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Caledonia Yearly Summary

Caledonia Cavaliers
Caledonia High School

111 Confederate Drive Caledonia, MS
Colors: Cardinal Red & White
Coach: Michael Kelly

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20234A*6-62573382-1417331-397172 Michael Kelly  
20224A*6-72842482-1615313-215378 Michael Kelly  
20214A*11-34862453-11127314-1208105 Michael Kelly  
20204A*3-62622520-1132622-3141138 Michael Kelly  
20194A*5-62863120-174822-3155152 Michael Kelly  
20184A*3-726931521-4143183 Michael Kelly  
20174A*0-108235920-531187 Ricky Kendrick  
20164A*5-63583440-1283442-3165179 Andy Crotwell  
20154A*5-521725941-486200 Andy Crotwell  
20144A*6-63333820-1144843-2118163 Andy Crotwell  
20134A*3-821732841-472144 Andy Crotwell  
20124A*4-727330740-586192 Ricky Kendrick  
20114A*4-717827241-451147 Ricky Kendrick  
20104A*1-108830841-455163 Ricky Kendrick  
20094A*0-103436340-512199 David Boykin  
20084A*1-95140440-613288 Jason Forrester  
20074A*3-714527741-573200 David Boykin  
20063A*3-721226421-4111157 David Boykin  
20053A*5-61762280-163223-28299 Jack Hankins  
20043A*6-51482070-163722-349106 Jack Hankins  
20033A*3-611821320-534153 Jack Hankins  
20023A*3-712524320-647180 Jack Hankins  
20013A*4-612428121-568229 Jack Hankins  
20003A*2-813136421-472205 Jack Hankins  
19993A*4-616127321-473183 Jack Hankins  
19983A*2-910329420-514156 Chris Chambless  
19973A*1-108139020-528227 James Reed  
19963A*0-117049710-864396 James Reed  
19953A*0-113657510-836430 James Reed  
19923A*1-109636120-638225 Larry Wright  
19913A*0-106141420-640263 Larry Wright  
19902A*2-89032822-463159 Larry Wright  
19892A*7-422115124-212768 Larry Wright  
19882A*4-711216323-36286 Larry Wright  
19872A*0-104732220-639181 Larry Wright  
19862A*3-61382114 N0-21248 Larry Wright  
19852A*5-51872074 E1-27194 Grady Prevost  
19842A*1-8422454 E0-4697 Grady Prevost  
1983BB*1-9192954 E1-3690 Grady Prevost  
1982A*5-51301874 N Grady Prevost  
1981Ind*4-61461880 Grady Prevost  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*5-6132136Ind Grady Prevost  
1979*2-8130206Ind Chuck Friend  
1978*6-5154100Ind Walter Denton  
1977*5-5169134Ind Mike Justice  
19763-4105164 Dwight Smith  
1975*4-5-1158203Parkway3-4-1146169 Stan Long  
1974*4-695112Parkway4-49566 Leo James  
1973*7-2-1275105Parkway6-1-125683 Stan Long  
1972*4-4186165Parkway4-4186165 Ted Talley  
19715-495124Ind William Bigham  
1970*7-3180131Ind Earnest Bigham  
1969*3-6100212Ind Earnest Bigham  
1968*2-770303Ind Marvell Morgan  
1967*4-6148165Ind Marvell Morgan  
19662-691192 Ganus Harrison  
19652-5-150179 Ganus Harrison  
19645-3106120Big Black2-0437 Ganus Harrison  
1963*2-763150Big Black1-43278 Ganus Harrison  
1962*6-2-1177103Big Black3-14944 Sanford Powell  
1961*4-585134Big Black2-24556 Sanford Powell  
1960*4-4-194127Big Black3-1-15543 Ira Smith  
19590-812223Big Black0-76196 Ira Smith  
19582-666220Big Black1-419114 Dale Darnell  
19572-552150Big Black2-452110 Dale Darnell  
19560-325111 Dale Darnell  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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