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Natchez Yearly Summary

Natchez Bulldogs
Natchez High School

319 Sgt. Prentiss Drive Natchez, MS
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Randy Craft

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20215A*5-625129032-5162244 Randy Craft  
20205A*5-521325333-4113171 Randy Craft  
20195A*4-727337432-5167254 Roy Rigsby  
20185A*7-52383490-185534-3150206 Roy Rigsby  
20175A*6-532827033-4188202 Roy Rigsby  
20165A*1-1019840030-7127283 Roy Rigsby  
20155A*4-72353530-175233-4154220 Henry Garner  
20145A*5-633136932-5224280 Lance Reed  
20135A*4-735039532-5227304 Lance Reed  
20126A*7-431525834-3220210 Lance Reed  
20116A*6-517424932-579207 Lance Reed  
20106A*9-33762020-1273835-2231133 Lance Reed  
20096A*9-43843221-1314935-2217197 Lance Reed  
20085A*7-53092781-1405634-3173173 Lance Reed  
20075A*5-632532033-4223203 Lance Reed  
20065A*6-528323832-5123177 Lance Reed  
20055A*5-527323733-4143167 Lance Reed  
20045A*1-1021154730-7142340 Lance Reed  
20035A*1-107840530-746318 James Denson  
20025A*0-1111540230-778265 James Denson  
20015A*1-95629831-650200 James Denson  
20005A*3-822436932-5144271 Elbert Lyles  
19995A*2-912335431-684194 Elbert Lyles  
19985A*3-816227332-6134206 Elbert Lyles  
19975A*11-34442752-176753#7-1252143 Robert Raines  
19965A*4-724725432-5151171 Robert Raines  
19955A*9-32901330-13735-2170106 Robert Raines  
19945A*4-718321432-5118150 Robert Raines  
19935A*2-814223830-771183 Tom Williams  
19925A*2-810026460-33297 Tom Williams  
19915A*1-94730560-3672 Chris Calcote  
19905A*5-518314661-27255 Chris Calcote  
19895A*7-3105950-102862-13341 Chris Calcote  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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