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Wingfield Yearly Summary

Wingfield Falcons
Wingfield High School

1985 Scanlon Drive Jackson, MS
Colors: Royal & Gold
Coach: Andrew Watson

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20244A0-0006 Andrew Watson  
20234A*1-920240860-452153 Andrew Watson  
20224A*0-910437860-560249 Andrew Watson  
20214A*0-83233360-518202 Corby Jacobs  
20205A*0-50530-505 No Team/Covid  
20195A*1-1116441731-695235 Joel Sinclair  
20185A*0-1215143230-796281 Joel Sinclair  
20175A*2-913638031-694273 Joel Sinclair  
20165A*7-53854080-1306333-4174256 Joel Sinclair  
20155A*1-1020842330-7119306 Joel Sinclair  
20145A*1-1016547830-777329 Terrell Johnson  
20135A*3-924540431-6168331 Jeff Gibson  
20125A*0-1110643830-774312 Jeff Gibson  
20115A*0-118940530-764283 Veron Perry  
20106A*3-814730731-679199 Joel Sinclair  
20096A*0-1113642330-788289 Joel Sinclair  
20085A*1-1013142730-748298 Joel Sinclair  
20075A*5-72042470-1143933-4121157 Charles Foley  
20065A*6-421415733-4115143 Charles Foley  
20055A*2-714224631-6123228 Charles Foley  
20044A*2-88023361-540149 Charles Foley  
20034A*1-98234760-653242 Charles Foley  
20024A*1-94631841-525208 Charles Foley  
20014A*2-89723741-549156 Jeff Morrow  
20004A*8-42701920-163545-2168122 Jeff Morrow  
19994A*4-716628643-495172 David Tadlock  
19984A*1-98228940-526192 David Tadlock  
19964A*3-816422542-5108141 Dan Fails  
19954A*4-719732243-4143209 Dan Fails  
19914A*4-614219943-4104145 John Williams  
19904A*3-711225942-26197 Bobby Barrett  
19894A*3-715023442-26186 Bobby Barrett  
19885A*4-612222342-23177 Bobby Barrett  
19875A*5-526624341-393100 Bobby Barrett  
19865A*5-513910261-24445 Bobby Barrett  
19855A*7-32151566 S1-13966 Bobby Barrett  
19845A*5-51241576 S2-35995 Bobby Barrett  
1983AA*2-81002456 S2-563134 Bobby Barrett  
1982AA*4-61481946 S3-2103119 Bobby Barrett  
1981Ind*4-620318400-126 Bobby Barrett  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*4-558112Big 8 CA3-02813 Ronnie Channell  
1979AA*4-665115Big 8 CA2-23338 Bobby Barrett  
1978AA*5-5106135Big 8 CA3-36998 John W. Kennedy  
1977AA*5-5121122Big 8 CA2-37358 Ennis Proctor  
1976AA*1-979161Big 8 CA1-555114 Ennis Proctor  
1975AA*4-6107129Big 8 CA4-29762 Ennis Proctor  
1974AA*0-1074255Big 8 CA0-647173 Ennis Proctor  
1973AA*4-6132200Big 8 C4-6132200 Ennis Proctor  
1972AA*3-6-1129143Big 8 C3-6-1129143 Ennis Proctor  
1971AA*8-2200125Big 8 C7-2173117 Ennis Proctor  
1970AA*7-3-1233114Big 8 C6-2-119481 Ennis Proctor  
1969AA*5-5191160Big 8 C4-5170152 Glyn Slay  
1968AA*8-225056Big 8 S4-114720 A.J. Kilpatrick  
1967AA*6-2-217581Big 8 S5-012734 A.J. Kilpatrick  
1966AA*0-9-195342Big 8 S0-650219 A.J. Kilpatrick  

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