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Hazlehurst Yearly Summary

Hazlehurst Indians
Hazlehurst High School

101 South Haley Street Hazlehurst, MS
Colors: Maroon & White
Coach: Damian Gary

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20243A0-0006 Damian Gary  
20233A*4-612218661-34892 Damian Gary  
20223A*12-24891683-1967564-122673 Damian Gary  
20213A*5-42331431-1564863-215780 Damian Gary  
20203A*6-41511321-134227#4-07320 Damian Gary  
20193A*4-73323400-164873-115188 Damian Gary  
20183A*2-91943980-1245072-29685 Todd McDaniel  
20173A*11-33832623-1135877#4-012477 Todd McDaniel  
20163A*12-14981672-1102497#5-020066 Todd McDaniel  
20153A*12-14621442-164127#5-017455 Todd McDaniel  
20143A*4-72403710-1204673-2156120 Todd McDaniel  
20133A*14-25422634-1166827#5-0247109 Randal Montgomery  
20123A*16-05762845-01921007#5-0198108 Randal Montgomery  
20113A*13-24502144-11341017#5-016455 Randal Montgomery  
20103A*10-33432052-1484474-1165111 Todd McDaniel  
20093A*7-52982380-1142872-3117116 Todd McDaniel  
20083A*8-33721491-180556#6-024048 Todd McDaniel  
20073A*5-62212010-134466#5-117370 Vernon Perry  
20063A*10-34932703-11097965-1273123 Vernon Perry  
20053A*13-0495705-0133486#6-02928 Willie Brown  
20043A*10-2336942-188167#6-017644 Willie Brown  
20033A*9-33041982-1747775-114297 Willie Brown  
20023A*9-33071381-148287#5-113855 Willie Brown  
20013A*4-62142040-183473-3146113 Willie Brown  
20003A*6-517814061-559103 Willie Brown  
19993A*1-1011431260-656200 Willie Brown  
19983A*9-33481780-1243065-119089 Willie Brown  
19973A*8-336023564-2213133 Emanuel Bridges  
19963A*5-5-142635062-3198117 Emanuel Bridges  
19953A*8-335816763-214476 Emanuel Bridges  
19943A*7-435415573-315393 Emanuel Bridges  
19933A*4-712325872-461155 Emanuel Bridges  
19923A*1-911636970-676216 Emanuel Bridges  
19913A*0-106839870-668223 Mikell Williams  
19903A*2-771275132-35197 Randall Huffman  
19893A*6-42912370-1164913#5-021196 Randall Huffman  
19883A*7-32411750-1143713#2-06113 Randall Huffman  
19873A*0-955244130-31370 Randall Huffman  
19863A*4-61041697 W2-24042 Randall Huffman  
19853A*6-42151567 W3-110770 Randall Huffman  
19843A*4-61341787 N2-27665 Randall Huffman  
1983A*8-32661307 N#4-013244 Randall Huffman  
1982A*6-2108627 W1-13414 Paul Dancsisin  
1981A*4-4866371-21934 Paul Dancsisin  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*0-1062349Little Dixie0-638228   
1979*4-7185253Little Dixie2-454122   
1978*4-6122212Little Dixie2-467138 Mason Denham  
1977*5-4147150Little Dixie1-34281 Mason Denham  
19765-3179151Little Dixie3-3128137 Mason Denham  
1975*1-952252Little Dixie1-634183 Mason Denham  
1974*3-793224Little Dixie2-560166 Mason Denham  
1973*4-689221Little Dixie2-558180 Mason Denham  
1972*1-944237Little Dixie1-632170 Mason Denham  
1971*3-762216Little Dixie3-456137 Mason Denham  
1970*3-6-187123Little Dixie2-4-14573 Emmett Smith  
1969*5-4-1106113Little Dixie4-37893 Emmett Smith  
19685-4170161Little Dixie3-397128 Emmett Smith  
1967*2-6-2144195Little Dixie1-3-15771 Emmett Smith  
1966*5-5185122Little Dixie1-445102 Charles Callaway  
1965*6-4118126Little Dixie4-17960 Charles Callaway  
1964*3-6-187106Little Dixie1-3-13159 Charles Callaway  
1963*4-6115179Little Dixie1-432146 Charles Callaway  
1962*6-4165137Little Dixie3-3105105 Ronald Bennett  
1961*5-5152169Little Dixie2-479123 Ronald Bennett  
1960*6-3-1217128Little Dixie3-2-110387 Ronald Bennett  
1959*1-967270Little Dixie0-645178 Ronald Bennett  
1958*2-865216Little Dixie2-445129 Dale Brasher  
1957*5-592139Little Dixie3-47295 Mercer Miller  
1956*9-123838Little Dixie4-112232 Mercer Miller  
1955*5-5-1134158Little Dixie4-3-110781 Shag Pyron  
1954*2-6-3109157Little Dixie2-3-28991 Shag Pyron  
1953*1-1041220Little Dixie1-523126 Charles Martin  
1952*0-1137283Little Dixie0-631142 J.R. McPhearson  
1951*6-4176154 R.G. Shows  
1950*4-6-1119172 R.G. Shows  
19493-5-180187 R.G. Shows  
19482-772185 R.G. Shows  
19476-115472 R.G. Shows  
1946*3-1-313360 R.G. Shows  
19425-2-116240 Henry L. Stone  
19394-3-17967 J.J. Turner  
19367-119033 Robert L. Therrell  
1935*4-7158243 Robert L. Therrell  
19342-1-17224 Robert L. Therrell  
19333-0-210131 Robert L. Therrell  
19324-2-118941 Robert L. Therrell  
19317-222649 Robert L. Therrell  
19303-46283 Robert L. Therrell  
19291-0130 Robert L. Therrell  
19281-32551 Robert L. Therrell  
1927*7-315464 Robert L. Therrell  
19262-1207 Robert L. Therrell  
1925*7-211839 L. Purser Hewitt  
1917*0-0-166 M.B. Nesmith  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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