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Cleveland Yearly Summary

Cleveland Wildcats
Cleveland High School

300 West Sunflower Road Cleveland, MS
Colors: Black & Gold

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20164A*6-62532471-1353933-112854 Kelly Causey  
20154A*6-53193280-1153432-211896 Kelly Causey  
20144A*12-25532412-1595434-120391 Kelly Causey  
20134A*9-63713653-113811233-2132142 Kelly Causey  
20124A*8-43682340-1232834-120795 Kelly Causey  
20114A*10-44182782-1851133#5-019056 Kelly Causey  
20104A*4-81772240-1103333-212639 Scott Eyster  
20094A*8-53162021-160473#5-017322 Greg Robinson  
20084A*8-32001620-18272#5-112495 Greg Robinson  
20074A*5-62042680-1124123-3114136 Greg Robinson  
20064A*4-62542510-1143423-3177144 Greg Robinson  
20054A*3-610319822-468141 Greg Robinson  
20043A*3-718120631-5101136 Mickey Sellers  
20033A*12-34732554-1152973#6-022786 Mickey Sellers  
20023A*5-62421930-1101844-217458 Mickey Sellers  
20013A*12-24161333-197514#6-024431 Mickey Sellers  
20004A*12-24232422-1794834-1173109 Mickey Sellers  
19994A*4-619121130-420123 Mickey Sellers  
19984A*8-329218333-211097 Mickey Sellers  
19974A*4-711723532-359127 Mickey Sellers  
19964A*8-42841390-181233-111734 Paul Downs  
19954A*7-4-12351570-174233-15934 Paul Downs  
19944A*8-43431670-173435-121059 Paul Downs  
19934A*6-523014233-315073 Paul Downs  
19924A*6-4-11691700-18333#5-011740 Paul Downs  
19914A*11-1-13301132-178563#5-012927 Paul Downs  
19904A*5-52401300-16932-17641 Paul Downs  
19894A*6-52881330-1142432-16828 Paul Downs  
19884A*9-2299971-114303#3-011119 Paul Downs  
19874A*6-41611300-16353#3-04818 Paul Downs  
19864A*5-61621730-17213#3-06119 Paul Downs  
19854A*7-43051550-113203#1-0420 Bill Matthews  
19844A*7-52971480-16373 S#2-07926 Bill Matthews  
1983AA*6-52082153 N1-376113 Bill Matthews  
1982AA*2-81012563 N0-333110 Bill Matthews  
1981AA*3-6832413 N0-21555 Bill Matthews  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*4-6151133Big 8 D2-36565 Bill Matthews  
1979AA*6-512992Big 8 D1-43072 Bill Matthews  
1978AA*1-980250Big 8 D0-536157 Bill Matthews  
1977AA*2-868249Big 8 D0-632175 Bill Matthews  
1976AA*3-777211Big 8 D1-424127 Bill Matthews  
1975AA*1-949278Big 8 D0-514154 Bill Matthews  
1974AA*4-6172215Big 8 D0-552166 Jimmy Warren  
1973*6-4232115 Jimmy Warren  
1972AA*4-5161199Big 8 N3-3101140 Jimmy Warren  
1971AA*5-4187137Big 8 N4-3140116 Jimmy Warren  
1970AA*1-8134305Big 8 N0-465150 Jimmy Warren  
1969*5-5167169Delta Valley5-2155104 Johnny Plummer  
1968*8-3225144Delta Valley5-2134101 Johnny Plummer  
1967*8-2296160Delta Valley7-2269148 Pete Wilson  
1966*7-2-1205121Delta Valley7-2198114 Pete Wilson  
1965*3-6-1113204Delta Valley3-5-1106165 Pete Wilson  
1964*8-225199Delta Valley7-223093 Pete Wilson  
1963*6-4-118093Delta Valley5-4-116793 Ray Whelan  
1962*5-6157129Delta Valley4-5130104 Ray Whelan  
1961*4-7171185Delta Valley3-6114151 Ray Whelan  
1960*3-6-1116166Delta Valley1-6-156146 Carlton Reid  
1959*6-3-1154111Delta Valley6-2-114784 Carlton Reid  
1958*7-2-1213102Delta Valley6-2-118296 Carlton Reid  
1957*6-4162130Delta Valley5-4149130 Carlton Reid  
1956*4-6-1146179Delta Valley4-5140160 Gene Meadows  
1955*1-8-1140246Delta Valley1-7-1134239 Gene Meadows  
1954*3-6-1102181Delta Valley3-5-195168 Gene Meadows  
1953*0-1064247Delta Valley0-857180 J.C. Bates  
1952*0-9-169358Delta Valley0-6-141213 Billy Mustin  
1951*9-0-122063Delta Valley6-0-117657 Billy Mustin  
1950*3-6128120Delta Valley1-56292 Wayne Renegar  
19493-311056Delta Valley1-24437 Wayne Renegar  
19481-558126Delta Valley0-33374   
19474-3-1106137 R.E. Cassibry  
19432-1637 Robert McGahey  
19421-11918 Robert McGahey  
19371-3-11257 John Abernathy  
19365-3126104 John Abernathy  
19352-35134 John Abernathy  
19341-3-22663 John Abernathy  
19332-0900 Beattie Murphree  
19320-2876 Beattie Murphree  
19312-3-13157 Beattie Murphree  
19300-1057 Beattie Murphree  
19290-1034 Beattie Murphree  
19250-1019 Wyndham  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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