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Walnut Yearly Summary

Walnut Wildcats
Walnut High School

280 Commerce Walnut, MS
Colors: Red, White & Black
Coach: John Meeks

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20242A0-0001 John Meeks  
20232A*4-72923070-165010-376123 John Meeks  
20222A*5-62702950-1144312-3107147 John Meeks  
20212A*3-718227311-471172 John Meeks  
20202A*8-34893011-1988413-1179131 John Meeks  
20192A*9-33852630-1122313-1102100 John Meeks  
20182A*6-53133040-106114-3231178 John Meeks  
20172A*7-43852190-1244412-212575 John Meeks  
20162A*9-43672701-1286414-1168114 John Meeks  
20152A*6-62773270-184213-2152148 John Meeks  
20142A*9-33842040-1363814-1175106 John Meeks  
20132A*9-43603011-1385113-2138120 John Meeks  
20122A*3-815237511-475213 John Meeks  
20112A*4-722028811-484177 Timmy Moore  
20102A*8-44182860-1132613-2159153 Timmy Moore  
20092A*7-43142220-163813-2134108 Timmy Moore  
20082A*10-33452072-1664614-112777 Timmy Moore  
20072A*9-23271290-1131814-113678 Timmy Moore  
20061A*6-525330415-5215282 Timmy Moore  
20051A*3-720424313-7204243 Timmy Moore  
20041A*7-428022515-4225192 Timmy Moore  
20031A*2-919436711-8145333 Timmy Moore  
20021A*2-910033411-867283 Timmy Moore  
20011A*5-619429314-5156246 Timmy Moore  
20001A*3-715032113-6140282 Joe Horton/Troy Shaw  
19991A*2-813130512-7124271 Joe Horton  
19982A*3-815530911-565178 Timmy Moore  
19972A*2-910537311-556190 Timmy Moore  
19961A*5-411922014-175136 Timmy Moore  
19951A*4-613724012-352129 Timmy Moore  
1994Ind*7-42492380 Timmy Moore  
1993Ind*4-61232090 Timmy Moore  
19921A*3-79820111-32888 Ricky Bates  
19911A*4-513214611-34690 Ricky Bates  
19902A*3-713324510-540167 Ricky Bates  
19892A*3-711720410-526127 Ricky Bates  
19881A*1-78223411-450126 Ricky Bates  
19871A*0-81235510-612265 Troy Shaw  
19861A*4-61391532 N0-1210 Joe Meador  
19851A*2-88824921-25056 Joe Meador  
19841A*6-416417121-22867 Cecil Stroup  
1983B*2-89025021-23475 Cecil Stroup  
1982BB*4-616019021-24664 Cecil Stroup  
1981BB*0-106423620-31829 Bob McCarley  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*6-4230186Pontotoc Ridge5-115089 Cecil Stroup  
1979*9-1279106Pontotoc Ridge*4-015251 Cecil Stroup  
1978*7-1-122050Pontotoc Ridge*3-0870 Cecil Stroup  
1977*8-126470Pontotoc Ridge*3-014013 Cecil Stroup  
1976*8-122375Pontotoc Ridge*3-07927 Cecil Stroup  
1975*9-127195Tippamingo*6-016144 Cecil Stroup  
1974*8-0-127445Tippamingo*6-020019 Cecil Stroup  
1973*3-6132109Tippamingo2-49282 Cecil Stroup  
1972*5-3125112Tippamingo3-391112 Cecil Stroup  
1971*7-2-110460Tippamingo4-1-16745 Cecil Stroup  
1970*7-2358119Tippamingo3-212479 Doc Gullett  
1969*9-2344118Tippamingo4-115456 Doc Gullett  
1968*3-6-188167Tippamingo2-343100 Doc Gullett  
1967*0-936224Tippamingo0-3056 Jerry Ambrose  
1966*2-797169 Jerry Ambrose  
1965*5-4138173Northwest Jerry Ambrose  
1964*2-6-171160Northwest Jeff Wheeler  
1963*5-2-112688Ind Ralph Mitchell  

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