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Riverside Yearly Summary

Riverside Bulldogs
Riverside High School

939 Riverside Drive Avon, MS
Colors: Red, White & Navy
Coach: Will Rogers

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20242A0-0003 Will Rogers  
20232A*3-713728730-48167 Will Rogers  
20222A*1-94232540-42494 Tavares Johnson Jr.3/Will Rogers  
20212A*0-9827140-40164 Jimmy Risen  
20202A*3-4851510-164441-34483 Jimmy Risen  
20192A*2-915138140-428176 Jimmy Risen  
20182A*4-71842710-164733-3112109 Quintarus McCray  
20172A*3-719629031-590206 Quintarus McCray  
20162A*3-821434331-480186 Quintarus McCray  
20152A*2-913835530-562197 Quintarus McCray  
20142A*0-113846030-520239 Quintarus McCray  
20132A*0-111247730-56210 Jarvis Robinson  
20122A*3-714134941-483208 Warren West  
20112A*1-1015333040-553196 Warren West  
20103A*4-81843930-166942-370129 Warren West  
20093A*1-107541440-526205 John Thompson  
20082A*2-818224640-559148 Jimmy Jennings  
20072A*9-33282601-1406744-1112138 Jeff Horn  
20062A*5-62752680-1142043-213998 Jeff Horn  
20052A*2-816630041-488134 Jeff Horn  
20042A*3-6-113124041-552193 Jeff Horn  
20032A*9-23761350-1212845-120374 Jeff Horn  
20022A*5-52012310-1144742-3104114 Jeff Horn  
20012A*7-32782100-1141744-1142104 Eddye Calhoun  
20002A*2-97946440-512247 Eddye Calhoun  
19992A*2-912740141-452216 Eddye Calhoun  
19982A*4-615431341-364147 Warren West  
19972A*1-1011343440-422167 Warren West  
19952A*0-105235340-420161 James Branning  
19932A*0-103032540-312123 Boyd Bayles  
19922A*2-713228441-350110 Owen Makamson  
19912A*4-419520842-29087 Owen Makamson  
19902A*4-522818334-3208137 Owen Makamson  
19892A*2-6-113221132-598163 Owen Makamson  
19882A*2-710222230-336104 Owen Makamson  
19872A*5-421018330-34894 Owen Makamson  
19861A*3-41428030-1814 Owen Makamson  
19851A*3-610514930-168 Owen Makamson  
19841A*1-76321430-1645 Owen Makamson  
1983B*3-510214731-11827 Owen Makamson  
1982B*4-517719331-23070 Owen Makamson  
1981B*1-63015330-31490 Owen Makamson  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*5-4186177Delta Hills2-28890 Owen Makamson  
1979*8-2-1279138Delta Hills3-1-110779 Owen Makamson  
19782-586108Ind Owen Makamson  
1977*3-7116180Ind Roy Edwards  
1976*3-7152182Ind Roy Edwards  
1975*7-3-1242102Ind Roy Edwards  
19744-5114207Ind Roy Edwards  
1973*1-832213Ind Roy Edwards  
19722-45072Ind Roy Edwards  
19711-532238Ind Roy Edwards  
19702-596202Ind Roy Edwards  
1969*8-124140Central Delta*3-08514 Roy Edwards  
1968*5-2-1148121Central Delta5-114166 Roy Edwards  
1967*7-2289137Central Delta*5-017545 Owen Makamson  
1966*6-113140Central Delta4-19340 Owen Makamson  
1965*4-412989Central Delta4-412989 Owen Makamson  
1964*3-598166Central Delta3-385112 Owen Makamson  
1963*3-6150224Central Delta3-3110137 Owen Makamson  
1962*1-850209Central Delta1-531130   
1961*5-5-1216136Central Delta5-118343 George McCrimmon  
1960*4-4-2113117Central Delta3-1-28939 Hugh Caldwell  
1959*2-5-1110180Central Delta2-4-1110140 Hugh Caldwell  
19583-654193Central Delta1-448122   
19570-3695Central Delta   
19561-64572Central Delta0-1625 Riley Ainsworth  
19550-826227Central Delta0-420142   
19541-100Central Delta1-100   
19530-318105Central Delta   
19520-3691Central Delta   
19410-000 Joe Thomas  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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