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Cathedral Yearly Summary

Cathedral Green Wave
Cathedral High School

701 Martin Luther King Drive Natchez, MS
Colors: Green & White
Coach: Josh Loy

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
2024MAIS-5A*0-0003 Josh Loy  
2023MAIS-5A*2-826435531-4116181 Josh Loy  
2022MAIS-5A*3-722833730-460149 Chuck Darbonne  
2021MAIS-5A*4-72673320-163431-392132 Chuck Darbonne  
2020MAIS-4A*10-24081931-1554442-18661 Chuck Darbonne  
2019MAIS-4A*7-53972971-1584442-214299 Chuck Darbonne  
2018MAIS-AAA*4-72283190-164051-25487 Chuck Darbonne  
2017MAIS-AAA*5-62753480-1143451-247100 Chuck Darbonne  
2016MAIS-AAA*3-81853640-1165941-360138 Chuck Darbonne  
2015MAIS-AAA*9-33581861-1423943-113663 Ron Rushing  
20141A*14-15872904-0168604#8-0316148 Ron Rushing  
20131A*8-444233246-3360236 Ron Rushing  
20121A*7-42671940-1405146-3185130 Ron Rushing  
20111A*12-26123072-1115814#8-1396213 Ron Rushing  
20101A*10-34022521-137414#6-1199106 Ron Rushing  
20091A*4-71711830-172744-3152102 Craig Beesley  
20081A*5-528129945-5281299 Craig Beesley  
20071A*4-626030344-6260303 Craig Beesley  
20061A*7-43332690-1224847-2304209 Ken Beesley  
20051A*3-721728542-7188273 Ken Beesley  
20041A*5-61833060-164245-4177233 Ken Beesley  
20031A*7-43723200-1245646-3313257 Ken Beesley  
20021A*6-424617245-4207137 Ken Beesley  
20011A*3-717126542-6144198 Ken Beesley  
20002A*2-718118061-410995 Ken Beesley  
19992A*5-417123762-382150 Ken Beesley  
19981A*8-33241730-171473-111961 Ken Beesley  
19971A*10-33622472-141567#4-014277 Ken Beesley  
19961A*9-2299720-10117#4-013637 Ken Beesley  
19951A*8-31841460-103473-17756 Ken Beesley  
19941A*8-42261531-1302173-19248 Ken Beesley  
19931A*12-24022563-1109717#4-010238 Ken Beesley  
19921A*9-32892211-1365973-110485 Ken Beesley  
19911A*9-2259930-112167#4-09728 Ken Beesley  
19901A*7-418721972-271104 Ken Beesley  
19891A*2-85922470-4791 Ken Beesley  
19881A*7-321313072-26176 Ken Beesley  
19871A*4-518919972-210475 Ken Beesley  
19861A*10-14071427 W2-19161 Ken Beesley  
19851A*10-23551660-18337 W#3-012754 Ken Beesley  
19841A*6-41731767 W1-23257 Ken Beesley  
1983B*10-2291971-12777#8-021064 Ken Beesley  
1982B*9-22641050-10367#7-117469 Ken Beesley  
1981B*8-325016576-2193112 Ken Beesley  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*10-2289176Ind Ken Beesley  
1979*6-5216182Ind Ken Beesley  
1978*4-6-1144165Ind Ken Beesley  
1977*10-131373Ind Bobby Marks  
1976*2-868193Ind Roy Garcia  
1975*5-5124167Ind Roy Garcia  
1974*3-795166Ind Roy Garcia  
1973*9-123170Ind Roy Garcia  
1972*4-4144137Ind Roy Garcia  
1971*5-3-1141121Ind Jim Eidt  
1970*3-668203Ind Jim Eidt  
1969*9-1196108Magnolia*5-09234 Jim Eidt  
1968*3-556120Magnolia2-33753 Jim Eidt  
1967*1-7-171308Magnolia1-3-159179 Jim Eidt  
1966*1-8100290Magnolia0-443155 Daley Williard  
1965*3-5-166168Magnolia2-1-14055 Jim Eidt  
1964*2-6-261124 Jim Eidt  
1963*7-3-1202100Tangipahoa4-2-110773 Don Alonzo  
1962*5-5188117Tangipahoa3-311467 Don Alonzo  
1961*6-2-1152105Tangipahoa5-1-113461 Don Alonzo  
1960*1-7-271197Tangipahoa1-5-264160 Don Alonzo  
1959*1-858215Tangipahoa1-646168 Don Alonzo  
1958*4-597145Tangipahoa3-37481 Don Alonzo  
1957*5-5142138Tangipahoa3-26955 Don Alonzo  
1956*7-3197144 Don Alonzo  
1955*6-4220164 Don Alonzo  
1954*7-3282143 Don Alonzo  
1953*8-2220151 Don Alonzo  
1952*9-1-133586 David Bridges  
1951*5-5181166 David Bridges  
1950*3-5109167 David Bridges  
1949*3-667113 C.J. Beauvais  
1948*2-672191 Carson Green  
1947*5-3177130 Carson Green  
1946*4-5119128 Carson Green  
1945      No Team
1944      No Team
1943      No Team
1942      No Team
1941*7-3163106 Billy Priester  
1940*4-673169 Billy Priester  
1939*4-545109 Couillard Quegles  
1938*2-865325 Couillard Quegles  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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