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Alabama High School Sports

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2013 State Championship Teams.

AISA-AAA Tuscaloosa Academy Patrick Jones (38-7)  2-1  Lee-Scott Academy
AISA-AA Coosa Valley Academy Tyler Dent (22-12)  2-0  Lowndes Academy
AISA-A Edgewood Academy Bobby Carr (44-3)  2-0  Lakeside
6A Pelham Sean Anderson (28-13)  2-0  Hewitt-Trussville
5A Hartselle William Booth (44-15)  2-0  Spanish Fort
4A Charles Henderson Derek Irons (40-3)  2-0  Brooks
3A Trinity Ken Whittle (33-8)  2-0  Mars Hill
2A G.W. Long Drew Miller (32-8)  2-0  Westbrook Christian
1A St. Lukes Tim Becker (32-8)  2-0  Shoals Christian

 Boys Basketball 
AISA-AAA Glenwood School Dusty Perdue    51-44  Lee-Scott Academy
AISA-AA East Memorial Christian Scott Phillips    58-38  Eastwood Christian
AISA-A Ashford Academy Mack Williams    58-37  Abbeville Christian
6A Mountain Brook Bucky McMillan (30-6)  74-53  Sparkman
5A Wenonah Cedric Lane (34-2)  75-60  Center Point
4A Madison County William Webster (26-5)  28-25  J.O. Johnson
3A Madison Academy Andy Blackston (23-12)  54-47  Southside Selma
2A Tanner Chris Whitt (29-4)  61-45  Lafayette
1A St. Jude Earl Taylor (23-10)  57-56  Brantley

 Boys Cross Country 
6A Auburn Dan Norton      Vestavia Hills
5A Homewood Lars Porter      Scottsboro
4A Randolph James Terwilliger      LAMP
3A Westminster Christian Justin Huston      Cottage Hill Christian
1A/2A Montgomery Academy Michael Floyd      Cold Springs

 Boys Golf 
AISA Lee-Scott Academy      Glenwood School
6A Spain Park Brian Carter      Auburn
5A St. Pauls Sanford Santoli      Russellville
4A Guntersville Jimmy Latta      St. James
3A Bayside Academy Mark Lasseter      White Plains
1A/2A St. Lukes Richard Sharpe      Providence Christian

 Boys Indoor Track 
6A Hoover Devon Hind      Auburn
5A Homewood Thomas Esslinger      Scottsboro
1A/4A UMS-Wright Pat Galle      LaFayette

 Boys Soccer 
AISA Coosa Valley Academy      
6A Vestavia Hills Rick Grammer (29-1-1)  1-0  Oak Mountain
5A Briarwood Mark Wallace (20-5-3)  3-0  St. Pauls
1A/4A Collinsville Julie Little (14-7-7)  4-1  Westminster Oak Mountain

 Boys Swimming 

 Boys Tennis 
AISA Tuscaloosa Academy      
6A Vestavia Hills Adam Kolasa      Mountain Brook
5A Spanish Fort Michael Beasley      St. Pauls
4A UMS-Wright Rick Cleveland      St. James
1A/3A Montgomery Academy David Bethea      Houston Academy

 Boys Track 
AISA Lee-Scott Academy      Tuscaloosa Academy
6A Auburn Daniel Norton      Mountain Brook
5A Paul Bryant Timothy Martin      Homewood
4A UMS-Wright Pat Galle      Alabama Christian
3A Piedmont Mark Mitchell      T.R. Miller
2A LaFayette Don Turner      Montgomery Academy
1A Falkville Keith Wilemon      Westminster Oak Mountain

 Fast Pitch Softball 
AISA-AAA Macon-East Academy Glynn Lott (27-3)    
AISA-AA Lowndes Academy Matt Marshall      
AISA-A Marengo Academy Danny Stenz      
6A Sparkman Dale Palmer (52-8)  9-1  Pelham
5A Hayden John Simmons (47-6-1)  1-0  Scottsboro
4A Haleyville Kelly Rushing (45-13)  3-0  Alabama Christian
3A Pisgah Billy Duncan (46-7-2)  9-0  Winfield
2A Hatton John Smith (46-10)  6-3  Mobile Christian
1A Parrish Chris Harris (40-10)  7-3  Kinston

