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Biloxi Yearly Summary

Biloxi Indians
Biloxi High School

P.O. Box 168 Biloxi, MS
Stadium: Yankie Stadium
Colors: Red & White
Coach: Katlan French

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20216A*3-720427042-5141185 Katlan French  
20206A*6-42511840-1345444-3152130 Katlan French  
20196A*8-42982150-103144-3175136 Katlan French  
20186A*4-718819442-599154 Katlan French  
20176A*3-822127043-4156163 Bobby Hall  
20166A*6-62573000-1133844-3178162 Bobby Hall  
20156A*3-815531140-781233 Bobby Hall  
20146A*3-829242540-7136282 John Shannon  
20136A*5-635035642-5188245 John Shannon  
20126A*6-54292320-1344944-3227114 John Shannon  
20116A*10-35302781-158444#7-0339128 John Shannon  
20106A*6-424822843-4177200 John Shannon  
20096A*3-815926840-796207 Steve Jones  
20085A*2-913738642-5110230 Steve Jones  
20075A*4-72503340-1213644-3203218 Steve Jones  
20065A*4-720623042-5122159 David Russell  
20055A*3-519416443-4178129 David Russell  
20045A*7-43012330-174246-2239167 David Russell  
20035A*3-715319342-5116162 David Russell  
20025A*4-611021643-487158 David Russell  
20015A*6-63352121-1326545-2223120 Mike Battles Sr.  
20005A*3-822627741-5119190 Mike Battles Sr.  
19995A*5-626222942-4118125 Mike Battles Sr.  
19985A*2-812728442-595198 Mike Battles Sr.  
19975A*8-43382471-1464745-3234185 John Williams  
19965A*8-318413744-3105104 John Williams  
19955A*6-522121644-3150148 John Williams  
19945A*5-621320342-5122152 John Williams  
19935A*6-614216043-468102 John Williams  
19925A*4-71071600-1142081-12426 John Williams  
19915A*4-614515580-22052 Danny Cowart  
19905A*8-32221030-1121672-14629 Danny Cowart  
19895A*3-717318571-26172 Larry Weems  
19885A*6-415915971-24062 Larry Weems  
19875A*2-815023571-24363 Larry Weems  
19865A*1-99423581-353114 Lum Wright Jr.  
19855A*0-105626580-532112 Lum Wright Jr.  
19845A*9-42391791-157378 S#2-13035 Lum Wright Jr.  
1983AA*5-41451378 N2-14648 Lum Wright Jr.  
1982AA*7-41701128 N1-24144 Joe Sabbatini  
1981AA*6-51861518 N2-26361 Joe Sabbatini  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*9-2241140Big 8 CO3-18971 Joe Sabbatini  
1979AA*3-7133142Big 8 CO1-34238 Joe Sabbatini  
1978AA*5-516398Big 8 CO1-34452 Joe Sabbatini  
1977AA*8-217950Big 8 CO3-14727 Joe Sabbatini  
1976AA*6-4162178Big 8 S3-281103 Joe Sabbatini  
1975AA*9-319590Big 8 CO5-010231 Joe Sabbatini  
1974AA*7-3158114Big 8 CO3-28671 Joe Sabbatini  
1973AA*8-314079Big 8 S5-37179 Joe Sabbatini  
1972AA*7-1-2255114Big 8 S5-1-2191108 Joe Sabbatini  
1971AA*7-2-130098Big 8 S5-2-121171 John Williams  
1970AA*7-3238128Big 8 S5-3150109 John Williams  
1969AA*7-3275117Big 8 S6-121762 John Williams  
1968AA*11-0388113Big 8 S*7-026360 John Williams  
1967AA*8-2-1324120Big 8 S5-016829 John Williams  
1966AA*8-1-121761Big 8 S4-111029 John Williams  
1965AA*8-3217119Big 8 S7-118477 John Williams  
1964AA*6-3-1204133Big 8 S5-2-1177107 John Williams  
1963AA*1-966287Big 8 S1-752240 W.D. Wiles  
1962AA*10-0-129491Big 8 S*7-0-116852 W.D. Wiles  
1961AA*7-3-114580Big 8 S5-311967 W.D. Wiles  
1960AA*2-847211Big 8 S1-725186 W.D. Wiles  
1959AA*8-3178130Big 8 S6-213299 W.D. Wiles  
1958AA*7-4268115Big 8 S6-220969 W.D. Wiles  
1957AA*8-2271106Big 8 S6-221673 W.D. Wiles  
1956AA*4-6-1148141Big 8 S3-5-1123115 W.D. Wiles  
1955AA*6-4156118Big 8 S5-4137112 W.D. Wiles  
1954AA*2-895143Big 81-770131 Charles Walsh  
1953AA*5-4-111876Big 82-4-13476 Charles Walsh  
1952AA*4-584154Big 82-440110 Charles Walsh  
1951AA*7-316493Big 8 S6-213860 Edgar Wright  
1950AA*2-7-174154Big 8 S1-6-158108 Edgar Wright  
1949AA*3-6-1110172Big 81-5-151158 Edgar Wright  
1948AA*5-6181139Big 82-685126 Willie Carter  
1947AA*2-6-168154Big 82-662148 Wayne T. Sandefur  
1946AA*7-4177109Big 85-4105109 J.L. Walker  
1945AA*3-5-1174158Big 80-418118 J.L. Walker  
1944AA*4-5115119Big 81-22954 Dase Davis  
1943AA*6-29937Big 81-11319 Dase Davis  
1942AA*5-3-112480Big 81-24739 Jess Alderman  
1941AA*5-4-112777Big 83-25638 A.D. Buck Brown  
1940AA*2-8-156208Big 81-344107 A.D. Buck Brown  
1939AA*5-5-2129103Big 83-13940 Engle May  
1938AA*5-3-211233Big 82-0-1190 Engle May  
1937AA*3-6-1141124Big 80-4-11893 Engle May  
1936AA*0-1019142Big 80-4635 Albert Rexinger  
1935AA*1-945260Big 80-712195 Albert Rexinger  
1934AA*2-8-164122Big 80-71876 Dick Hitt  
1933AA*4-65998Big 81-52070 Dick Hitt  
1932AA*3-5-27381Big 82-3-14950 Jesse Hair  
1931AA*5-317547Big 83-29734 Jesse Hair  
1930AA*9-02237Big 8*5-0890 T.L. Gaddy  
1929AA*6-1-29218Big 8*5-0-26612 T.L. Gaddy  
1928AA9-0-121018Big 8*4-0466 T.L. Gaddy  
1927AA*10-023912Big 83-0560 T.L. Gaddy  
1926AA*9-0-124213Big 82-0136 T.L. Gaddy  
19253-745122 T.L. Gaddy  
19242-4-17963 Allen L. Penglase  
1923*3-7104185 Allen L. Penglase  
19227-214445 Allen L. Penglase  
1921*4-2-318771 Allen L. Penglase  
19081-0246 Cleveland Huggins  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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