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Hatley Yearly Summary

Hatley Tigers
Hatley High School

60286 Hatley Road Hatley, MS
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Seth Lee

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20242A0-0001 Seth Lee  
20232A*6-53533170-1144611-2103108 Seth Lee  
20223A*2-811542340-413198 Seth Lee  
20213A*0-94638040-47203 Clint Adair  
20203A*2-79941040-437218 Clint Adair  
20193A*4-82493740-1143241-356153 Ken Adams  
20183A*5-635930741-4141172 Ken Adams  
20173A*4-720729040-564170 Ken Adams  
20163A*4-725030940-552194 Zane Thomas  
20153A*5-626024241-483154 Patrick Schoolar  
20142A*6-62632780-173713-280133 Patrick Schoolar  
20132A*3-716135311-491196 Patrick Schoolar  
20122A*0-117351710-512286 Marty Warren  
20112A*4-724537810-570226 Sam Wilson  
20102A*5-634925510-592173 Sam Wilson  
20092A*5-625415411-443111 Sam Wilson  
20082A*1-96741810-57188 Jeff Brooks  
20072A*0-107529610-540149 Jeff Brooks  
20062A*1-912232810-572156 Jeff Brooks  
20052A*1-911531610-558156 Jeff Brooks  
20042A*1-98929310-631205 Tim Nickens  
20032A*2-811635111-574245 Tim Nickens  
20022A*1-99739810-546227 Stuart Hurley  
20012A*1-96640110-519231 Stuart Hurley  
20002A*1-95437810-620249 Stuart Hurley  
19992A*3-78433711-542204 Chris Duncan  
19982A*1-1012739021-461190 Chris Duncan  
19972A*6-528823622-39090 Brian White  
19962A*7-531321713-2118104 Brian White  
19952A*5-623030312-3111137 Brian White  
19942A*5-619123513-3105140 Brian White  
19932A*1-97332910-626217 Michael Farrar  
19922A*3-78921112-461143 Michael Farrar  
19912A*2-810130211-552193 Mike Hathcock  
19903A*0-105937620-513212 Mike Hathcock  
19893A*3-716225621-471137 Mike Hathcock  
19883A*3-710518720-437112 Mike Hathcock  
19873A*2-89126220-434160 Mike Hathcock  
19862A*3-7801541 S1-11818 Mike Hathcock  
19852A*7-41971031 S3-28065 Mike Hathcock  
19842A*6-31541591 S3-16974 Mike Hathcock  
1983BB*6-42051561 S3-19926 Mike Hathcock  
1982BB*6-413010214-17327 Phil Hoots  
1981BB*7-420514913-388108 Sam Wilson  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*6-4160154Waterway5-3132134 Sam Wilson  
1979*6-4212122Waterway5-316483 Sam Wilson  
1978*5-5172162Waterway4-4160131 Sam Wilson  
1977*6-318180Waterway6-217567 Phil Hoots  
1976*6-222959Waterway Phil Hoots  
1975*1-7-152172Parkway1-6-146164 Rick Sizemore  
1974*2-752186Parkway2-652184 Rick Sizemore  
1973*6-3192180Parkway5-3146168 Rick Sizemore  
1972*4-4-1130149Parkway4-3-1118117 Jimmy Eiland  
1971*3-6113151Parkway3-4105110 Jimmy Eiland  
1970*6-2147106Parkway5-2134100 Jimmy Eiland  
1969*4-3-1114126 Jimmy Eiland  
1968*5-2-116766Parkway4-2-114759 Jimmy Parham  
1967*2-9115278Highland1-989271 Jimmy Parham  
1966*6-5201142Highland5-5159142 Jimmy Parham  
1965*4-6-196164Highland3-5-177143 Jimmy Parham  
1964*3-6-1114189Highland3-6-1114189 Ted Stuart  
1963*4-5125115Highland3-599109 Ted Stuart  
1962*0-727164Ind Ted Stuart  

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