AISA-AAA Monroe Academy Mitchell Tuberville (13-0)  31-6  Bessemer Academy
AISA-AA Edgewood Academy Bobby Carr (14-0)  61-52  Clarke Prep
AISA-A Marengo Academy Robby James (13-0)  31-28  Restoration Academy
6A Hoover Josh Niblett (15-0)  20-3  Auburn
5A Spanish Fort Mark Freeman (15-0)  35-14  Muscle Shoals
4A Oneonta Don Jacobs (14-1)  28-10  Charles Henderson
3A Madison Academy Dr. Eric Cohu (15-0)  31-14  Leeds
2A Tanner Laron White (13-1)  21-13  Washington County
1A Pickens County Patrick Plott (15-0)  38-18  Maplesville

 Girls Basketball 
AISA-AAA Lee-Scott Academy Chad Prewett    29-21  Glenwood School
AISA-AA Pickens Academy Wade Goodman    36-31  Lowndes Academy
AISA-A Lakeside Ricky Ward    54-45  Marengo Academy
6A Hoover Tiffany Frederick (28-4)  66-55  Blount
5A Faith Academy Woodie Head (29-4)  51-50  Wenonah
4A Oneonta Amber Deline (32-4)  53-39  Clarke County
3A Lauderdale County Brant Llewellyn (33-5)  59-41  Holly Pond
2A Woodland Larry Strain (34-2)  64-53  Prattville Christian
1A Brantley Andrew Kilcrease (25-6)  53-42  Keith

 Girls Cross Country 
6A Mountain Brook Greg Echols      Hoover
5A Scottsboro Christopher Schmidt      Lawrence County
4A UMS-Wright Pat Galle      Randolph
3A Bayside Academy Alan Foster      T.R. Miller
1A/2A Montgomery Academy Kevin Weatherill      St. Bernard

 Girls Golf 
6A Mountain Brook Jack Clayton      Auburn
1A/5A Muscle Shoals Derrick Gargis      Westbrook Christian

 Girls Indoor Track 
6A Mountain Brook Greg Echols      McGill-Toolen
5A St. Pauls Jim Tate      Scottsboro
1A/4A UMS-Wright Pat Galle      Beauregard

 Girls Soccer 
AISA Glenwood School John Robertson      
6A Mountain Brook Scott Flowers (22-3-2)  2-0  Oak Mountain
5A Athens James Hutchison (17-7-3)  1-0  St. Pauls
1A/4A Randolph Marvin Chou (15-6-4)  1-0  Montgomery Academy

 Girls Swimming 

 Girls Tennis 
AISA Tuscaloosa Academy      
6A Vestavia Hills Timarie Fisk      Mountain Brook
5A Briarwood Chris Laatsch      St. Pauls
4A UMS-Wright Meridy Jones      Randolph
1A/3A Montgomery Academy Denise Tinney      Houston Academy

 Girls Track 
AISA Lee-Scott Academy      Evangel Christian
6A Hoover Devon Hind      McGill-Toolen
5A St. Pauls Jim Tate      Homewood
4A UMS-Wright Pat Galle      Lincoln
3A Bayside Academy Alan Foster      Piedmont
2A Montgomery Academy Kevin Weatherill      Cold Springs
1A Westminster Oak Mountain Dale Carrell      Falkville

 Girls Volleyball 
AISA-AA Macon-East Academy Amanda Smallwood (28-1)  3-0  Lee-Scott Academy
AISA-A Bessemer Academy Joel Penfield      
6A Bob Jones April Marsh (46-12)  3-0  Huntsville
5A St. Pauls Kelli Hillier (48-15)  3-0  Brewer
4A Jacksonville David Clark (37-14)  3-2  Guntersville
3A Bayside Academy Ann Schilling (57-8)  3-1  Madison Academy
2A Montgomery Academy Julie Sinclair (49-4)  3-1  Providence Christian
1A Addison Pam Wilkins (55-6)  3-0  Donoho

6A Thompson Sean Weltzin      Vestavia Hills
5A Arab Michael Pruitt      Scottsboro
1A/4A St. James Craig Duncan      Tallassee

Great Moments in Alabama High School Sports History

The Alabama High School Athletic Association was first organized in 1921.