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The History of High School Sports in Alabama

   Welcome to the Alabama High School Football Historical Society. We have expanded our research to include all team sports in Alabama. Initially our goal is to preserve the history of every team sport played within the state. We also provide other important information including coaching records, tournament results, state championship summaries and much more. If you can provide accurate scores or any other information related to our efforts we encourage you to contact us.

Alabama High School Baseball

 2023 Baseball State Champions
1A Appalachian Brandon Johnson (31-4)  11-10  Brantley
2A Ariton Bob Pickett (30-12)  5-4  Vincent
3A Houston Academy Tony Kirkland (28-8)  4-3  Gordo
4A Etowah Blake Bone (30-11)  5-1  UMS-Wright
5A Holtville Scott Tubbs (28-14)  3-1  Sardis
6A Oxford Wes Brooks (39-6)  12-3  Spanish Fort
7A Vestavia Hills Jamie Harris (34-11)  4-1  Central Phenix City
ACSA Ezekiel Academy Charles Shelton (16-9)    
AISA-A Lowndes Academy ()    Wilcox Academy
AISA-AA Patrician Academy ()    Abbeville Christian
AISA-AAA Glenwood School ()    Macon-East Academy

Alabama High School Baseball

    Baseball has been played since the 1920s in Alabama high a victory over Selma. schools. But a statewide championship tournament did not begin until 1948.

    That first tournament saw Ramsay claim the state championship with a victory over Selma.

    Every school participated as a single classification until 1970 when the AHSAA approved two classifications. In 1974 they moved to three and finally to four in 1978.

    Today each April most every school in the state joins in with a chance to win a championship in one of the seven classifications in the AHSAA.

Baseball Playoff Records

Most Championships
          17 - G.W. Long
          10 - Sweet Water
          10 - Vestavia Hills
           9 - Hartselle
           9 - Hokes Bluff
           7 - Trinity
           7 - Tallassee

Most Championship Series Appearances
          18 - G.W. Long
          14 - Mars Hill
          13 - Hartselle
          12 - Sweet Water
          12 - Vestavia Hills
          12 - Hokes Bluff
          12 - Cullman

Most Playoff Appearances
          47 - Demopolis
          44 - Hartselle
          44 - Sweet Water
          41 - Hueytown
          40 - Cullman
          40 - St. Paul's

Most Playoff Victories
          112 - G.W. Long
          105 - Hartselle
           90 - Sweet Water
           86 - Cullman
           86 - Mars Hill
           84 - St. Paul's

Most Semi-final Victories
          18 - G.W. Long
          14 - Mars Hill
          13 - Hartselle
          12 - Sweet Water
          12 - Cullman
          12 - Vestavia Hills
          12 - Hokes Bluff


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  Which teams have won the most state championships? AHSFHS has compiled a list of the teams that have won titles over the past 100+ years in Alabama.

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  Which coaches have won the most state championships? A list of the coaches with the most state titles in each sport.

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    Following years of research, in June of 2007 the website became a reality. Many people have gotten involved to assist us  with research of the schools and teams to make this a reality.

    Other team sports have joined football as a part of our research. Initially will include information about coaches, state playoffs, all state teams, player awards and team records.

    It is virtually impossible to provide scores for every  game for every team. Who knows, later even that may be a possibility. There is still a lot of work to do with the all state teams of years past but our intentions are to find every team.

    We encourage everyone to get involved in helping us provide the most accurate information possible. If you have information that would be useful to us please let us know.


Great Moments in Alabama High School Sports History

South Lamar scored 113 points in defeating East Limestone 113-84 in the first round of the 1992 tournament. It is still a record for points scored in a game.