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Corinth Yearly Summary

Corinth Warriors
Corinth High School

1310 North Harper Road Corinth, MS
Stadium: Warrior Stadium II
Colors: Red & Black
Coach: Justin Dye

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20245A0-0001 Justin Dye  
20235A*3-81793150-1213412-372148 Justin Dye  
20224A*5-62302280-132413-214896 Justin Dye  
20214A*2-823538011-4134200 Justin Dye  
20204A*6-44133001-170621#3-1191124 Todd Lowery  
20194A*14-16502055-0227791#4-019334 Todd Lowery  
20184A*11-36083412-11336014-1256134 Todd Lowery  
20174A*7-63323212-1547413-2181106 Todd Lowery  
20164A*4-727031011-495144 Todd Lowery  
20154A*8-44583580-114311#4-1226130 Doug Jones  
20144A*8-43922510-172614-119697 Doug Jones  
20134A*10-23521620-110151#5-018354 Doug Jones  
20124A*8-33092350-1194213-2115133 Doug Jones  
20114A*6-62632391-1554113-2105114 Jimmy Mitchell  
20103A*4-71042100-102813-26481 Jimmy Mitchell  
20093A*6-52992550-1142114-118998 Jimmy Mitchell  
20083A*12-14602362-183931#6-024680 Jimmy Mitchell  
20073A*9-53993043-18811514-2208110 Jimmy Mitchell  
20063A*5-62912370-1212214-2194103 Jimmy Mitchell  
20053A*6-52801540-1141915-119460 Jimmy Mitchell  
20043A*10-24091881-142421#5-022159 Jimmy Mitchell  
20033A*11-24021292-187491#5-016714 Jimmy Mitchell  
20023A*13-13361373-179411#6-017135 Jimmy Mitchell  
20013A*13-24671434-1100551#6-025129 Jimmy Mitchell  
20003A*12-14201451-129201#6-019153 Jimmy Mitchell  
19993A*6-531627412-4175134 Jimmy Mitchell  
19983A*5-621622712-467155 Jimmy Mitchell  
19973A*2-912926510-633165 Perry Murphy  
19963A*1-912837711-7121322 Perry Murphy  
19953A*4-621319514-4174153 Perry Murphy  
19944A*6-51881650-103915-2151103 Perry Murphy  
19934A*6-517120914-3120145 Perry Murphy  
19923A*3-715625813-4121165 Wayne Henry  
19913A*5-621726415-2157136 Wayne Henry  
19903A*4-514517612-26660 Wayne Henry  
19893A*7-42101541-1285113-16726 Hubert Tucker  
19883A*6-519820712-26084 Hubert Tucker  
19873A*7-41191210-17201#4-07323 Bob Pitner  
19863A*3-61142221 N1-34880 Bob Pitner  
19853A*2-815218411-8118177 Danny Patterson  
19844A*5-520614011-28166 Danny Patterson  
1983AA*8-331622012-2123127 Danny Patterson  
1982AA*5-514113211-33258 Danny Patterson  
1981AA*5-61481941 Danny Patterson  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*4-5-1166165Little 103-3-1127112 Carlos McComb  
1979*3-7-1242314Little 102-4-1134172 Carlos McComb  
1978*8-3269104Little 105-217948 Carlos McComb  
1977*8-416988Little 103-46141 Johnny Plummer  
1976*5-5133165Little 104-3102100 Johnny Plummer  
1975*8-3150108Little 104-310282 Johnny Plummer  
1974*8-214183Little 105-29675 Johnny Plummer  
1973*10-123549Little 10*6-113141 Johnny Plummer  
1972*8-0-119452Little 10*7-015446 Johnny Plummer  
1971AA*6-4176173Big 8 N4-394146 Johnny Plummer  
1970AA*7-4274278Big 8 N3-3122157 Johnny Plummer  
1969AA*3-7143266Big 8 N1-429186 Jack Frost  
1968AA*0-9-134287Big 8 N0-614185 Jack Frost  
1967AA*0-9-129291Big 8 N0-716219 Jack Frost  
1966AA*1-894245Big 8 N0-764214 Ray Long  
1965AA*4-696151Big 8 N2-533111 Ray Long  
1964AA*8-2216107Big 8 N6-2131107 Ray Long  
1963AA*8-0-322354Big 8 N5-0-214734 Ray Long  
1962AA*3-5-196108Big 8 N1-4-16294 Ray Long  
1961AA*2-867203Big 8 N0-640145 Bob Tyler  
1960AA*2-8-1125228Big 8 N0-514130 Leo Jones  
1959AA*0-9-125310Big 8 N0-619231 Leo Jones  
1958AA*4-791175Big 8 N1-632130 Harold Wesson  
1957AA*3-585168Big 8 N1-553149 Harold Wesson  
1956AA*4-4-2143173Big 8 N2-4-190143 Harold Wesson  
1955AA*9-1177112Big 8 N5-18772 Harold Wesson  
1954AA*4-5-1134172Big 81-563127 Harold Wesson  
1953AA*6-2-1213115Big 84-26869 Harold Wesson  
1952AA*9-0-128848Big 84-0-18626 Harold Wesson  
1951AA*4-6-1135226Big 8 N1-4-139147 Harold Wesson  
1950AA*1-1066353Big 8 N0-842275 W.S. Fowler  
1949AA*1-1099368Big 80-620241 W.S. Fowler  
1948AA*2-6-191154Big 80-425128 Roy Biggers  
1947AA*5-5124108Big 82-35060 Roy Biggers  
1946AA*8-1-223545Big 81-0-1280 Roy Biggers  
1945*9-229071Little 106-120939 Roy Biggers  
1944*7-1-123755Little 103-1-19434 Roy Biggers  
1943*10-0-123454Little 10*6-0-113542 Roy Biggers  
1942*6-2-113278Little 105-111252 Roy Biggers  
1941*1-8-153144Little 100-6-125109 Robert Thompson  
1940*4-4-29874Little 103-2-28539 Monette Butler  
1939*2-6-279179Little 102-4-173110 Cecil Meyers  
19384-4-116875Little 103-4-18675 Cecil Meyers  
1937*9-126318Little 105-115418 Cecil Meyers  
1936*6-37144Little 103-23438 Cecil Meyers  
19353-6-134124Little 101-57109 Cecil Meyers  
1934*4-4-178121Little 103-25857 Cecil Meyers  
1933*6-3-111476Little 103-26439 Cecil Meyers  
19321-24350Little 101-13725 Cecil Meyers  
1931*8-117437Little 103-18125 Cecil Meyers  
19301-12819 Cecil Meyers  
1929*6-216018 Cecil Meyers  
19281-85373 Cecil Meyers  
1927*8-018813 C.E. Russell  
19266-28140 C.E. Russell  
1925*8-120844 C.E. Russell  
1924*8-324769 C.E. Russell  
1923*7-128943 C.E. Russell  
19221-1-15319 C.E. Russell  
1921*5-215869 David Langston  
1919*4-4110101 Euclid R. Jobe  
1916*3-4-15784 E.H. Broome  
1915*1-35555 E.H. Broome  
19131-1187 Frank C. Jenkins  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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