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McComb Yearly Summary

McComb Tigers
McComb High School

310 Seventh Street McComb, MS
Stadium: C.C. Moore Stadium
Colors: Dark Green & Gold
Coach: Alden Foster

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20244A0-0006 Alden Foster  
20234A*11-1521951-180356#4-020114 Alden Foster  
20224A*9-23171350-1214265-018554 Alden Foster  
20214A*5-52181351-1464164-115261 Willie Brown  
20204A*7-32111371-1403164-19260 Willie Brown  
20194A*6-424114062-310287 Willie Brown  
20184A*4-62422550-183563-2172127 Willie Brown  
20174A*4-72592970-173564-114764 Jeffery Gibson  
20164A*6-54182950-1303664-121869 Jeffery Gibson  
20154A*8-33411850-1202164-118390 Malcolm Jones  
20144A*7-43212630-17287#4-1189122 Malcolm Jones  
20134A*6-53392130-171573-219591 Malcolm Jones  
20125A*8-32982370-1185235-2200144 Malcolm Jones  
20115A*6-51941830-163534-3115122 Malcolm Jones  
20105A*4-721631931-691237 Malcolm Jones  
20095A*3-816725032-596154 Malcolm Jones  
20084A*3-721326462-4181146 Randy Martin.  
20074A*7-42481840-1202164-2142100 Randy Martin.  
20064A*8-33151471-1454064-117058 Randy Martin.  
20054A*5-62592721-1474263-3158133 Randy Martin.  
20044A*1-99727261-575186 Ted Milton  
20034A*6-52452580-1214563-3164151 Ted Milton  
20024A*8-32911710-161465-118589 Ted Milton  
20014A*7-42321310-1131465-117763 Ted Milton  
20004A*13-13791174-080136#5-017937 Lee Bramlett  
19994A*6-418413963-211869 Lee Bramlett  
19984A*4-622519464-4190145 Lee Bramlett  
19974A*7-430414766-225389 Lee Bramlett  
19964A*10-33141401-124136#6-017168 Lee Bramlett  
19954A*9-52791803-1675965-114746 Lee Bramlett  
19944A*12-1350842-140476#6-119648 Lee Bramlett  
19934A*9-23701310-172165-122972 Lee Bramlett  
19924A*8-53081842-1796275-118037 Lee Bramlett  
19914A*6-426115574-216986 Lee Bramlett  
19904A*3-72132540-171271-14821 Chester Bergalowski  
19894A*2-81081820-1101771-12826 Chester Bergalowski  
19885A*3-712219662-27055 Chester Bergalowski  
19875A*5-613224762-257103 Chester Bergalowski  
19864A*8-22078672-18321 Chester Bergalowski  
19854A*8-42471511-141427#3-08716 Chester Bergalowski  
19844A*10-33071253-077427#3-010120 Chester Bergalowski  
1983AA*5-516314871-327103 Chester Bergalowski  
1982AA*5-513913773-27865 Chester Bergalowski  
1981AA*6-41721047 N2-13827 Chester Bergalowski  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*6-5118115Big 8 C3-36669 Chester Bergalowski  
1979AA*2-861177Big 8 C1-519118 George Blair  
1978AA*2-8108262Big 8 C1-556194 Wally Bumpas  
1977AA*5-5140147Big 8 C3-38176 Wally Bumpas  
1976AA*3-8123152Big 8 C2-46155 Wally Bumpas  
1975AA*8-2-115980Big 8 C6-010734 Wally Bumpas  
1974AA*1-9125247Big 8 C0-680175 Wally Bumpas  
1973AA*2-7-269224Big 8 C2-7-269224 Wally Bumpas  
1972AA*3-7112128Big 8 C3-7112128 J.W. Beck  
1971AA*4-5-1108130Big 8 C3-5-194124 J.W. Beck  
1970AA*2-8119193Big 8 C2-798164 Jimmy Robertson  
1969AA*7-3246106Big 8 C6-320493 Frank Halbert  
1968AA*1-8-1152150Big 8 S0-5-19374 Frank Halbert  
1967AA*4-5-1126164Big 8 S4-5-1126164 Frank Halbert  
1966AA*6-3-1166117Big 8 S6-3-1166117 Frank Halbert  
1965AA*8-3209121Big 8 S7-2177100 Frank Halbert  
1964AA*1-8-163197Big 8 S1-7-163176 Claude Harrison  
1963AA*3-6-1110155Big 8 S3-5-1110138 Claude Harrison  
1962AA*5-4-1188132Big 8 S4-3-116999 Calvin Triplett  
1961AA*6-4170164Big 8 S4-4127151 Calvin Triplett  
1960AA*5-5162151Big 8 S4-4128117 Calvin Triplett  
1959AA*8-3207103Big 8 S6-317396 Calvin Triplett  
1958AA*8-2175140Big 8 S7-2155133 Calvin Triplett  
1957AA*4-6128189Big 8 S3-5108170 Calvin Triplett  
1956AA*9-2252139Big 8 S*7-1207114 Calvin Triplett  
1955AA*6-4140111Big 8 S4-36873 Melvin Hemphill  
1954AA*6-3-1151124Big 85-212572 Melvin Hemphill  
1953AA*2-858210Big 82-552143 Melvin Hemphill  
1952AA*4-6128135Big 83-410887 Melvin Hemphill  
1951AA*6-4179166Big 8 S4-4120147 Melvin Hemphill  
1950AA*5-5131158Big 8 S5-3131100 Sammy Bartling  
1949AA*6-4-1220213Big 85-4181195 Sammy Bartling  
1948AA*10-129285Big 8*9-024566 Sammy Bartling  
1947AA*5-6-1143124Big 84-4-113097 Sammy Bartling  
1946AA*10-0-13216Big 8*7-0-12170 Thomas Binion  
1945AA*8-326559Big 85-217321 Thomas Binion  
1944AA*10-2388112Big 8*8-028453 Charles Moore.  
1943AA*3-5-185116Big 81-3-12797 Charles Moore.  
1942AA*9-2-120979Big 85-1-111020 Charles Moore.  
1941AA*12-039457Big 8*6-022219 Charles Moore.  
1940AA*11-128639Big 87-116325 Charles Moore.  
1939AA*10-126360Big 86-111347 Charles Moore.  
1938AA*11-0-128919Big 85-0-1986 Charles Moore.  
1937AA*7-2-2168104Big 85-111566 Charles Moore.  
1936AA*6-4-124687Big 83-2-19545 Charles Moore.  
1935AA*6-3-216451Big 83-3-15132 Charles Moore.  
1934AA*7-27038Big 85-25238 George McGowan  
1933AA*5-310246Big 84-38246 George McGowan  
1932AA*4-3-113948Big 83-3-15048 George McGowan  
1931AA*6-4160111Big 83-494105 George McGowan  
1930AA5-461110Big 82-428103 George McGowan  
1929AA6-210327Big 82-21815 George McGowan  
1928AA*6-1-113114Big 83-1397 George McGowan  
1927AA*3-3-212357Big 8 George McGowan  
1926AA0-86102Big 80-5073   
1921*1-2-12518 D.L. Blackwelder  
19202-11914 Frank Lee  
19121-01412 Frank Lee  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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