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Bruce Yearly Summary

Bruce Trojans
Bruce High School

430 East Countiss Street Bruce, MS
Stadium: Trojan Field
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Chuck Darbonne

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20242A0-0002 Chuck Darbonne  
20232A*6-53353830-1144221-274135 Chuck Darbonne  
20222A*1-97237120-412165 Jamaal Jackson  
20212A*0-73827420-419185 Jamaal Jackson  
20202A*2-79424120-414131 Jamaal Jackson  
20192A*4-82213390-1264221-338108 Clint Faust  
20182A*4-82033660-165511-37391 Clint Faust  
20172A*2-919845511-393163 Clint Faust  
20162A*4-82313190-163642-376156 Ken Chandler  
20152A*4-722031241-450196 James Ray  
20142A*5-82923322-1734841-399142 James Ray  
20132A*7-42512031-1435342-28787 James Ray  
20122A*11-45411733-1124641#4-123338 James Ray  
20112A*10-34671821-1581514-120875 James Ray  
20102A*4-82792670-1203512-312695 James Ray  
20092A*2-91853370-1123512-389119 James Ray  
20082A*7-42931710-163024-114755 James Ray  
20072A*9-33502141-1625624-113762 James Ray  
20062A*7-52442381-1495623-210967 James Ray  
20052A*6-53041780-132223-215590 Mark Grubbs  
20042A*11-23461142-161282#5-117653 Mark Grubbs  
20032A*10-2362971-147282#5-116240 Mark Grubbs  
20022A*4-619617422-411381 Mark Grubbs  
20012A*2-88726020-646189 Rudy Pope  
20002A*2-912732221-445123 Rudy Pope  
19992A*11-34301672-159502#5-021240 Phil Ferguson  
19982A*9-33061540-1131424-115746 Phil Ferguson  
19972A*7-73032802-1705423-210976 Phil Ferguson  
19962A*13-23851864-084592#5-114224 Phil Ferguson  
19952A*12-1297652-15062#5-113432 Phil Ferguson  
19942A*6-417912724-17528 Darrell Logan  
19932A*7-417718923-27463 Darrell Logan  
19922A*12-23281423-165212#6-017158 Darrell Logan  
19912A*11-33741463-1927225-120737 Dennis Robbins  
19903A*9-42732122-1503842-17673 Dennis Robbins  
19893A*4-615815741-22651 Mark Yarbrough  
19883A*7-417110041-35350 Mark Yarbrough  
19873A*7-320414242-28070 Darrell Logan  
19863A*7-31871192 S2-24761 Darrell Logan  
19853A*8-31738827-215669 Darrell Logan  
19843A*6-413911425-310887 Terry Allen  
1983A*8-31609626-213178 Terry Allen  
1982A*8-319111726-112773 Terry Allen  
1981A*8-223811325-115273 Terry Allen  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*2-769164Tri-Lakes1-21542 Terry Allen  
1979*10-1299115Tri-Lakes2-16145 Terry Allen  
1978*9-2290119Tri-Lakes*5-013231 Keith Steele  
1977*10-026361Tri-Lakes*8-024044 Keith Steele  
1976*7-4234125Tri-Lakes5-317189 Keith Steele  
1975*9-230494Tri-Lakes6-221882 Keith Steele  
1974*4-5224142Tri-Lakes3-5177129 Keith Steele  
1973*3-7175233Tri-Lakes3-4148136 Wilburn Murphree  
1972*4-7111235Tri-Lakes4-379129 Wilburn Murphree  
1971*0-1144355Little 100-826300 Dwight Robinson  
1970*1-958360Little 101-752292 Dwight Robinson  
19693-6100241Little 102-694241 J.V. Swindle  
19681-6-256160Little 101-5-249142 J.V. Swindle  
1967*0-975424Little 100-869391 J.V. Swindle  
1966*0-9-150168Little 100-7-144154 Walter Ahrens  
1965*3-7127212Little 101-789181 Walter Ahrens  
1964*0-8-159174Little 100-853168 Walter Ahrens  
1963*3-774179Little 101-734165 David Oakes  
1962*1-925355Little 100-812311 James Kelly  
19611-958303Little 100-832270 James Kelly  
1960*2-8119214Little 102-7105187 James Kelly  
1959*3-6-1144190Little 103-6125171 James Kelly  
1958*2-897187Little 101-858175 James Kelly  
19574-4154119Tombigbee1-01914 James Kelly  
19563-2-2162112 James Kelly  
19553-3124132 Paul Kitchens  
19543-6104206 Paul Kitchens  
19535-118945 Paul Kitchens  
19514-112532 Lawrence Matulich  
19503-17253 Lawrence Matulich  
1949*6-2-119264 Lawrence Matulich  
19480-2-11368 Roy F. Varnado  
1945*2-6-17571 C.A. Cox  
19440-5027 J.E. Cook  
19380-000 G.A. Greer  
19370-000 G.A. Greer  
19361-13219 A.H. Britt  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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