246East Central1-7-167215 Cotton Robertson  
1978*11-024238East Central*9-020832 Cotton Robertson  
1977*9-038666East Central*9-038666 Cotton Robertson  
1976*9-038440East Central*9-038440 Cotton Robertson  
1975*8-318096Big Black4-28870 Cotton Robertson  
1974*5-3-2194131Big Black3-2-113283 Cotton Robertson  
1973*7-317885Big Black4-211054 Carey Richards  
1972*3-6-1116228Big Black2-490129 Larry Tynes  
1971*8-1-122279Big Black5-115234 Larry Tynes  
1970*7-3229175Big Black3-2126139 Larry Tynes  
1969*2-7-1121206Little 82-5101150 George Strohm  
1968*2-667138 William Welford  
1967*4-46794Ind Buck Randall  
1966*6-1-1216127 Leland Harrison  
1965*8-2193108 Bill Swindle  
1964*10-132193 Bill Swindle  
1963*6-4-122298Mid-State4-1-112831 Harvey Ray  
1962*5-5155111Mid-State2-48790 Harvey Ray  
1961*9-0-125338Mid-State*6-016025 Harvey Ray  
1960*10-0-138144Mid-State*6-023625 Dale Brasher  
1959*11-036050Mid-State*6-018118 Dale Brasher  
19575-3-112357Mid-State3-2-17732 Hugh Walker  
19568-022532Big Black5-014719 Hugh Walker  
19555-115169Big Black4-012651 Hugh Walker  
1954*10-132099Big Black*7-022448 Hugh Walker  
1953*10-1327110Big Black*8-027259 Hugh Walker  
1952*9-128852Big Black8-022039 Hugh Walker  
1951*7-318394Big Black4-19138 Ray Bell  
19509-1193108 Van Stewart  
19492-24745 Van Stewart  
19482-2-28267 Van Stewart  
1946*8-1-114458 C.H. Carruth  
19451-12318 C.H. Carruth  
19440-000 C.H. Carruth  
19420-1026 M.B. Holmes  
19411-12844 Dace Davis  
19405-38355 Dace Davis  
1939*8-217085 Dace Davis  
1938*4-310674 Dudley Brumfield  
19375-2-112958 Dudley Brumfield  
19291-413154 W.T. Perkins  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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