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Charleston Yearly Summary

Charleston Tigers
Charleston High School

310 North Cossar Ave. Charleston, MS
Stadium: Tiger Stadium
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Don Taylor

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20232A0-0003 Don Taylor  
20222A*11-44782224-1166803#4-016843 Don Taylor  
20212A*9-43471633-1138583#4-013622 Don Taylor  
20202A*0-50530-505 Don Taylor  
20192A*10-53621723-1985034-116240 Scott Martin  
20183A*11-34061702-170143#5-017440 Scott Martin  
20173A*9-44002131-1663834-119481 Scott Martin  
20163A*13-35551894-1169482#5-021246 Scott Martin  
20153A*13-35781984-1202632#5-020756 Scott Martin  
20143A*12-35872484-1169852#5-025884 Scott Martin  
20133A*12-25221933-1147992#5-021036 Scott Martin  
20123A*14-26682224-1230753#5-022252 Tony Vance  
20113A*14-26221705-0216483#5-022929 Tony Vance  
20103A*11-2557851-182343#5-024420 Tony Vance  
20093A*13-14931012-1105283#5-021935 Tony Vance  
20083A*8-3330940-120334#6-022913 Tony Vance  
20073A*7-53441751-1576245-121346 Perry Liles  
20063A*9-42901812-1594844-215585 Perry Liles  
20053A*13-2503784-1131394#6-023212 Perry Liles  
20043A*12-24051243-162342#5-016940 Perry Liles  
20033A*7-43492170-1242723-2167139 Perry Liles  
20023A*9-2-1342831-1201035-120145 Perry Liles  
20013A*12-14371082-196413#6-021155 Jamie Mitchell  
20003A*7-524628333-383132 Jamie Mitchell  
19993A*4-716120230-654148 Jimmy Link  
19983A*6-523721834-3149140 Jimmy Link  
19973A*6-521115335-215382 Jimmy Link  
19963A*8-52441581-163663#6-013114 Jimmy Link  
19953A*7-4348920-10734-220464 Dean Wright  
19943A*6-3-121711522-311774 Dean Wright  
19933A*4-616423020-541194 Dean Wright  
19923A*5-615622334-3129119 Dean Wright  
19913A*7-42541780-1144236-120157 Dean Wright  
19903A*4-714830240-344137 Dean Wright  
19893A*9-43101562-1703742-15043 Dean Wright  
19883A*9-22551210-1163843-15440 Dean Wright  
19873A*3-78620040-420120 Mike Robinson  
19863A*6-4164942 S2-26148 Mike Robinson  
19853A*6-413513925-4115133 Mike Robinson  
19843A*2-88820322-676158 Clyde Robinson  
1983A*0-105521820-849176 Clyde Robinson  
1982A*2-78015022-568104 Clyde Robinson  
1981A*1-84225920-628181 Clyde Robinson  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*6-216979Tri-Lakes*3-06019 Clyde Robinson  
19792-792111Tri-Lakes1-22033 Clyde Robinson  
1978*6-218273Tri-Lakes3-212237 Clyde Robinson  
1977*8-219641Tri-Lakes6-214241 Clyde Robinson  
1976*5-3-115862Tri-Lakes5-315256 Clyde Robinson  
1975*9-2363110Tri-Lakes*8-029554 Clyde Robinson  
1974*9-023960Tri-Lakes*6-018134 Clyde Robinson  
1973*6-2-3213174 Clyde Robinson  
1972*4-6126114Delta Valley3-6118114 Clyde Robinson  
1971*4-5-1107149Delta Valley2-2-17667 F.E. Allegrezza  
1970*3-7108176Delta Valley3-480101 F.E. Allegrezza  
1969*3-7133199Delta Valley3-5119161 Dale Burt  
1968*3-7132217Delta Valley2-595179 Dale Burt  
1967*0-1052332Delta Valley0-852282 Dale Burt  
1966*2-898253Delta Valley2-677179 Charles Francis  
1965*4-4-191125Delta Valley3-3-17185 Harvey Foster  
1964*4-677192Delta Valley3-671192 Harvey Foster  
1963*7-2-2190111Delta Valley6-1-215087 J.C. Arban  
1962*8-227939Delta Valley7-222039 P.W. Underwood  
1961*6-3-216499Delta Valley4-3-213699 John Williams  
1960*9-220590Delta Valley6-214564 John Williams  
1959*9-124333Delta Valley*9-02437 Bob Dunaway  
1958*9-1-122646Delta Valley7-1-118546 Bob Dunaway  
1957*4-5-1134186Delta Valley3-4-1101154 Bob Dunaway  
1956*6-4188183Delta Valley3-4117156 John Woolly  
1955*7-4174174Delta Valley3-469130 John Woolly  
1954*2-8116169Delta Valley0-53492 John Woolly  
1953*5-4135166Delta Valley4-3104127 Mike Mihalic  
1952*4-6159184Delta Valley2-473126 Mike Mihalic  
1951*5-6-1168194Delta Valley1-33480 Mike Mihalic  
1950*10-030544Delta Valley4-011518 Mike Mihalic  
1949*3-7123182Delta Valley Mike Mihalic  
19481-4-13082Delta Valley0-2026 Al J. Oubre Jr.  
19471-3-11376 Al J. Oubre Jr.  
19449-017539 Cliff Ganus  
19386-17725 Lundy  
1936*5-3112107 Harvey Burnette  
1935*8-319194 Harvey Burnette  
1934*5-3-2163101 Harvey Burnette  
1933*4-4-3162101 Bill Brunson  
1932*9-0-132245 Bill Brunson  
19316-220927 Bill Brunson  
19307-1-113853 Bill Brunson  
19295-2-185107 Crawford  
19282-21257 Perkins  
19261-31849 W.W. Jewell  
19258-119145 W.W. Jewell  
1924*8-119418 W.W. Jewell  
19231-6-157155 W.W. Jewell  
19226-2-112524 Sumners  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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