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Greenwood Yearly Summary

Greenwood Bulldogs
Greenwood High School

1209 Garrard Avenue Greenwood, MS
Colors: Maroon & White
Coach: Clinton Gatewood

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20244A0-0003 Clinton Gatewood  
20234A*1-99640030-422196 Clinton Gatewood  
20224A*5-52022700-103531-362136 Clinton Gatewood  
20214A*3-613225730-452140 Clinton Gatewood  
20204A*0-20230-202 Clinton Gatewood  
20194A*13-15181243-1121373#4-01447 Clinton Gatewood  
20184A*10-44052343-1119833#4-014232 Clinton Gatewood  
20174A*10-33802182-183443#4-013938 Clinton Gatewood  
20164A*8-43142421-148633#4-012640 Clinton Gatewood  
20154A*12-24651613-162623#4-017831 Clinton Gatewood  
20144A*11-34632423-1125873#5-018761 Clinton Gatewood  
20134A*10-23781701-152143#5-017061 Clinton Gatewood  
20124A*5-62682100-172433-216674 Clinton Gatewood  
20114A*5-72172771-1275934-112719 Clinton Gatewood  
20104A*10-22651221-122493#5-014211 Clinton Gatewood  
20094A*3-88414831-43170 Jeff Gibson  
20084A*2-710424920-648211 Jeff Gibson  
20074A*4-514619722-482171 Sheldon Hodge  
20064A*1-910927531-685165 Sheldon Hodge  
20054A*1-910437931-698252 Sheldon Hodge  
20044A*5-61672320-1184234-29681 Sheldon Hodge  
20034A*2-78531631-565210 Sheldon Hodge  
20024A*6-52671630-163434-217360 Charles Brady  
20014A*6-52582470-1122134-2156129 Charles Brady  
20004A*2-817627631-482142 Charles Brady  
19994A*5-62591690-1121333-214587 Charles Brady  
19985A*7-52512900-104115-2186141 Charles Brady  
19975A*2-924731612-5177221 Terry Moore  
19965A*9-43322671-1478026-1211122 Terry Moore  
19955A*5-72182030-162724-314893 Terry Moore  
19945A*7-51931490-171014-3116110 Terry Moore  
19935A*5-62041500-1192214-313676 Bill Ingersoll  
19925A*2-812227420-3784 Alfred Hall  
19915A*3-618122020-34292 Alfred Hall  
19905A*9-32351191-1251722-15746 David Bradberry  
19895A*10-3231842-142242#3-05614 David Bradberry  
19885A*12-2317913-1101392#3-07322 David Bradberry  
19875A*13-13441003-159612#3-07010 David Bradberry  
19865A*3-712215830-33055 Carey Spears  
19855A*6-413312632-13437 Robert Pool  
19845A*4-613823830-32893 Robert Pool  
1983AA*6-32121433 N3-16853 Robert Pool  
1982AA*1-8702353 N1-22883 Robert Pool  
1981AA*6-51831640-120453 N#2-03815 Hollis Rutter  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*5-4157160Big 8 D3-28684 Hollis Rutter  
1979AA*4-6147115Big 8 D2-35555 Hollis Rutter  
1978AA*5-5188126Big 8 D2-39464 Hollis Rutter  
1977AA*7-324255Big 8 D4-112838 Hollis Rutter  
1976AA*6-4155140Big 8 D3-285101 Hollis Rutter  
1975AA*6-4166112Big 8 D3-27459 Hollis Rutter  
1974AA*11-130539Big 8 D*4-111618 Hollis Rutter  
1973AA*9-1-1374112Big 8 N4-114642 Hollis Rutter  
1972AA*1-863153Big 8 N0-633119 Hollis Rutter  
1971AA*9-227368Big 8 N5-214361 Hollis Rutter  
1970AA*6-4198112Big 8 N3-311965 Hollis Rutter  
1969AA*8-0-227378Big 8 N5-0-116765 Hollis Rutter  
1968AA*2-6-156138Big 8 N1-4-14097 Hollis Rutter  
1967AA*8-2243105Big 8 N8-122974 Hollis Rutter  
1966AA*3-6-1104129Big 8 N3-6-1104129 Hollis Rutter  
1965AA*4-690160Big 8 N3-676154 Joe Baddley  
1964AA*1-953220Big 8 N0-926213 Joe Baddley  
1963AA*1-8-156239Big 8 N1-7-156218 Bobby Wilson  
1962AA*0-8-267226Big 8 N0-7-261212 Bobby Wilson  
1961AA*3-5-2112148Big 8 N2-5-299142 Bobby Wilson  
1960AA*8-120261Big 8 N8-120261 Bobby Wilson  
1959AA*8-121039Big 8 N7-118439 Bobby Wilson  
1958AA*9-123433Big 8 N7-117733 Bobby Wilson  
1957AA*8-326188Big 8 N7-322888 Bobby Wilson  
1956AA*8-221676Big 8 N7-219676 Jim Champion  
1955AA*7-2-124664Big 8 N7-1-123345 Jim Champion  
1954AA*8-1-124283Big 86-1-116370 Jim Champion  
1953AA*7-323083Big 85-318477 Hartwell McPhail  
1952AA*4-5-1154182Big 82-5-195168 Hartwell McPhail  
1951AA*7-3251115Big 8 N6-218581 Hartwell McPhail  
1950AA*9-2283122Big 8 N6-2199109 Carl Maddox  
1949AA*7-3280117Big 85-3222104 Carl Maddox  
1948AA*7-3-1161103Big 85-3-110896 Carl Maddox  
1947AA*10-221293Big 88-217180 Carl Maddox  
1946AA*3-6-186143Big 82-6-148143 John Woolly  
1945AA*7-317183Big 85-310977 A.D. Dickson  
1944AA*5-5189190Big 83-4105171 A.D. Dickson  
1943AA*2-7-240358Big 82-527278 A.D. Dickson  
1942AA*7-490108Big 83-33369 John Woolly  
1941AA*3-6-194140Big 82-549101 Gene Chadwick  
1940AA*7-4185111Big 84-310778 Gene Chadwick  
1939AA*7-2-216944Big 81-2-23638 Gene Chadwick  
1938AA*7-3-1259117Big 81-31479 Gene Chadwick  
1937*7-2-112545 Gene Chadwick  
1936*6-2-118146 Gene Chadwick  
1935*9-125835 Gene Chadwick  
1934*9-119446 Gene Chadwick  
1933*8-225147 Gene Chadwick  
1932*3-3-29845 Gene Chadwick  
1931*6-1-119064 Gene Chadwick  
1930*10-04056 Gene Chadwick  
1929*6-322444 Gene Chadwick  
1928*6-2-222486 C.C. Ratliff  
1927*6-1-220836 J.E. Windham  
1926*10-038131 A.B. Webb  
1925*2-3-33569 A.B. Webb  
1924*3-646174 Donald McCluer  
19200-100 W.M. Kethly  
19192-2-11938 W.M. Kethly  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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