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Amory Yearly Summary

Amory Panthers
Amory High School

1006 Sam Haskell Circle Amory, MS
Stadium: Longenecker Field
Colors: Black & Old Gold
Coach: Brooks Dampeer

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20234A*9-23281321-1313713-112647 Brooks Dampeer  
20223A*12-25591973-1168934#4-019548 Brooks Dampeer  
20213A*10-44502314-1152704#4-015736 Brooks Dampeer  
20203A*9-23452111-162711#5-016162 Allen Glenn  
20193A*8-44182620-1242614-1212104 Allen Glenn  
20184A*5-73154340-1284522-3127204 Allen Glenn  
20174A*4-83283030-1264822-3142109 Allen Glenn  
20164A*11-34403112-1628315-0216104 Allen Glenn  
20154A*5-72593610-1104113-2145142 Ben Ashley  
20144A*6-63193200-163113-2162150 Ben Ashley  
20134A*4-715427112-369133 Ben Ashley  
20124A*9-34292340-1242614-118398 Trent Hammond  
20114A*11-45003073-11471061#4-119682 Trent Hammond  
20104A*3-91753660-171441-485183 Trent Hammond  
20094A*3-91343030-102543-28985 Pat Byrd  
20083A*6-62522751-1655124-2136101 Pat Byrd  
20073A*3-82423280-1142822-4141185 Pat Byrd  
20063A*7-53002481-1464824-114281 Pat Byrd  
20053A*9-43312412-140642#5-020044 Pat Byrd  
20044A*4-72571810-162013-3186108 Pat Byrd  
20034A*8-33121220-172015-122667 Pat Byrd  
20023A*10-54012304-1989125-123873 Pat Byrd  
20013A*7-52521861-1483724-216590 Pat Byrd  
20003A*9-52981912-1543724-116362 Pat Byrd  
19993A*11-34542322-1645224-121277 Bobby Hall  
19983A*15-05911654-0148512#6-024059 Bobby Hall  
19973A*11-24661781-155332#5-028663 Bobby Hall  
19963A*10-145815717-1356143 Bobby Hall  
19953A*15-07281084-0153441#9-045777 Bobby Hall  
19943A*15-06141864-0168841#7-030391 Bobby Hall  
19933A*9-23041360-114201#6-019382 Bobby Hall  
19923A*5-518515423-315377 Andy Greening  
19913A*5-515815523-39493 Andy Greening  
19903A*10-43471423-11074724-112658 Andy Greening  
19893A*12-1479902-1117392#5-024337 Bobby Hall  
19883A*13-2495904-1147302#4-015414 Bobby Hall  
19873A*12-34312324-1105822#4-014645 Bobby Hall  
19863A*9-33091771-128171 S#4-013966 Bobby Hall  
19853A*8-326519118-1252143 Bobby Hall  
19843A*5-520223214-4169177 Bobby Hall  
1983A*3-719026613-5156193 Keith Steele  
1982A*2-713519410-33977 Keith Steele  
1981AA*6-31751071 Keith Steele  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*9-2221111Little 10*6-116072 Keith Steele  
1979*3-6-1145198Little 102-4-1122145 Keith Steele  
1978*4-6114186Little 103-493132 Jerry Lyons  
1977*6-412187Little 105-28635 Jerry Lyons  
1976*5-5167108Little 105-213152 Jerry Lyons  
1975*3-795136Little 102-56895 Jerry Lyons  
1974*3-7161260Little 103-4127167 Jerry Lyons  
1973*1-6-245143Little 101-5-139120 Jerry Lyons  
1972*5-412379Little 104-310759 Jerry Lyons  
1971*7-4225111Little 106-219344 Jerry Lyons  
1970*9-1257104Little 107-123197 Jerry Lyons  
1969*5-5169174Little 104-4155146 Bill Reeder  
1968*5-4-2182155Little 104-2-213997 Jim Walden  
1967*8-3220115Little 107-118265 Jim Walden  
1966*3-7100159Little 103-510097 Jim Walden  
1965*0-977222Little 100-870207 Jim Walden  
1964*2-754168Little 102-648142 Jim Walden  
1963*2-862261Little 102-656195 Doug Brown  
1962*6-216481Little 106-216481 Doug Brown  
1961*9-031669Little 10*8-027769 Doug Brown  
1960*6-3-112151Little 105-3-111551 Doug Brown  
1959*7-213374Little 107-213374 Doug Brown  
1958*4-54583Little 104-54583 Doug Brown  
1957*1-8-159198Little 101-752160 Jim Ingram  
1956*0-1174286Little 100-856221 Melvin Waters  
1955*1-954306Little 100-834247 Melvin Waters  
1954*6-4165166Little 105-3132112 Murphy Lowther  
1953*5-5169132Little 104-311790 Murphy Lowther  
1952*4-7185156Little 104-4167103 Tommy Owens  
1951*10-024944Little 10*9-023538 Tommy Owens  
1950*8-1-127275Little 106-1-123869 Tommy Owens  
1949*4-680169Little 102-534129 Tommy Owens  
1948*3-898156Little 102-558102 James Baughn  
1947*9-2289105Little 10*7-021633 Melvin Hemphill  
1946*10-138370Little 10*7-026732 Melvin Hemphill  
1945*6-5221142Little 104-313077 Faye Reid  
1944*9-240769Little 105-218651 Faye Reid  
1943*11-238767Little 107-119439 Faye Reid  
1942*5-685187Little 103-351132 Faye Reid  
1941*2-9-190275Little 100-620171 Earl Hutson  
1940*9-231162Little 106-219350 Earl Hutson  
1939*10-225246Little 10*7-117338 Earl Hutson  
1938*6-4167107Little 105-4147107 Earl Hutson  
1937*5-5178108Little 104-5159108 Robert Thompson  
1936*10-225640Little 107-218340 John Read  
1935*8-2-114878Little 106-1-18060 John Read  
1934*5-5107174Little 102-532167 John Read  
1933*6-3-113650Little 103-2-19337 H.C. Jenkins  
19327-225654Little 104-114820 H.C. Jenkins  
1931*8-023649Little 10*6-018330 H.C. Jenkins  
19303-56266 H.C. Jenkins  
19292-463107 H.C. Jenkins  
1928*10-1233101 H.C. Jenkins  
1927*5-210988 H.C. Jenkins  
19256-0-21343 Arthur Scruggs  
19241-12442 Arthur Scruggs  
19230-1033 Arthur Scruggs  
1922*4-0807 Arthur Scruggs  
1921*2-26870 Arthur Scruggs  
19200-000 Arthur Scruggs  
1919*2-0-1606 Arthur Scruggs  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us to submit corrections and new information.