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Mendenhall Yearly Summary

Mendenhall Tigers
Mendenhall High School

207 Circle Drive Mendenhall, MS
Stadium: Tiger Stadium
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Chucky Allen

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20224A0-0005 Chucky Allen  
20214A*9-43302262-162565#4-011655 Chucky Allen  
20204A*6-62002673-1618153-28653 Chucky Allen  
20194A*5-62233270-1195654-114095 Chucky Allen  
20184A*10-24422781-1647054-1136108 Chucky Allen  
20174A*8-33942320-141425#4-117699 Chucky Allen  
20164A*8-63874172-17811253-2148140 Durwood Anderson  
20154A*7-53853130-101553-2178131 Durwood Anderson  
20144A*3-92543270-1204263-215385 Durwood Anderson  
20134A*5-72932390-102164-116958 Paul Purvis  
20124A*7-54102611-1516265-128492 Paul Purvis  
20114A*8-43952691-1344965-122688 Chris Peterson  
20104A*10-53912763-179846#5-019348 Chris Peterson  
20094A*3-91433740-174963-27578 Chris Peterson  
20084A*4-72242570-1323563-3138141 Chris Peterson  
20074A*2-813220862-4105126 Chris Peterson  
20064A*6-52622350-1153263-3132117 Chris Peterson  
20054A*9-43662152-1627965-120063 Chris Peterson  
20044A*3-81762620-104253-3115106 Chris Peterson  
20034A*1-910433551-558169 Chris Peterson  
20024A*7-42412340-134355-1151108 Charlie Dampeer  
20014A*5-521717253-310894 Charlie Dampeer  
20004A*7-53052370-1273155-113999 Andy Stevens  
19994A*6-62713010-134254-2137103 Andy Stevens  
19984A*4-724923352-4120138 Steve Pruett  
19974A*4-627027152-4137169 Steve Pruett  
19964A*2-917530242-5129184 Steve Pruett  
19954A*5-622519344-3162118 Steve Pruett  
19944A*8-42651480-17284#6-021255 Steve Pruett  
19934A*6-516120944-211388 Royce Foster  
19924A*5-514417054-28364 Royce Foster  
19914A*7-32381820-105455-114252 Royce Foster  
19903A*11-33881333-11104411#3-011414 Eddie Pierce  
19893A*11-34171483-113860112-28338 Neil Hitchcock  
19883A*15-03621015-01425011#5-010623 Neil Hitchcock  
19873A*13-13481145-01365911#5-015439 Neil Hitchcock  
19863A*11-3349963-184405 S#4-114620 Neil Hitchcock  
19853A*9-2200996 S3-16439 Tommy Lucas  
19843A*7-32191656 S1-13456 Tommy Lucas  
1983A*13-1302803-06076 S#1-02017 Tommy Lucas  
1982A*8-3250876 S2-15421 Tommy Lucas  
1981A*10-1239466 S#3-010922 Tommy Lucas  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*9-2270106Little Dixie6-015544 David Abercrombie  
1979*10-2332154Little Dixie6-019564 David Abercrombie  
1978*9-2236134Little Dixie5-113578 David Abercrombie  
1977*9-1230108Little Dixie3-18350 David Abercrombie  
1976*7-3175136Little Dixie5-2133101 David Abercrombie  
1975*4-664155Little Dixie2-543115 Hamp Gaston  
1974*5-4-198110Little Dixie3-3-17191 Hamp Gaston  
1973*8-321882Little Dixie5-211453 Hamp Gaston  
1972*10-128461Little Dixie7-022842 Paul Pounds  
1971*8-3272131Little Dixie5-219782 Paul Pounds  
1970*5-59992Little Dixie3-45059 Paul Pounds  
1969*1-8-155183Little Dixie1-631130 Paul Pounds  
1968*3-770178Little Dixie2-558144 Ralph Sanders  
1967*3-4-2101153Little Dixie2-2-17486 Ralph Sanders  
1966*8-227374Little Dixie3-29428 Carroll Greer  
1965*8-215780Little Dixie3-23661 Carroll Greer  
1964*7-2-119741Little Dixie4-110021 Carroll Greer  
1963*8-1-228983Little Dixie3-1-114645 Carroll Greer  
1962*9-226874Little Dixie5-116134 A.J. Mangum  
1961*10-128877Little Dixie*5-116445 A.J. Mangum  
1960*4-4-1148142Little Dixie2-3-19797 A.J. Mangum  
1959*10-030582Little Dixie*5-013824 Wally Beach  
1958*10-121457Little Dixie*6-013526 Wally Beach  
1957*10-130483Little Dixie*7-021339 Wally Beach  
1956*11-039737Little Dixie*5-016619 Wally Beach  
1955*5-4-1146128Little Dixie4-4-1127120 Wally Beach  
1954*6-4113123Little Dixie4-37976 Wally Beach  
1953*11-029438Little Dixie*8-022838 A.J. Mangum  
1952*9-220978Little Dixie7-115151 A.J. Mangum  
1951*5-4-121877 A.J. Mangum  
1950*5-3-2180218 Hank Steinriede  
19493-5103118 Hank Steinriede  
19486-318080 Hank Steinriede  
1947*5-610294 Hank Steinriede  
19461-42686 A.L. Walker  
19451-23063 Tom Stroud  
19440-2050 Shorty May  
1943      No Team
19420-1620 Delbert Bailey  
19417-119220 R.C. Shows  
19400-2632 Rudolph Whitten  
19391-12045 F.P. Smith  
19385-21953 J.O. Brown  
19372-2-13461 J.O. Brown  
19361-3738 J.O. Brown  
19341-13014 Rigby  
19331-22032 Charles Johnson  
19322-0-1526 W.H. Selman  
19312-23344 W.H. Selman  
19301-2726 Crain  
19292-1-12631 Lumpkin  
19283-11937 Brewer  
19270-0-166 Bush  
19260-3619 Robert Bell  
19250-000 T.L. Everett  
19240-000 T.L. Everett  
19230-000 Lane  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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